Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Millie Grows Up and Some Big News!

Hihihihihihihi! It's been forever since I writed last on here to you all. Hope you haven't missed me too much!

You might not even recognise me any more cuz I've growed so much and I can say big words now and everything, but I promise you it's still me! And I still love you all and I'm still your friend!

Hey, there's lots going on here that my human says I can tell you all about. And I have some really, reallllllly exciting news that I'll tell you at the end so's you'll keep reading and not run away while I'm writing stuffs to you somebodies.

But first, can you somebodies tell me if I'm sick? I think I must be. There's been two whole times now where I've feeled real, real weird. I don't know why I'm doing it, but I feel like I gotta walk around the house and lay on the floor with my bumbum up in the air. Sorry, I know that's rude, but mummycat says it's Ok to say bumbum now! And when I have my bumbum in the air, then it feels good to hold my tail over to one side. And then I know I gotta shout and shout till the human somebody comes and scratches my tail for me cuz that feels good and then I go quiet. But, you somebodies, the thing that worries me the mostest is that I think my brain is sick. Why? Cuz every time I'm lying on the floor with my bumbum in the air, I can't help thinking
about stinky mancats! And suddenly they aren't as stinky any more! My sick brain tells me that it would be fun to go be friends with some stinky mancats, but that's stupid, cuz every girlcat knows that all mancats and boycats are stinky, even the nice ones like Scoutey and all the other mancats that live with the Katnips!

Is there any cure for my condition? Do I gotta go see the horrible vet lady person somebody who sticked a big, biiiiiig needle in my neck when I was a tiny babycat? I don't wanna go, but I think I might need to!

I don't know why my human somebody isn't worried either, cuz usually she worries like crazypants if I get sick or if mummycat gets sick. But maybe she's sick too, cuz she got all excited whenever I started putting my bumbum up and telling her all about it. She doesn't know that there's something wrong with me, even though I telled her and telled her and telled her! In fact, I telled her so much that my human somebody says I didn't shut up for the whole 5 days that I was calling. I don't know what calling is, but I wasn't. I was sick! Silly human somebody!

Thankfully, this sick thingy goes away after a bit, but it always comes back! My human somebody says please could I work on toning down the constant chirping and talking to her all the time, even in the night, but I say I'll do that whenever she fixes my sick head! So, you somebody friends, can any of you somebodies tell me what's going on, and what the cure for it is? I don't want to be sick enough to think that stinky mancats might be nice!

Right, now the real, real exciting bit. Our big news! My human somebody's been on the talky telephone thingy lots and lots over the last couple of days, and she's been getting real, real excited, but she didn't tell me why until yesterday when she said, "Well, Millie, that's it done and dusted. She'll be coming in 5 weeks!" I was a bit confused, so I asked her to splain herself to me. Well, get this! Somebodies, I will be getting a new little sistercat in 5 weeks! I don't know how long 5 weeks is, but the human somebody said it wasn't tomorrow, so it's gonna be forever before she gets here! And I can't wait! She's coming from Scot Land which my human says is real far away. Doesn't Scot live with the Katnips? Hey, is my new babycat sistercat coming from the Katnips? My human says there's another Scot Land, but I wanna be sure!

My sistercat is 7 weeks old now, and she's the same colour as my mummycat, a seal tortie point. The human says that her ladypeople says she's the boss and the leader of her gang of brothers and sisters, but we'll just see about that when she gets here! She'll be smaller than me anyway, so I'll be boss sistercat first! Sept that mummycat is the boss of me, so maybe she'll win. Oh, oh, oh, I can't wait! And neither can the human somebody! The human says she's from really nice bloodlines whatever that means, but I don't care. I need a sistercat to play with and to boss and to cuddle up with, cuz mummycat doesn't like to cuddle with me cuz she says I have no manners and jump on her head and attack her ears and her whiskers when she's trying to sleep. Well, she shouldn't have ears and whiskers then!

Lotsa smoochies to you all, somebody friends!


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tia's gotcha day!

Wow, friends, it's my gotcha day! I find it hard to believe that it's
two years ago today that my human came and found me in my last home.
Do you know that she wasn't even convinced she wanted a Persian when
she came to see me?

It was all down to Bug sweet talking her into coming, so I owe him a
lot of smoochies! She wanted a short haired cat (the nerve!), but her
and Bug were taking a trip to this far, far away place to introduce
Bug to some friends of hers. They were looking at cats on the internet
for ages, and then they came across an advert for Persians for sale in
the place they were going to. Although the human thought it was
pointless going, Bug convinced her with the idea that even if she
didn't find her perfect cat (don't be too hard on her, she didn't know
me back then), she'd get lots of free cat cuddles. My human's not hard
to convince, so off they went.>

I didn't hear the human come into my last house, cuz I was kept in a
room right at the top of the house and the old slave's yappy little
dogs were screaming cuz they heard a new people and wanted to see. But
when everything was quiet, the slave came and got me and brought me

I liked the look of them straight away, and went to sit on Bug's lap
while my human cuddled one of the younger kittens. While she was busy
trying to make the kitten not scared, I was cosying up to Bug. Ok, I
mighta slapped him once, but he deserved it! He was rubbing the yummy
tummy without permission! Bug doesn't mind cats smacking him anyway,
cuz when he was helping the human pick out her new cat, he
deliberately pushed all the cats he met so that he would provoke us a
little and could look at how we reacted to being annoyed. The human
was very frightened of teeth and claws, so it was important that the
cat she had would be nice to her.

Well, I didn't draw blood, and Bug obviously liked my tortitude, cuz
he took the little kitten from the human and I got to cuddle her
instead! I let her rub the yummy tummy, and although I held onto her,
I did it with my claws in. I knew she was the one for me, even if she
didn't know it yet.

After a little while, Bug and the human went away. I was confused.
They'd left me behind, and they'd even said the horrible BATH word.
Were they going to punish me? But I'd done nothing wrong! And I so
wanted to go home with them!

I went back to my room, sad that I hadn't been able to convince them
that the human was the one for me. What I didn't know was that the
human and Bug went back to their hotel, and she agonised all night
about whether or not to take me. She said stupid things like, "But
she's a long-hair," and, "But she slapped you," and, "But I don't even
have a carrier with me. I wasn't expecting to take one home, and I
don't have time to buy one. We're leaving tomorrow!" All Bug had to do
was convince her, and he did it very, very well. He used lotsa words,
but all he said in the end as he laughed at her was, "Look, you stupid
woman, forget the hair. She's everything you're looking for!
Handleable, cuddly, polite, gentle, and she gets on with other cats!
Just phone the lady and have done already or I'll do it for you."
Goooooooo Bug! He should have his own cheer leader team for that
moment alone!

After about eleventy-zilion more "what if's", she finally admitted
that Bug was right and that she was being stupid. Well, there's a

I heard the phone ring, and pricked up my ears. Was it her? Next thing
I know, the last slave has grabbed me and is bathing me to get rid of
all the other cat smells. I complained, but she didn't listen.
Instead, she stuffed me into a horrible PTU, put me in a horrible car,
and drove for ages.

I was scared out of my whits! I wasn't used to travelling back then,
and the only time I'd seen a car was when they took me to the horrible
VET. I cuddled at the back of my PTU and tried to disappear. After a
hundred years, we got to a house and the old slave took my PTU inside.
There was my human!

If I hadn't been so scared, I would have been glad, but it was all a
bit much for me, and I just hid. I don't mind admitting that now, but
I haven't been scared since, oh no!

Suddenly, I wasn't so sure that this was a good idea, especially as my
old slave was walking away. I didn't cry, but I looked after her and
asked her to take me back home to my mummycat and my friends that I
lived with, but she didn't listen. She just left.

My human and Bug made nice talk noise to me through the front of the
PTU, but I just hid. Then we drove some more, and they then took me on
a big, loud, growly monster called Train. When it pulled into the
station, I was so scared that I almost peed my fluffy pants! But when
we were on there, it wasn't so bad.

It was during that long journey that I started to remember that I'd
made the right choice. Instead of ignoring me, my human and then Bug
took me out of the PTU for cuddles. The human made a place so that I
could hide my head under her arm when I was scared. Then, in the dark,
I could pretend I wasn't in the tummy of a big growly monster, and I
could just enjoy the lovin.

We had to change to another growly monster called train, and in the
station, I got so frightened that I started to jump around inside my
PTU. I jumpws so hard that the bottom gave and the door almost fell
out. My human said she almost cried then, cuz I was in pure panic
mode. She's never seen me like that again, and she says she hopes she
never will, cuz it broke her heart to see me like that.

After ages, we got to a new house that smelled of another cat and of
different smells, and of the human. I got taken to a quiet little warm
room and then the PTU was opened, but I didn't want to come out. That
was Ok though. The human just left me be to explore on my own and get
used to things.

Ever since that day, I have loved my human, and Bug, cuz he's part of
the reason I'm here, after all. I've come such a long way in the last
few years. When I arrived, I was so scared that I'd run from my own
shadow. I would hide a lot, and wouldn't say hello to visitors. Now, I
happily travel in the tummy of the big growly monster called train,
and even ask to come out of my PTU and go on a harness so that I can
sit on the human's knee and say hello to peoples. I complain all the
way in the car instead of staying like a quiet little mouse, and,
although I'm still really frightened of fast moving feet and sudden
noises, I don't hide for hours any more. I'm content that my human
loves me despite all my quirks. She says she loves me more because of
them, and I think I even believe her!

I celebrated the lead up to my gotcha day by being whisked off to a
fancy hotel to be milk and tunaed by a very handsome mancat. The
weather wasn't great, but we spent four very happy days together
despite the rain and thunder. In fact, it was kinda cosy being inside
and listening to the wind howling outside. Of course, we had to cuddle
up together for warmth, and, well, one thing led to another and...
Well, he really is a very nice mancat! My human came to get me when
I'd decided that I really couldn't stay on holiday any longer as I had
responsibilities at home, you know, a human and the baby to look
after. All that, erm, holidaying, tired me out though, and I slept
hard all the next day! I came home on Tuesday, and my human is amazed
at the change in my temperament. I'm much more cuddly than normal, and
love to sleep on her or on the sofa behind her head. She says this is
unusual cuz I haven't been like that for over a year now. Really
though, I'm just sucking up to her so she'll give me lots of tuna.

Mind you, that being said, I feel much more mellow than usual. Mancats
seem to have that effect on me. Or perhaps, just perhaps, it's the
things growing in my yummy tummy that make me feel so good...

Yep, can't think of a better way to celebrate my gotcha than that.
They are starting to implant into the uterine walls today. How fitting
it is that this happens on the day I implanted myself firmly into my
human's heart forever.