Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My super day at the Supreme!

Hihihihihi! My human has just come home from work and she says I can writed the things to the other somebodies today. And Mummycat says this is Ok too cuz she's getting some sleepy time in the human's real nice soft blanket that I really like and she says that if I want to weeeeow our story then she'll just carry on pushing out zzzzzs. So I get to tell you somebodies all about our exciting times and the good stuff that happened and the not so good stuff that happened and everything else!

Mummycat says that it's good to start with the not so good stuff but I don't know how good is not good and I'm confused, but mummycat says I should do it this way and I don't wanna get smackypaw for being naughty so I'll just do it like that and if somebody can tell me how not good stuff is good to start with then I'll say thank you and let you play with me! Anyway, the not good stuff is that I really miss my stinky brother Paws. I've been missing him lots and lots and lots over the last few days. And I looked and looked for him and I called a little and then I went and sat on my human somebody and thinked that I'd steal all her cuddles cuz my stinky brother Paws wasn't around to take over her lap any more. But then I got to thinking that now I'd not have him to play with any more, and then I got sad and I crawled under the sofa to where he used to sleep and I said "eeeeeooooow," over and over again very quietly and sadly cuz I knew he wasn't coming back and I missed him and I really wanted him here even if he was stinky and horrible. And then my human somebody finded me and I put my claws out and hung on real tight when she picked me up for a cuddle and we both cried together for a bit. And I've been doing that for days now, and I don't eat lots and lotsa foods any more either. It's just not so much fun with him not around. I need somebody to beat up!

But now the better stuff that happened. We went to that super duper cat show that we told you all about last week. And I got a very, very pretty pen to stay in for the day. It had all fancy curtains and lotsa toys for me to play with inside. my human somebody says those toys were actually pen decorations and I wrecked them, but I had such a good time that I didn't care and she didn't get mad cuz I was having so much fun. And guess what? Me and mummycat both won first prizes in our classes! And the human somebody was so, so proud! She was so pleased with me that she buyed me a toy spider and a toy thing called a stinky that's like a tiny little fish that stinks real bad of yummy catnip! And she buyed me a plague rat too. Do any of you have those? They're soooooo coooooool! They stink real bad sept that the stink is good even though my human says that the valerian they're filled with smells like dirty feets, but I love it and I go crazy playing with it! And mummycat got the same toys sept for the spider too, but I don't think she deserved them cuz the human says she was real, real grumpy all day, and I wasn't. I was super good and I even asked one of the lady somebodies called judge for a tummy tickle when she was telling me what a pretty girl I was, and I only got a spider as extra! It's not fair! The human somebody says that mummycat gotted the toys cuz she was upset and she wanted to give her something nice, but I still think it's not fair.

Mummycat didn't like the show at all cuz there was too many people somebodies and the judging is different to normal shows and she says it unsettled her so she turned into mrs grumpy for the rest of the day. But I smiled at everybody somebody that went by and lotsa them told me how pretty I was and everything! And guess what? Cuz I was such a good girl and arranged my pen toys so well and showed off my super spider to everybody that wanted to see, I won another prize! I won 5th place in the best decorated pen competition! So all my hard work paid off! Mummycat didn't win anything, but she was shortlisted for prizes. That's so good cuz there was over 1100 other pens there! If you wanna se epictures of how pretty I am and how much of a grumpypants mummycat was, you can. Mummycat is pen number 8 and can be seen Here.
I'm in pen number 33 and can be seen Here">Here>

I think I like shows mostly cuz I always get super duper toys on the day and that's good cuz a girlkitten can never have enough toys! I didn't like it on the way home though cuz I was stuck in that horrible PTU for ages and ages and I just wanted to come out and cuddle my human. But mummycat was in a real mess cuz she did a poo and a weewee in her PTU and then shouted and shouted about it all the way home. She's just as much of a baby as my two stinky brothers are! But shhhh, don't tell her I said that!

I can't think of nothing else to say, so I'm gonna go play with my stinky and my rat and my spider. Wanna come play too?


~E said...

You are a winner here xo

Random Felines said...

We are so proud of you and your mommy!! We know it can be hard when your siblings find other homes, but we are sure your human will make sure you get extra loves and we bet you can convince her to play extra with you as well....

Everycat said...

Congratulations to Tia and Millie, what a great day it was. Extra marks to Millie for cage trashing, this is a valuable skill along with charming the judges!

Gerry & Oliver

Katnip Lounge said...

Millie, we have to say we just LOVE your style of are the mostest enthusiastic kitten we know!

Say, tell your Mummy person that our Mommy never got her email...the bad innernets must have eaten it!