Monday, 4 October 2010

Nurse Tia

That's what I've been doing this weekend. Although I miss Mummycat, I don't think I miss her as much as the human does. Saturday night was really hard for her. She came in, and because she'd been gone for so long, I came straight to her for a cuddle. I don't mind admitting that I miss her when she's gone for long periods. She's usually happy to see me, but as soon as I let her pick me up, she got all leaky and runny in the eyes. She kept muttering Mummycat's name as she hugged me tight. Where I'd usually have struggled, I just sat quietly. I don't mind a bit of runny eye juice in my fur. I can clean it off, and it doesn't taste awful.

She didn't open the door of Mummycat's room, even though the radio was still on in there and the carrier really should have gone back in because it was in the way in the hall. She says she just couldn't bring herself to do it. If she didn't look, she could pretend Mummycat was still there, because every time she thought about her being gone, she got so upset that she says she felt like being sick. This is an unfortunate problem of the human's. Whenever she's really sad, her tummy, which isn't as yummy as mine, goes all funny. She can't eat and it's like she has a tummy bug. She started taking Rescue Remedy on Saturday. It's good stuff, and I reminded her that it helped last time she was really miserable. For once she listened to me and has been guzzling the stuff ever since.

She stayed in bed really, really late on Sunday. The sun was on its way down before we got up! I loved it as it meant extra cuddle and sleepy time. She said she was avoiding reality by staying in bed and hoping time would pass quicker. For once, she was actually looking forward to going back to the work hunt. After her recent day off, this relieved me somewhat. If she doesn't want to hunt, she's more likely to stay at home and the more she stays at home, the less food there'll be for me because she doesn't have the moneys to swap.

She gave me a bath when she got up. She says it was the day for it. I'm getting one twice a week for the next four weeks to help clear up my scabs with that horrible special stinky shampoo. I did a naughty thing when she left me in the carrier though. If I remember, I'll tell you about it on Tortureshell Tuesday.

Throughout the weekend, I've been on nurse duty. It's really hard. I know that you others say to get as much healing spit in the water they drink as you can, but my human takes all of hers from bottles. I've contented myself with licking her instead. Not only does it clean her, but it exposes her skin to all the good healing I can give!

I've also been cuddling her loads and loads. I feel that it's my duty to be on her whenever she stays still long enough, and I even laid on her chest last night although she was sitting up. (human note: If I hadn't caught her just as she flopped over, she'd have slid off and onto the floor. She was lying vertically!) I follow her from place to place. I even sleep with her all the time. I let her give me real chicken every night too. I'm sure that makes her feel better because even though her eyes are still runny, she smiles when I miaow to her to tell her it's time to prepare my dinner.

This nursing duty is exhausting. I'm kind of glad she's gone hunting today. It'll take her mind off Mummycat for a while, and give me a chance to rest.

Speaking of Mummycat, she settled straight away in the old place we used to live, and spent all her time trying to get at a new kitten that one of the other cats has had. She loves babycats so much that the human asked for her to always have one with her, and the breeder agreed. she says there's a really old lady people who might fall in love with mummycat and give her the propper home she deserves where it's quiet all the time and there's always just the one people there to cuddle her so she won't get afraid by Hoover lady and the vacuum and stupid Dogface Molly and all the peoples who come to see my human. The lady people we used to live with says she'll only let the other lady people have her if she's really special though, and is going to push and push to see if she'll let Mummycat take a kitten with her to her new home, if it comes to that. Me and the human are torn about this. We'd like to see Mummycat in a home, not a cattery, but on the other hand, it's another move to another house and Mummycat's sure to be frightened to start off with. I guess we just have to pray very hard that the right thing for Mummycat will be done. We don't want her to be miserable any more, and she sure isn't in the old place we used to live. She was playing with toys and everything, something she only did once in the whole time she lived with me and the human.

Now it's time for the healing to start. I think I need to get some healing spit on the human's heart, because she says that's the bit that's sore. I don't know how to get there though. My tongue isn't that long and there's all the skin in the way. I'd appreciate any ideas and advice you others can suggest. It makes me sad when the human is sad, and I don't like either of us being this way.


OKcats said...

Tia, you do have the most important job, and it seems like you're cut out for it. We are not real good caretakers because neither one of us likes to be picked up or cuddled. We both like our affection on our own terms, thank you very much. But my mom remembers how The One Who Came Before, Snuggles, would let her smother him with hugs and tears when she needed to. She said it's really nice. Too bad for her, though - no tears on our furs, woman!

Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

Everycat said...

Tia the way to get at your human's heart is via the purr. I'm sure you have been purring hard and it's helping the sad heart heal.

I think it would be great if Cindy could go to the elderly lady and would also be allowed to have a kitten with her. I wonder if there is a cat rescue group near by who has very young kittens that need a foster cat mummy? That would probably help Cindy adapt to a new home more easily as she'd have something to keep her occupied. Foster Mummycats are often needed when kittens lose their own mummy, so Cindy could have a new career!

We are all sending you and your human many rumbly purrs.


Tia said...

Zoe and Fuzzy, you should let the peoples cry on you sometimes. It enevitably leads to more food in the end, so it's worth it.

Whicky, i was thinking this too. She's such a good Mummycat. After all, she made me the way I am today, so she did something right! She's good to have around when we Persians have kittens. Many of us don't know what to do with them, and if this happens, Mummycat takes over. The human didn't want Mummycat turning into a milk bar, so said to the lady people that we lived with before that Mummycat should go to a home with one kitten that she could keep and love forever. This would make her the happiest she could be.

Admiral Hestorb said...

And we too are thanking you for your nursing duties..I have to be mommy's nurse maid sometimes IS exhausting.

Me and Mommy can imagine how sad it is about Cindy. It made my mom feel really badly when she first read about it.

Purr really really hard for mommy and she will start feeling better.

Purrs and bonks from me and mom.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

We feel so sorry for your human, but we know that you will her up with lots of cuddles and purrs. That's what we do when Mum is unhappy or sick. Sometimes we need to think things will work out for the best, even if we don't understand how...
Grandma, who lives with us, thinks you are a beautiful girl! (We agree!)

Tia said...

Well, thank you very much! That complement has me blushing! Your granny sounds like a sweet person.

Admiral, I am purring super, super hard, so hard in fact that the human says she can feel my whole body vibrating with it. I gotta try extra hard though. The heart is pretty deep, and that's gonna take some mending. You're right though. Being nursemaid is exhausting, especially so on Sunday when we had to do all that sleeping and snuggling in bed. That's hard, tiring work i tell you!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Tia we are so sorry that your human is so sad. We wish that things had worked out better with Mummycat but it was good the human did was is best for her. We think if you can snuggle with her a lot, and purr, and just love on her lots that will help her to feel better.

We are sending her lots of comfortng purrs too - we hope she is feeling better soon. We know it has to be so hard for her to see Mummycat go.

Furkidsmom said...

We're sorry that you and your human have to go through this but we hope Mummycat finds a happy forever home.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Sweet Praline said...

Tia, your poor mom. You are doing just what you need to do to help your mom heal. Keep licking her, cuddling up to her and purr your motor away. I'm keeping my paws crossed that Mummycat can find a great forever home where she can be happy and get out of the cattery. Remember, I'm here if you need me.

Tia said...

Thank you all for your advice. I've been purring extra hard and sleeping on her lots and letting her cuddle me even more. It must be working. Today, her eyes didn't leak before she went on the work hunt, well, not as much as yesterday, anyway.