Monday, 24 January 2011


I couldn't think of a better title for today's post, because it is a bit if a mish-mash of lots of different things. Do you realise that I haven't blogged for almost a week? I do, and boy did I make sure the human did too! I mean, it's one thing her not writing for me for a day or two, but almost a week? It's punishable! That being said though, I suppose I should go a little easy on her. She did have the funeral, after all, and all the travelling and the teaching, and, well, you get the picture. But while she was off doing her stuff, I was doing mine. I'll mish-mash the two and tell you all about it. Let's start with travelling.

I mentioned that we'd be taking a long journey to get to Dogman's house, but I wasn't really prepared for how long it was, nor the human's reaction to it. She'd done a full day at the work hunt, and as I've mentioned before, when this happens, she's super tired when she gets home. she usually has what Bug calls a surprise nap somewhere in the middle of the evening, but of course, she couldn't do that on Wednesday, cuz we had to go on the journey. I don't know if I said that my walking jacket and backpack carrier arrived, but they did, so we had a chance to test them. The human had even put a special pad in the bottom so that if I had to do a peepee again, I wouldn't be embarrassed or upset cuz it would soak it all up. I'll tell you now that I didn't need to use it!

Now, you know my views on PTUs, whether they're super smart backpack ones, or boring old plastic ones. I don't like 'em. In fact, I hate 'em, and I don't keep my thoughts to myself. On the bright side, it does give me the opportunity to perfect some of the more challenging arias around, but the human never seems to appreciate it. Now, I do plan to do a review of the PTU, as does my human, so I won't say too much about it here except that it certainly gets me noticed! I had lots of peoples making those stupid cooing baby talk noises through the windows of the PTU at me as my human took me along the platform to the train. I, of course, sang to them in my loudest, strongest voice, which in turn got more of them staring at me. The human got quite embarrassed by the end, although I really don't know why.

We had to spend four hours on the train, but the human had anticipated this. She knew that if she took me out of the PTU, I would know that song practice had come to an end and I could relax until the next time I had to change trains. Now this is good human training. Why? Cuz she took me out of the PTU and kept me out. She put my walking jacket on me which is also super smart, attached a leash, then let me lounge at my leisure on her knee. Again, peoples seemed very interested in me. They said they'd never seen a ladycat on a train before, and especially not one who sat so good and quiet and who wore a smart jacket. I, of course, showed off to my adoring public, but I didn't let them touch me. I don't like it when hands come out of nowhere to try and stroke my beautiful furs. I mean, can you imagine all the cleaning you have to do to get their people stink out of a long, fluffy coat? It's disgusting!

Now I mentioned that the human was tired, but she took that to new levels on the train. Instead of paying me attention, she leaned back in her seat, fixed my lead round her upper arm so that I couldn't run off (as if I would!), then drifted off to sleep! This had me quite alarmed. It's all very well her having a surprise nap on the sofa at home, but on a train? What if we missed our stop! I knew something had to be done. Accordingly, I went into action. I stood up, stretched, climbed the human's tummy, stood on her chest and began to shout in her face and knead for all I was worth. This caused some peoples to laugh, but I wasn't paying them any attention. The human still didn't wake! I decided that it would be fun to try and get in the neck of her top. It was low already, and my kneading had made it drop a little further. Peoples are sensible in one regard. They don't like other peoples to see their poor, bald, hairless skin, so I knew that if she felt the neckline of the top move, she'd be awake in a flash. I had one and a half front paws in there when she jumped awake, pulled me out and fixed her clothing up again. Hah, victory was mine! As soon as she opened her eyes, I miaowed sweetly, gave her finger a little kissie as a reward, and went on kneading. She was cross, but ended up just laughing and giving me a cuddle. Good human!

When we arrived at the last train station, Dogman and Mark were there to meet us. Mark has a pet name for me that he uses as a joke. He calls me cooking fat, something that the human and Dogman find really funny when Mark explained that it made two kind of different words if you changed the first letters around. Mark pretends he doesn't like cats, but I know this is his way of showing that he really does like me, cuz when he says it, he usually gives me a sneaky cuddle. The human has caught him at it. Plus, he doesn't complain when I get out of the PTU in his car, nor when I sing to him. In fact, he's more sympathetic than the human! Add to this that this washis daddypeople's pretend name for one of their old pet cats that Mark loved very, very much, and I take it as a compliment. it would be bad if he really meant those other words that it makeswhen you change the letters around, but we're certain he doesn't. He just likes the play on words, and the fact that it makes peoples ask why he's calling me cooking fat. I think it's just as good as Dogman's song for me. I got to sit on

Dogman's knee on the drive home, and he and Mark practiced their miaowing for part of the

journey. They thought it was really funny that I kept miaowing back to them, but really, I was

only giving them language lessons. I was teaching them propper pronunciation, you know.

I didn't take long to settle in. I'd only been gone a few weeks, after all. Dogface was there.

I tolerated her, even when she jumped all over the human to say hello. Honestly, she has no

reservations at all, that mutt!

I slept good that night. So did the human, despite her surprise nap. The next day, she left

early in the morning. Dogman had an appointment at the eye hospital which she attended with him

in a professional capacity. Mark came and took them, but they left Dogface behind! When they came

home again, they had warm chicken with them, but they wouldn't let me have any! Shortly after

that, the human gave me a cuddle and explained that she would be leaving me for the night to go

and teach with Dogman in another far away place, and off she went. I didn't mind at all. As I've

said before, I kinda like Mark, and I know he likes me. I played the "attack the people feet

under the covers" game with him when he went to bed... All night long! If his shouting was

anything to go by, he enjoyed it a lot. I also played ping pong in the middle of the night, and

when I visited the litter tray, I came in and sang to him of my doings. Again, his talk noise,

lots of it, sounded as though he liked the fact that I kept waking him up. He was so pleased that

he was still talking about it when the human came back the next day!

She came back without Dogman. He was at his grandad's funeral, and the plan was that the human

would come home and look after Dogface and the little kittenpeoples who are Dogman's nephews, so

that the big ones could all go to the funeral. Well, the little peoples didn't turn up, and

apparently they all went with their mummypeople, so the human used the opportunity to head off

with Mark and finalise the paperwork for her new job. Yes, friends, there was more of it to be

done! They left me behind again... Starting to sense a pattern here, are you?

To take a side tangent for a moment, I heard the human mention last week how cute purr-miaows

are. To illustrate, I'll post a Youtube video, or I will when the human gets home from the work

hunt, as she's not allowed to access Youtube in work. Well, I took this comment of hers to heart,

and while she was gone on Thursday, I got to practicing. When I got hold of her on Friday, i

climbed all over her and purr-miaowed my heart out! I do like to please her from time to time,

mainly cuz i know that it often leads to tuna, but still. It got me extra cuddles, and she

started saying how much I reminded her of Mummycat, who also used to do that. She remarked on how

odd it was, cuz I've only rarely purr-miaowed for her before, but over the weekend, I was doing

it all the time. Well, if you say a thing, you gotta expect me to pick up on it!

Anyway, Saturday they all went off out again, and when the human came back, she was cold and

tired. They said they went out to look at stuff. Nothing really exciting happened that day,

except for something really, really huge! I'll leave it till the end of the post though, cuz it's

real big news, or at least, it is for us.

Yesterday, it was time to go back in the stinky PTU again to get on the train, but this time,

I'd had enough, and boy did I shout! It was so bad that the human actually thought I'd peepeed

again, but of course, I hadn't. I mean, what self-respecting ladycat would peepee in her own PTU? Last time wasn't my fault. I was calling for a mancat, and you gotta peepee more when you're like that. I couldn't help it! I was just sick of being stuffed in that thing! Even when she took me out on the train, I carried on shouting. I made her embarrassed all over again, but you know what? I didn't care! She said it was the longest few hours of her life, and she wishes I had an off button. It did get me plenty of attention though. Because of my smart jacket, one little girl even thought I might be a guide cat, cuz it was kinda like the thing Dogface used to wear when she was a guide dog, only mine was a lot nicer of course. I did settle down eventually, but I still wasn't happy, and I kept letting her know with grumbles from time to time.

We got back pretty late last night. All I wanted to do was eat, and all she wanted to do was sleep, but she had to have a shower and do some washing and make the bed and unpack her suitcase, and even make phone calls. It was Bug's step-dad's birthday yesterday, and it was the birthday of the middle humankitten that lives with Phoebe, so she called them to say hi. She also called Bug, but almost fell asleep on the phone with him. I was helping though. She can't stay awake when I cuddle her tummy, which I was doing last night.

Boy, it's good to be home again! I like travelling, but there's a lot of moving around involved in it, and it becomes a bit tiresome from time to time. The human says I tolerate it well, and so I do. I don't get worried or stressed in new places so long as the human is around, so she feels worse about leaving me behind when she goes places when compared to taking me with her. I'm happy to keep it this way. I like seeing new bits of the world.

But now, on to the big, big news. You remember I mentioned a while back that I would hopefully be having kittens? Well, the human, as you know, calls herself a breeder. However, as we've mentioned, she loves all her cats so much that we are members of the family first and foremost. As her breeding gets more serious though, she knows that other members will be added to our family. Now, she's of the opinion that all those living in a household should like each other and get along, but she also knows that when a mummycat is allowed to keep a kitten with her, they tend to be very exclusive with one another and pretty much ignore others, if they're closely bonded, that is. When you have a bonded group of two cats, it makes it easier for them to shun the rest. But of course, if she is to continue breeding, then some of our kittens will have to stay with us, right? This posed a lot of problems, as she didn't want to create little isolated groups of cats in the house, but what to do?

Well, it just so happens that both Dogman and Dogman's niece and even her mummypeople are all wanting a Persian cat. Isn't that great? Dogman has been thinking about it for some time. He loves me, but he had a real soft spot for mummycat which has never really gone away. He says he's been fighting with himself not to get one, but since I've been staying with him, he says he really misses me when I'm not around. His niece has wanted a Persian for years, as has her mummypeople who she doesn't live with any more. This is excellent news for me, and for the human. For me, cuz my kittens, well three of them at least, are guaranteed to find super duper homes and stay close enough that we can both go visit them if we like.

The human had a conversation with Dogman and the niece and explained the problems she foresaw. Both of them seemed thrilled, and she couldn't work out why until they made it clear. Many peoples believe that an animal must have a litter in order for maturation to be complete. I tend to agree in part myself, cuz I know that I'm missing out on something, something that my mummycat had, and all the others who had kittens had. On the other hand, if there aren't good homes for kittens, then it's irresponsible to bring babies into the world. Anyway, enough on that. So ideally, Dogman and the niece wanted their cats to have at least one litter of kittens before they got their ladygardenectomies. This suited the human just fine, cuz it means that she can have a kitten from one or both of the litters, and bring them into our house. As we won't be mummycat and daughters, it means that they will be treated as any other cat would. Sure we might bond, but it's unlikely to be as close as that of mummycat and daughter, so it still leaves room for the other cats in the house. So the human has agreed that, as long as they will let her have the first litter, she will give them each a kitten, and handle all the hard parts of the breeding herself like the birth, the stud, the mating. It also means that her programme progresses much more quickly. Realistically, if I have kittens this year and even one of them is a keeper, she can be on the third generation of her breeding programme within a year. This allows her to establish her lines very quickly, and to make sure that, not only does she have the best, most healthy and beautiful ladycats for breeding, but that her kittens find really good homes. As we've said before, Dogface couldn't have found a better home with Dogman, and even with me she

has to tell him off for spoiling me too much... He gives me whole tins of tuna, not just portions! I like his niece too. She talks real nice to me and she even brushed me too and gave me good chin tickles. She looks after Dogface sometimes too, and she loves her.

Wow, wasn't that a long post? I told you a lot had happened! I'm sorry that I haven't been round to visit you others. The human says she will try to do it at some point today, but she's still trying to catch up on washing and work hunting, as she did have two days off last week and there's a lot needing doing! I will help her by lying on the keyboard, headbutting her right when she's trying to concentrate, and crawling on her to force her to turn away from the computer. I will also do my impression of a cat statue in repose on top of the clean, cat-hair and wrinkle free ironing. I hope she appreciates my hard work!


Hannah and Lucy said...

Goodness Tia - what a lot of news you told us - we don't think we'll be able to remember it all.
You are so brave on the train and in the car - we both cry and cry when we're in mum's car (well what does she expect when that always means we're going to the stabby place!) and of course she always sings to us which means even more punishment for our ears.

Old Kitty said...

Awwww kittens!! Wow. I think they'll be very pretty just like you!!

Glad you had a good journey and were most ladylike while travelling!! Yay! Take care

Torie said...

So are you expecting kittens then? Cool! I hope the breeding goes really well for you.

Good job that you were so good on the train, for part of the journey anyway! Xxx.

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, we are so amazed that you rode in a train! The Baby says she's been in an airplane (in coach) and she did not care for it at all, she wanted to get out and meet people and she wasn't allowed.

Good job on keeping Dogman company all night, Miss Cooking Fat...hee hee hee!

We are glad you are home and getting everything back in line, including your Human.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Wow, Tia. You had quite the trip. We're impressed you were able to get out and visit with people on the train.