Friday, 7 October 2011

I'm back... With winners!

Friends, I always seem to start these posts with apologies on behalf of my human, and this is no exception. There's been a lot of things going on in her life (they're too boring to go into details about), and she just hasn't had the time, the inclination or the motivation to write. I think she's coming out of it now though, thank Cod!

I don't even know how to begin to start apologising for the fact that she totally forgot that the competition ended over a week ago. She said she thought it was this week! Honestly, I don't know why I waste my time trying to train something that's got so few brain cells. Still, one must help the less fortunate, isn't it so?

We headed over to find a random number generator after combining the two results from this blog and the Moonspun Cats Blog.
And guess who the winner is? The winner is.........................

Jimmiechew! Congratulations to you for getting the coolest tickets ever in the universe! My human asks that you email and tell us where you'd like the tickets sent to. For those of you who didn't win, I'm very sorry, but thank you all for entering and making the competition a success!

Porker has now gone to his new home. You can visit the Moonspun Blog
to find out how he settled in. Would you think I was a bad mummycat if I said I didn't show any overt signs of missing him? My human didn't think so, neither did Dogman, but then they're very observant, and both of them had seen me giving Porker a long, long cuddle and a last feed from the milk bar in the hall the morning before he left. I don't like to let them drink now, but I wanted to give him something to remember me by, and so I washed him all over really gently, then folded my paws over him and held him while he drank. My human had told me he was going,you see. She always tells me things that are going on, and she sat down and explained to me that he'd be going to live with peoples we already knew and liked, and that it would be the best home ever and I wasn't to worry about him. I trust my human, and I knew that he'd have to go some day anyway, so I just made the most of the time I had left with him. Just before the human put him in the PTU for the last time, she brought him to me. I was on the arm of the sofa when she came. She held him under my chin and told me this was it, that he was leaving us now. Her eyes were awful leaky and she could hardly talk enough to tell him to be a good little man, but I understood. I gave the top of his head a last wash, then went off to comfort the other two who were very confused by all of this. That was the last time I saw my little fatboy.

Hamster, or Paws as my human calls him, spent all of that night and most of the next day running around and calling for his brother. I'd known the two boys were bonded, and the human had a good idea, but she never realised that it ran so deep. Of course, the more he called, the more her eyes leaked, and it got to the point where I was really worried! She decided to take the gate off the door to the kitchen (she'd put this up to stop my babies from going in there when they were small). Then she opened the door to our screened in tiny porch at the back door. This was enough of a distraction to make Paws forget about Porker for a little bit, and it helped him and Millie bond more as they had a new place to explore together. Of course, I showed them everything. I love sitting in the screen, and it was nice and warm out, so I took them out there. We had a great time!

All has returned to normal now. Paws is settled, Millie is her usual cheeky self, and I'm eating loads of stinky goodness! The human says she can feel my ribs again now though, so she's not being as strict about what I can and can't eat. I'm relieved and I don't mind admitting it! Millie, on the other hand, has been stuffing herself and is so fat that she now weighs 1.5 KG! For some strange reason this pleases the human no end. I don't know why they have these double standards! Why is it Ok for her to pile it on and not me? Can someone explain that to me? And I don't want any of this "she's growing" rubbish. That doesn't cut the tuna when it comes to who gets more stinky goodness!

A crisis has happened here too. Last year on my 100th post, Amy and the House of Cats did a toy exchange with me. As part of the exchange, she put in loads of yummy treats, but my favourite ones were the Party Mix. I loved them so much that I'd even do what the human told me to get one! The crisis is this. Yesterday morning I ate the last Party Mix in the bag! I don't know what to do! We can't get them here, and I can't live without them! The human says that I can have Dreamies instead, but although they're scrummy, they're not the same as Party mix! Thankfully, neither of the babies has been brave enough to try them, so whatever I get, even if it is stupid old Dreamies, I can have all to myself! But I need a substitute for Party Mix!

All three of us are going to a cat show tomorrow. It'll be the babies' first time out, so me and the human are all very interested to see how they'll react. Of course, I'll lie on my back in the middle of my pen and shout at peoples to come talk to me. I'll also growl at the human every time she tries to put me back in after taking me out for a cuddle. I'd rather be cuddled than stuck in a pen all day, and I'll make it known! That's just the way I roll. I'm allowed to be a diva when I'm on show anyway, right? This will be the first time that the human has showed three cats, and any kittens, so we're all a bit nervous about how this one goes. I'll let you know!

Well, that's gonna have to be all for now. Paws is beating Millie up, so I'm gonna have to go teach them some manners!