Friday, 13 July 2012

Introducing Gabby!

Hi all you strange things! Guess what? I think I gotted a name for you now! My friend Millie and my friend Tia telled me that you were somebodypeoples. I don't know what a somebodypeoples is, but that's what you're all called now. I hope that's Ok!

I's been at the strange house now forever and for a real long time. But things are good now acuz I don't gotta stay in the pen any more and I gotted to come out and play with the big cats and chew on wires and run all over the sofa and bite the strange lady that they call the human and eat lotsa and lotsa foods and weewee in the strange lady's bed and hide behind the TV so's she can't get me out. And it's sooooooooo much fun!

When I first camed out nobody liked me. And big scary Milliecat sayed sssss all the time but she played chaseys with me all over the place! And the big scary Tiacat sayed rrrrrow and -pffff acuz she can't say
sssss proply and she sayed reeeeow too in a real loud voice when I jumped on her and tried to bite her on the nose. But I was only playing! And the strange lady human didn't even telled them off even though they was being real, real nasty to me acuz she sayed that I gotta learn some manners and that it's rude to try and bite othercats noses and chew their whiskers and smack them lotsa and lotsa in the face even if I am only playing!

And for a long time, the othercats eated all my yummy food so's I hadda keep going and asking the strange lady human for more and more. And she sayed that I was eating like a little piggy but I don't know what a little piggy is so I don't know how they eated things. And she sayed that I was getting a nice fat tummy and I sayed hush strange lady human and gimme more foods!

And she sayed that I'm a scruff all acuz when I eat I mash all of my face into the bowl so's I can eat real, real fast and so's nobdy else can have any. And so what if foods goes up my nose or in my eyes acuz she cleans it all out again! And then I get down real, real low so's my ruff and my chin and evrything's all in the foods bowl and then she sayed that it makes me scraggy at the front and I need lotsa and lotsa cleaning all the time!

And I'm not snotty no more. But I don't say prrrr no more neither. I like to sleep on the strange lady human's knee, but when she rubs me, I just carry on sleepin or get up and walk away. She sayed that she hopes I growed outta that and that Milliecat did the same thing when she was my age and that I'd learn to say prrrr again hopefully. I say that if she keeps doing horrid things to me like brushing my fat tummy or pulling me out from behind the TV when I'm having a great time chewing all the wires and pulling everything down that I'm never gonna prrrr for her ever again!

And I sometimes sleep with the strange lady human at night and I sometimes don't. And now all the othercats like me. And me and Milliecat play chaseys all the time now and we runrunrunrun real fast evrywhere and we have a coooool time! And me and Tiacat snuggle close by each other now and she only smacks me if I try to smack her in the face or bite her nose or something, else she likes me well enough and even sometimes cleans me but never when the strange lady human can see. And Milliecat and Tiacat like each other better now acuz Tiacat gets peace acuz me and Milliecat do all the playing and then we can all come back to Tiacat when we're tired and ready for snuggling. But Milliecat's getting awful, awful fat. Whenever she sits down now her tummy looks real, real big and she doesn't like it if I jump on it no more and she'll smack me if I do it and that's not nice! And Tiacat's walking around again shouting and she keeps sticking her bumbum up in
the air and she's weird! But she's good fun acuz then I get to attack her tail but she doesn't like it much but I don't care!

But the most bestest bit yet is that I gotted my very own name! The strange lady human and the somebodypeoples that the others call Dogman thinked real, real hard for a long time and then the strange lady human decided that I should get Gabby as my very own name acuz I'm Gobby Gabby. I dunno why she sayed that acuz now I only say tiny, teeny meows, but she says it's on accounta the racket I maked when I
first gotted here, so she knows I can be gobby when I wanna be.

So, I'm Gabby. Does any of you somebodypeoples like that?