Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Competition winners and stupid humans!

Hihihihihi! Guess what? My human is stupid! I know I know. I still love her, but she's stupider than my stupid, stinky brothers were! You know why? Cuz she gotted her numbers mixed up and she thinked that our super duper competition ended yesterday stead of a whole week ago! How rubbish is that? We're sorry!

Anyway, without further a-do, I get to tell you all who the winner is! I want it to be me, but the human and my booooring old mummycat say that that's not fair cuz I've already tried all the foods and another somebody needs a chance to try it. But shhhh, maybe I'll sneaky some outta the bag before it gets sent away. Don't tell on me though!

Anyway, the winner is............ Hannah and Lucy! Concatulations to the both of you! But I think that Hannah and Lucy shouldn't have telled each other that they were entering, and then if one of them winned, they could keep it a secret and they wouldn't hafta share with the other one! That's what I woulda done, cuz this food is yummy, yummy, yummy! My human says to Hannah and Lucy could they please tell their people somebody to email her their address details and we'll get the prize posted to you! Also, we need a time when you'll be in, and a date pretty please. What's an email?

I've decided. my human is sel, sel, um, not very good at sharing. Oh, I member the word now! It's shellfish! She is! She never shares her yummy foods with me sept for the time when she telled Dogman (that's what my mummycat says his name is) to give me a chip once cuz I was asking really politely for one. My human says I was pestering, but I wasn't! I was just sitting beside his plate and telling him loudly that I wanted one, and sniffing at them and trying to take one. That's polite! At least I didn't just grab and run! When I gotted the chip I ran away with it in my mouth and I didn't share with nobody and I hided behind the chair and eated it all up myself in secret. And I like chips. But the human won't give me any. She says they aren't cat foods and so I don't get to have them. How shellfish is that!

I'm so clever, you know. My mummycat is a bit stupid, but shhh, don't tell her I telled you that else she'll smack me! My human has this super duper ball thing that she calls a treat ball. And she puts really yummy foods in there and if you wanna eat them, you hafta push the ball till it rolls over and spits out some foods. I use the ball maybe 3 times every week, and mummycat, even though she watches me every time, still doesn't know how to get the foods out. She just sits there and cries at the ball, but it doesn't spit out any foods for her. I think it's great, cuz then I don't hafta share! And even when the human tries to feed mummycat some of the treaties without me seeing, I'm so clever that I do see, and I come and copy mummycat and put my paws on the human and shove my face right into her hand and eat real, real fast so's mummycat can't have them all to herself. And it's cool cuz I know that even when I'm finished, there's still loads in the ball that's all mine!

I love to carry things in my mouth too, and mummycat doesn't do that neither. I've bringed two mousies into the bedroom and put them beside the bed thing for a present for the human in the mornings. She always tells me how clever I am for giving her a present. I have glittery balls too, and a straw thing with a glittery ball on the end too, and I pick them up in my mouth and then I jump on the human's knee in my chair and I drop the thing on her and then she tells me how clever I am. And then she wiggles the straw thing or throws the ball for me and then I gotta run real, real fast and jump on it real good and pick it up and kill it and then bring it back to her again. And it's such a cool game!

But yesterday, my human was real horrible to me. Dogman was still at the house, so the human leaved without putting any new stinky goodness in my bowl! But she forgotted to tell Dogman to feed us too, and he doesn't check the bowls a lot cuz he doesn't feed us. And I gotted hungrier and hungrier and I climbed on him and I said "weeeeow!" but he didn't do nothing sept give me a cuddle and then go on typing on Computer. and then I jumped on the back of the chair and I said "Weeeeow!" and he didn't do nothing again! And then I jumped on Computer and started attacking the little moving thing that was wiggling. And then he did do something. And he picked me up and he said "Millie, stop attacking the mouse. I can't work when you're doing that!" And I said "Weeeeow! Weeeeow!" and I put my claws out and holded onto him real tight but all he did was put me down. And then I went and lay sadly by my stinky goodness bowl, and my tummy went all hurty and rumbly and it sounded like there was a monster in there. And so I runned away and went on the sofa instead, cuz all somebodies know that a monster can't get you if you're under a blanket on the sofa. My mummycat asked me why I didn't eat the dry foods, but I didn't answer her. I was starving! I didn't care if there was dry foods. I needed stinky goodness!

And then my human came home and she feeded me and I eated and eated and eated until the monster went away and my tummy wanted to say pop! And then I gived the human a big cuddle. And then I went and climbed into the chair with Dogman and I lay on my back and he tickled my tummy and I went to sleep, cuz all somebodies know that monsters can't get you when you're sleeping on a somebody.

But then I heard mummycat crying her "I'm in the bath and I don't like it" cry, so I went to see and the bathroom door was closed and the human wouldn't let me in. Sept she did, but only after mummycat went out all wrapped up in a towel. But then I didn't want to go in cuz it was my turn for a bath. But do you know what? I sat like a very good girlcat and I only tried to jump out twice. But I let her wash my legs and my tail and everywhere and I tried to eat the bubbles that came into the bath just like magic! But my human said "no, Millie. You'll get sick. And anyway, I can't wash you when you're diving on bubbles." So I stopped and was good again. And then I got air on me from the nois

Friday, 2 December 2011

Questions Galore

Hihihihihihihihi all you somebodies! Guess who it is? Do ya know yet?? Would it help if I said "weeeoooooow!" Now do you know?

It's me! your friend Millie! Least, I think I'm your friend. You all like me, right? Even though Mummycat telled you that I telled fibs bout last time when I said she was too lazy to talk to you all? Cuz she was! I promise! I wouldn't tell fibs cuz mummycat says she'll give me the smackypaw of doom for being a bad babycat. But I'm not a babycat! I'm a big girl now! Even my human says I'm getting real, real heavy. She's started calling me fatcat now same as she calls mummycat. Mummycat doesn't care cuz she says it's just more yummy tummy for the human to snuggle. I thinked about thwapping the human for calling me fatcat, cuz I'm not! I have no saggy tummy like mummycat, and I don't care if mummycat says it's my fault that she gotted it in the first place. How can it be my fault! It's not my tummy! She says me and my stinky brothers were in there and stretched it with all our growing and kicking and wriggling, but I know she's joking me. She thinks I'm still a babycat who'd fall for stories like that, but I'm not. I know it's only weewee and the other smelly stuff that mummycat says is a bad word that comes out of your tummy, and that goes in the litterbox. You don't make babycats whenever you go for a weewee. I wish she'd stop telling me fibs, cuz I can't even give her smackypaw like she threatens me with, cuz she's still too big and she wins all the time.

Mummycat's good to attack though, but she's not as good as my stinky brother Paws who the human says is now called Manny by his new people somebodies, cuz Manny used to always lose to me and I could make him scream like a big girlkitten. Maybe I should weeeeow very, very loud to his new peoples, cuz they're getting his name wrong and maybe I could help them get it right so's he knows they're talking to him when they say Manny. And she's definitely not as good as my stinky brother Porker. He sometimes even used to win with me. Ok, he mostly winned, but that's cuz he was bigger and he was a bully and he used to just throw his fat on me so's I couldn't move. But I could still make him squeal like a big girlkitten. Hahahahaha! I'm the bestest! I only made mummycat squeal once, but I don't think I'll do that again, cuz the game wasn't very fun after that. She came and chased me and she gotted real mad and she catched me and she held me down with one paw and she gived me lots and lotsa smackypaw with the other one and then she put the bitey on me until I squeaked, and then she cleaned me all over. I know I'm sposed to stay still when she's cleaning me else I get more telling off, but it was so, soooooo boooooooring! And by the time she finished I was all wet and smelling like mummycat and I had no energy to fight any more. So now when I attack her I member to keep the bitey from hurting.

Mummycat's sorta fun cuz she holds me in her paws when I fight with her, and she doesn't hurt me and we can roll around together. And even if I roll loads I'm still in mummycat's paws or on her chest and it's all nice and warm and snuggly, and she doesn't get cross unless I make the bitey too hard, but it's Ok cuz I mostly member not to now. And my favo, favou, my best place to attack her is on the soft rug in front of the stinky horrible bath. My human doesn't like this cuz she says she'd quite like some peace when she's in there, thank you very much, but I know she doesn't mind really.

Seeing as we're speaking about weewee, well, we kinda were, my mummycat is so, so weird sometimes. She keeps cleaning her bumbum and she's saying meeeeeeeeeeow! a lot in a very loud voice and she's walking around as if she's looking for something. And she keeps going in the litterbox all the time and making real, real smelly weewee, sept that she's not being polite about it. she's putting it all up the walls of the litterbox instead of in the litter. And I've tried to cover it up for her by scraping the walls, but it doesn't go away. And it smells real weird. Mummycat says it's to tell the mancats where she is, but that's silly cuz we don't have any mancats who live with us. And even if my brothers were here they'd only be stinky boycats, not mancats, so why's she doing this? And anyway, why would she want a mancat? Everybody knows that boys are stinky and horrible, right? And they cry all the time or bully you or things like that, so why's she looking for one? My human laughed and told her that she didn't need more of a saggy belly just yet, thank you very much, and that got me thinking. She said she had a saggy tummy cuz of us when we were babycats. And I think she's lying, so the human should give her smackypaw and not let her have any fish, but then mummycat's going in the litterbox all the time. Is she trying to see if a babycat comes out? Cuz if she is, it's not working. All she gets is smelly weewee, and I know babycats aren't made of smelly weewee! I'm so conf, um, I don't know the answer and I want one of my friends to tell me!

My human is loving me coming to bed with her, specially cuz I rubrubrub all my body on her now as well as my head, and when I fall over, I make sure to always land on her face so's she knows it's me and where I am. And I try to only do this when there's no light in the sky and she's making the loud sleep noises that sound like my stinky brother Porker Fatboy did when he was choking and nearly stopped breathing when he was real tiny. Stupid Porker! I never did that! But then girls are more smarter than boys anyway. Everybody somebody knows that, right?

My human always says things like "Go away Millie," or "Millie, did you have to wake me up?" or "Millie, it's 3 in the morning and I have to get up for work in 2 hours. Leave me alone!" But I know this is just her pretending, cuz the next minute the bed thing sicks up her arm and her hand cuddles me and gives me scritches and strokeys till I get so excited that I fall over for real and have to snuggle in with my body in the bed thing's tummy under the blanket and my two front paws just over the top of the blanket and my head in the human's shoulder right under her chin. And the human melts, but she goes mushy when I say purpurpur real hard. But I like to say purpurpur, so that's Ok. And then it's still Ok cuz there's two whole hours for her to cuddle me before she has to get up for work, and if she stops cuddling and starts to make the sleep noises, I get up and walk on her face and on her head and then fall over and say "weeeeeeow!" till she starts again. I'm sure she enjoys it as much as I do! And she gets enough sleepy time. She makes the sleep noises even in the early evening now. She says it's cuz I make her so tired, but that's not true. If you had sleepy time in the evening you wouldn't mind getting up when it was dark to cuddle a cute girlkitten, would you?

My human buyed me the coolest toy ever in the world yesterday. Well, sept for Da Bird and my treaty ball and the crinkly balls and the ping pong balls, cuz they're the coolest toys in the world too, don't you think? this new one is a ball that's got holes in it, and in the middle of the ball is a mousey that says "squeak, squeak" every time you give him smackypaw or try to put the bitey on him or try to pull him outta the ball. And if you whap the ball so's it rolls, he says "squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak" and does somersaults all the time the ball's moving. How cool is that! Do you want one? Mummycat says I need to start making a list of toys I want, cuz Santa Paws is coming soon.

Mummycat says that Santa Paws is a big, fat, jolly old mancat who is red like my stinky brother Paws, sept not like him cuz he only had red face and tail and feets, but Santa Paws is red all over. Sept a patch he has on his front starting at his mouth. That's white, and it goes all the way down his front. And she says that he comes in through the catflaps of all good boycats and girlcats and mummycats and daddycats and even big mancats and ladycats who aren't mummycats or daddycats. And he has a big bag with him, and in his bag is lots and lotsa presents, like super presents, like balls and feathers and treaties and lots and lotsa things. And if you're good, you get to have your presents and open them on Christmas, or Catmas, and then you can play with them all at once! She says if you're bad though, all you get is a bath instead. I think I should work on being good. But friends, is mummycat telling the truth? I see'd a cat who looks just like she says Santa Paws does at the last cat show I was at, but he didn't give me no presents, and I was real good that day too! I also thinked that he wouldn't be able to come see us till mummycat taked me to the kitchen and showed me the catflap in the back door. We don't get to use it cuz we aren't allowed to go into the scary outside room, but mummycat says that the cats that lived with the people somebody that lived in the house before we came had cats who used it. She says not to worry, that she'll tell the human to unblock it so that Santa Paws can get in, but that I gotta be good else I'll not get nothing! Is this true? I need you to tell me!

Well, now I really can't think of nothing else to say, and anyway, I'm hungry, so I'm gonna go eat all the stinky goodness I can fit inside of me! Maybe then I'll make a babycat next time I go for a weewee!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Yummy Foods and Competition Time!

Friends, it feels like ages since I spoke to you last, thanks to Millie sneaking on here last time to write to you! I know she told you I was too busy sleeping to come say hi to you, but honestly, did you believe that? I'd never pass up a chance to speak to my friends! I was taking a well earned nap after using up every scrap of my energy to wriggle out from the mound of blanket that the human had buried me in (she says she did it because she knows I like to snuggle in it, but really, I know she did it to make me work harder for my food!), jump all the way down from the sofa, then walk the ludicrous distance to the other end of it to reach the food bowl. Then I had to do it all over again to find my way back! Friends, it was horrific, and by the time I'd wiggled back down to find my warm spot in the blanket, I was too exhausted to write anything. you understand, don't you?

Anyway, enough about my dilemma. I just wanted to reassure you all that I still love you and that I wouldn't not write to you. Don't believe anything that little snip of a kitten tells you!

I have something exciting to tell you about today, and it involves food! Food's always exciting, isn't it? I mean, there's nothing better in the world! Except maybe tummy tickles or a sun puddle or Da Bird, but you get the idea.

A couple of months a go, there was a knock on our front door, and then a very nice man dropped off a huge bag of foods for me! Millie thought it was for her, but we know better, right? Anyway, the human brought it into the house... And then put it up high where I couldn't reach it! It was around the time that Millie and Paws had dodgy tummies, and she spouted some rubbish along the lines of "well, if they have it it might upset their tummies, and if I put it in your bowl they'll eat it, so you'll just have to wait." I really want to whap my human sometimes, you know.

Eventually though, the babies' tummies settled, and at last, it was time to crack open that bag of food! It's called NutriCat, and it turns out that the super duper peoples at NutriCat
sent us a big bag of it to review for them. You know me, friends. I know my duty, and when it comes to reviewing, I take that duty very, very seriously indeed.

NutriCat is nutritionally very similar to the yummy Royal Canin that the human feeds us already, which is good cuz she's very particular about what we eat. Ok, RC isn't the best dry food on the market, but every time she tries to change me over, I build up loads of sick, then go and leave it in presents for her all over the bedroom carpet. I do this cuz she's told me that that's the only one in the house that isn't stain proof, so I know if I puke there it'll have the biggest impact. So she gave up trying to change me over and just left me on the RC and supplemented it with lots of very good quality wet stinky goodness.

But I'm getting side tracked. Anyway, it's pretty much the same nutritionally. It comes in smaller bags than the RC, but that's Ok cuz it's so easy to get hold of. Tesco sells it, so you can have it delivered right to your door!

As we heard the bag rattle, we all gathered close, and when she opened it, oh my, oh my, oh my! The smell! It was heavenly! She took some out of the bag and got on the floor with us to let us take some whiffies nice and close up. Now, do you remember a few months ago I spoke about training my human to give me treats? I'd put my paws up on her leg and she'd give me a treat. she thought she was training me to put my paws on her for treats, but we all know better. Anyway, as soon as I got a whiff of the yummy stuff up came my paws and they planted themselves firmly on her leg and didn't move! She, well trained human that she is, presented the foods to me and I ate. Oh my cod did they taste good! I ate some more, then opened my mouth real wide and tried to eat everything that she had in her hand! I dropped most of it, but it didn't matter cuz I just picked it up again. I crammed myself full, cuz I could see that the babies were closing in and I didn't want to share.

Paws had never eaten from the human's hand before. He says he wasn't stupid enough to do that cuz he knew that food always came from a bowl, not the human, but the more he watched me, the more his nose twitched and the closer he got until, in the end, he pushed me out of the way and snarfled a big mouthful for himself! At this point, I was fighting to get my spot back, and Millie was attempting to climb into the foods bag to get at the biggest stash of all! She's resourceful, that girl of mine. The human had to actually remove the bag from our reach before she could carry on feeding us.

She put NutriCat
down in our bowls a few times, but she gave up on that very quickly. You see, normally, we pick at our dry foods, but when NutriCat was in the bowls, we cleaned them usually inside an hour or so! At the time I was starting to get a bit, ah, soft around the middle, and she didn't want the kittens gorging either so soon after having bad tummies. Instead, she filled up our treat ball every day which meant we had to work for our foods. Have I mentioned I'd love to thwap my human at times?

You know how much I love Dreamies, but friends, this food tastes just as good, so good that it's actually worth working for! And if you tell the human I said that, I'll deny it every time. Sadly, we've finished our bag now, but I've instructed her to buy more for us.

NutriCat is reasonably priced, but I did find the bits a little difficult to pick up cuz I'm a Persian and I need special foods to be able to pick them up easily. But this didn't stop me eating as much as I could cram in my mouth!

So, pros: Reasonably priced, very easily available, smells yummy, tastes incredible! Good nutritional profile for a dry food

Cons: Bag doesn't reseal very well, kibbles are hard for Persians to pick up, meat content could be higher (but it's pretty standard for dry foods, so we're not saying it's really bad!). We can't think of anything else bad to say about the food except that you might get fat on it cuz it tastes so good that you'll want to eat it all! But then if you put on a little extra wait, it's all the more yummy tummy for your peoples to snuggle, right? So this is another good point!

The human has written her boring words to review NutriCat over on The Moonspun Blog
and there's a competition there too, but oh, I haven't told you about our competition yet!

The super duper peoples at NutriCat
have generously offered one person the chance to win a whole month's supply of foods all for themselves! They say you may have to share with the other cats you live with, but I don't agree. If you win, tell nobody, then when the bag comes, go hide it away and keep the fact that you are in possession of the yummiest food ever very, very quiet!

So how can you win? All you have to do is visit the NutriCat website
and have a look at the different types of foods on offer. Then you just come back here and tell us what flavour of foods you'd like by commenting on this post. And it's as simple as that!

The competition will run until 12 midnight next Monday 5th of December. Each comment will be asigned a random number, and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator. Then the lovely peoples at NutriCat will send the foods out to you and you can start enjoying!

Remember, for those of you who are fixed on what you eat, NutriCat really is scrummy, and you could enter and use it as a treat food even if you don't have it as your main food every day. Yep, it's that good that you'll eat it as a treat too!

Right, enough from me, there's some more foods around here somewhere, and I gotta get it before Millie does. Good luck to you all and thank you very much, NutriCat, for my yummy scrummy foods!

Just to add that the competition is only available to those living in the UK. Sorry!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My super day at the Supreme!

Hihihihihi! My human has just come home from work and she says I can writed the things to the other somebodies today. And Mummycat says this is Ok too cuz she's getting some sleepy time in the human's real nice soft blanket that I really like and she says that if I want to weeeeow our story then she'll just carry on pushing out zzzzzs. So I get to tell you somebodies all about our exciting times and the good stuff that happened and the not so good stuff that happened and everything else!

Mummycat says that it's good to start with the not so good stuff but I don't know how good is not good and I'm confused, but mummycat says I should do it this way and I don't wanna get smackypaw for being naughty so I'll just do it like that and if somebody can tell me how not good stuff is good to start with then I'll say thank you and let you play with me! Anyway, the not good stuff is that I really miss my stinky brother Paws. I've been missing him lots and lots and lots over the last few days. And I looked and looked for him and I called a little and then I went and sat on my human somebody and thinked that I'd steal all her cuddles cuz my stinky brother Paws wasn't around to take over her lap any more. But then I got to thinking that now I'd not have him to play with any more, and then I got sad and I crawled under the sofa to where he used to sleep and I said "eeeeeooooow," over and over again very quietly and sadly cuz I knew he wasn't coming back and I missed him and I really wanted him here even if he was stinky and horrible. And then my human somebody finded me and I put my claws out and hung on real tight when she picked me up for a cuddle and we both cried together for a bit. And I've been doing that for days now, and I don't eat lots and lotsa foods any more either. It's just not so much fun with him not around. I need somebody to beat up!

But now the better stuff that happened. We went to that super duper cat show that we told you all about last week. And I got a very, very pretty pen to stay in for the day. It had all fancy curtains and lotsa toys for me to play with inside. my human somebody says those toys were actually pen decorations and I wrecked them, but I had such a good time that I didn't care and she didn't get mad cuz I was having so much fun. And guess what? Me and mummycat both won first prizes in our classes! And the human somebody was so, so proud! She was so pleased with me that she buyed me a toy spider and a toy thing called a stinky that's like a tiny little fish that stinks real bad of yummy catnip! And she buyed me a plague rat too. Do any of you have those? They're soooooo coooooool! They stink real bad sept that the stink is good even though my human says that the valerian they're filled with smells like dirty feets, but I love it and I go crazy playing with it! And mummycat got the same toys sept for the spider too, but I don't think she deserved them cuz the human says she was real, real grumpy all day, and I wasn't. I was super good and I even asked one of the lady somebodies called judge for a tummy tickle when she was telling me what a pretty girl I was, and I only got a spider as extra! It's not fair! The human somebody says that mummycat gotted the toys cuz she was upset and she wanted to give her something nice, but I still think it's not fair.

Mummycat didn't like the show at all cuz there was too many people somebodies and the judging is different to normal shows and she says it unsettled her so she turned into mrs grumpy for the rest of the day. But I smiled at everybody somebody that went by and lotsa them told me how pretty I was and everything! And guess what? Cuz I was such a good girl and arranged my pen toys so well and showed off my super spider to everybody that wanted to see, I won another prize! I won 5th place in the best decorated pen competition! So all my hard work paid off! Mummycat didn't win anything, but she was shortlisted for prizes. That's so good cuz there was over 1100 other pens there! If you wanna se epictures of how pretty I am and how much of a grumpypants mummycat was, you can. Mummycat is pen number 8 and can be seen Here.
I'm in pen number 33 and can be seen Here">Here>

I think I like shows mostly cuz I always get super duper toys on the day and that's good cuz a girlkitten can never have enough toys! I didn't like it on the way home though cuz I was stuck in that horrible PTU for ages and ages and I just wanted to come out and cuddle my human. But mummycat was in a real mess cuz she did a poo and a weewee in her PTU and then shouted and shouted about it all the way home. She's just as much of a baby as my two stinky brothers are! But shhhh, don't tell her I said that!

I can't think of nothing else to say, so I'm gonna go play with my stinky and my rat and my spider. Wanna come play too?

Monday, 14 November 2011

Bits and pieces

Wel, friends, isn't it about time we wrote again? The human has been remis in her duties to us. She said something about new job, 12 hour days, tiredness, struggling to learn new things, no time, no energy, yada, yada, yada and other boring, unimportant stuff like that. But by now, we all know what she's like. Lazy. I'm considering putting her up for adoption, especially as last week was rescue week. Would anyone like to rescue a useless human? I'm afraid it's very clear that she's a pity case, and you'll need a lot of patience if you're going to take her on. On the plus side though, she uses the human litterbox faultlessly and never toilets inappropriately, she will give stinky goodness on a regular basis, she provides a self heating bed in the form of her lap whenever it's demanded, and she is adept at rubbing all the right spots to make your eyelids go droopy and your purr motor start up. I'm not sure if that's enough to outweigh the negatives though.

Millie: Mummycat, I'm not sure I want my favouritest human somebody to go up for adoption. That's when you go in a PTU and you don't come back again, right? Like what happened to my stinky brother Fatboy and my stinky brother Paws, right? I'd miss the human if she didn't come back, cuz I love her lots and lots and lots, and even Dogman isn't as good for scritches as she is. I love her so much that I rub rub rub all over her with my head until I fall over and I say purpurpur all the time even when I fall, cuz she tickles me the whole time and tells me what a pretty girlie I am. And I know she doesn't tell lies cuz I know I'm pretty cuz every people somebody says the same thing, and they can't all be lying. If I had another human somebody, I'd probly not be allowed to be eated by the bed thing and sleep in its belly where it's all nice and warm and there's lots of human to cuddle up to and you get tickles until you fall asleep. Mummycat, can we keep her?

Tia: Ah, kittens, so naive, so prepared to overlook the glaring flaws in character in favour of the nice bits. It's refreshing in a way. I'm still open to adoption offers though. As Millie mentioned, little Paws is now gone. To be honest with you, I'm quite relieved. It was high time he was out of here. I don't know about you others who've had kittens, but I got to a point where I just didn't have any patience for them any more. Admittedly, this was when I was searching for a new mancat, but Paws just didn't get the hint that I wanted to be left alone. Even after I'd finished my calling for my new boyfriend, I decided that it was high time for my babies to go off into the big wide world and seek their fortunes. It was with some relief that I listened to the human as she explained to Millie and I that Paws' new mum would be coming for him on Saturday. She, of course, was not filled with the same relief, and had a rotten case of leaky eye syndrome which is still a bit of a problem today. His new mum is really lovely though, and I heartily approved.

Millie: I didn't though, cuz even though he's stinky and a stupid cry baby, he's my stinky, stupid cry baby brother, and now that he's gone, I have nobody to beat up or clean or chase or play with. It's pretty lonely now. I haven't tried to find him like we did when stinky Fatboy went. I'm bigger and clev, clev, more smarter now and I know he's gone and he's not coming back. But I did cry a bit and I sticked to my human like a kitten to Da Bird, and I cuddled her lots and lots and we both cried together. And now I sleep a lot rather than playing, and my human says it makes her sad to see it. But it's just not as much fun when you don't have a stinky brother to steal toys from and beat until he screams like a silly little girlkitten and goes running to the human. I miss him. My human's looking into finding me a playmate though. She says she wants me to grow up with another kitten for company. Mummycat's boring. She hardly ever plays, and when she does, she's so much bigger than me that I never win. She plays a bit hard sometimes too, and so I really squeal when she bites me and then the human has to separate us.

Friends, I bit her hard because she had the audacity to try and get in a cube that I was already very much occupying! As you all know, I am queen of this house, and I'll not allow anyone, even my own children, to ever forget that! To be honest with you, although she has her moments, Millie is a pretty easy baby to live with. She lets me have my own space and is generally well behaved. Ok, perhaps generally is a bit of overkill. Let's go with she's not naughty absolutely all the time. She does need a playmate though, and we're still searching for another girlkitten to come and join us here in my house, so fingers crossed we find something soon!

Millie: We've got a real exciting week coming up, sept the first bit isn't so exciting cuz it means I'm gonna get put in the stinky wet bath again whether I wanna go in it or not, and I don't! The wet water feels icky, and I even smell icky when I come outta there! I know my human somebody says I smell real good, but she says I smell good enough to eat and that makes me a bit ascared, cuz she's a lot bigger'n me and she could probly eated me all up in one big bite. And the thing is, when she picks me up I can't get away if she doesn't wanna let me go, so if she wanted to eated me all up I don't think I could do anything about it. Do nice human somebodies eat babycats like me? Is that why she's putting me in the horrible bath? So that I'm all clean and ready for the eating? Heeeelp!

We gotta get clean though, cuz we have something real, real important on Saturday. It's that super duper important cat show that we ran a competition for a while back. I get to go with mummycat, and we both get to show all the people somebodies just how pretty and beautiful we are. I enjoyed the last one, and this one's even bigger so I think I'm gonna have a real good day out. And the human bought me new toys after the last one, and gave me real yummy stinky goodness. Do you think she'll do that again? I hope she does!

Tia: The human always buys us something nice when we go to shows, just to make up for the fact that it's a long day for us. I've heard a whisper about her buying us a new Catit track that has speed bumps in it and everything. How cool is that! I even play with those ones because they're a lot of fun. Apparently, the sections of this new one can be joined to our old one to make a massive track. I can bet that's going to be a lot of fun!

I think that's about all for now, except one last thing. We will be running a super duper competition on here next week, and it involves food! Lots of yummy food! And there will even be more than 1 winner! Interested? Then come back here next week to find out how you could get a very full belly.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Long overdue update!

Hi there, friends. Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen any of you! As usual, it's the human's fault, although I have to confess that I'm not giving her a hard time about this absence as over the last few weeks we and she have been through a lot. Don't tell her, but i actually feel quite sorry for her. I'm sorry we've been away for so long, and I'm sorry if any of you have been worried. I swear that I'm going to learn to type one of these days! As usual, there's an update from her point of view over on The Moonspun Blog
so rather than going into it here again, I'll let you go there to read about the day to day practical boring bits.

Millie: Mum, mum, mum, mummummummum!!! I gotta talk too! Muuuuuummy, will you share with me so's I can tell my friends all about the cool stuff I did? Please? Muuuuuum!

Tia: Cod, but kids are annoying! Just when you think you have a moment of peace and quiet for a good miaow and catch up, they come and hassle you to get in on the action! Ok, for the sake of my sanity, I'll share a post with her. Sorry, friends!

Millie: Hihihihihihi friends! It's me! Did you all miss me? Cuz I missed you lots and lots and lots! Oh I've done so many new things since I said "weeeeow! Weeooow!" to you last time. I'm learning new noises now!

Tia: She is indeed, and me and the human have even caught her practicing them to herself when she thinks nobody's listening. I praise her for her commitment to her elocution, but the human laughs behind her hand.

Millie: Muuuuuum, stop talking cuz it's my turn! Anyway, I can now say "Eo, eo, eo!" I make it short and sharp when I'm asking for something from the human somebody. I do it at food time, and she laughs and says I kinda sound a tiny bit like a dogkitten who wants some milk. I thought about giving her the smackypaw for that, but I still love her too much. I say "wow, wow, wow!" now too to make the bed thing sick the human somebody up in the mornings, and it always works! I have even learned to say "rrrrrrrrreow purpurpurpur rrrrrrrrrreow!" She calls this a chirp. This gets the human somebody's face all smiley and she always gives me yummy food or a tummy tickle or some lovins when I say that, so i prac, prac, try to learn it real hard.

Oh, I gotted real brave the other day too. The human had been eated by the bed thing again, but I gotted to thinking. Perhaps the bed thing wasn't nasty, cuz it always sicked her up again and there was never any of her missing. I decided to go and explore, so when I saw a space between her skin and the thing she calls a blanket, I took a deep breath, said a farewell weeeeow to mummycat and my stinky brother Paws, then dived under it. What I found was a very warm, cosy place with a lot of human smelling thing in it. The thing was warm too, so after I'd explored a bit, I cuddled up against it. Then, get this! The human's big paw hand came down and tickled me! Inside the bed thing's tummmy! Well, I was so shocked that I didn't wait for the bed thing to sick me up again. I runned really fast outta there and climbed on the human's head and then stopped and looked around. The blanket was shaking. There was a strange hahahahaha noise coming from the human. I wondered if she was sick, but she wasn't. I don't know what that was, but mummycat said I should have given her smackypaw for it. Why? I gotted brave a couple more times since then, and I actually went to sleep in the bed thing's tummy cuddled against the human this morning. Aren't I brave?

Tia: Yes you are, but you're also post hogging! Friends, our cat show went quite well. Paws came second in his class, and I came first in mine. Millie came...

Millie: Muuuuuum! That's my story! I went to this big place where there were lots and lots and lots of people somebodies and lots and lots and lots of other kittens and big mummycats and big daddycats and some big cats that weren't mummycats or daddycats. And I gotted to go into a thing called a pen all day, but I kinda liked it cuz the floor was all soft and snuggly with a blanket on it, and there was good food in the pen, and in the afternoon I even got a ping pong ball and a ribbon to play with! And the human brushed me and my stinky brother Paws until we were all fluffy and beautiful, well, more beautiful than I am all the time, and then she went away and left us. And I was a little bit ascared when she went away, and so was my stinky brother Paws, so we both putted our paws through the bars and he said "roooooow! roooooow!" and I said "weeeeeeeeeow!" until a people somebody came and took us both out for a cuddle. And then there were lots of different people somebodies who cuddled me and looked at my teeths and my eyes and my tummy and everywhere! And I talked to them all, and my stinky brother Paws even said purpurpur!

And then my human came back, and she brought lots and lots of somebodies with her. I've never seen so many! She was pleased when one of the somebodies hung a ribbon on my pen. She said it meant I'd won. I was just pleased cuz it was something else to play with. And all the somebodies stopped and made nice talk noise at me through the bars, and if they didn't stop, I said "weeeeow!" until they did, or grabbed them with my paws until they told me how pretty I was! And Paws was really naughty, cuz he kept putting the smackypaw on the bumbum of the people somebody next to us who had a kitten in the pen beside Paws. The human and the people somebody laughed, and the people somebody even snuggled my stinky brother Paws and told him he was a naughty boy, that she loved him and that she hoped he wasn't trying to tell her that her bumbum was fat! I was annoyed though. It's not fair, cuz when I bite Paws' bumbum, mummycat and the human get real mad, but he can smack people somebodies on the bumbum and nothing happens sept he gets snuggles! It's not fair! I won't beat him up for it though, cuz he's got a new home to go to now, and he goes on the 12th of November. And I don't know if I'll miss him when he leaves. He's stinky and I like to beat him up, but he's my brother and when he goes I'll have nobody to play with. Do any of you want to come play instead? Maybe Truffle and her new sister would like to come live with me instead? We could have great fun!

Tia: You might have a new playmate of your own soon, Millie. The human has continued to make kitten enquiries from breeders who will actually let her have a kitten despite the fact that she refuses to get involved in the politics in the cat world (long, long story there), and so something may come of that in the next few months. Besides, I'm feeling certain urges again... I've been thinking a lot about mancats yesterday and today. There's a handsome black tom who now regularly comes to our garden... I know he has no breeding behind him, but still, the way I'm feeling at the moment, I wouldn't much care. I've been really shouting for him all morning, but he hasn't heard me, and the human won't let me go out and find him. She's cuddling me lots though, and scratching at the base of my tail which takes my mind off things for a few minutes. She says she wants to hold off for as long as possible before I have more babies. She wants to give me time to recover from the C section, but ironically, she says she's never seen me in such a strong mood for company since perhaps a year and a half. Now that I know what I'm missing though, I want it all the more! Those pesky kids won't leave me alone to go hunting for love, mind you. I've had to really discipline Paws twice already today, with yowling and smacking at the same time. I don't care if he wants a snuggle. I don't! Thankfully, the human's stepped in and taken him away from me each time, reminding me that he's just had surgery and that I should leave him be for a few days. Maybe he'll learn not to bother me for snuggles then!

I know I'll miss him when he goes. I do love him a lot, and we cuddle together most days when I'm not hunting for a mate. The human hopes he'll go while I'm calling cuz she and I both think I'd notice it less if it happened then. We'll just have to wait and see though.

The decorations for our pens at the Supreme cat show are going well, and should be finished this week! We also have a very interesting competition coming up in the near future. It's food orientated, so if you like your yumyums, then watch this space!

Just to answer some of the comments, I did indeed have fun at the show, but I didn't do much screaming at peoples to come love on me. I left that glory for my babies, and boy did they do well! Tina, we don't have Petco in the UK sadly. Random Felines, Porker is doing very well in his new home now! He is now called Bianco, and they love him lots! Carmine and Milita, we don't have Greenies either! We're deprived in the UK! Truffle, how exciting for you! My human says she thinks she's convinced Bug to bring some over when he comes at Christmas... Or at least, she'll convince him when she asks him. Ahem, Bug, if you're reading this, I love you, and you owe me a Christmas present! Please make it Party Mix! Thank you all for caring enough to keep stopping by! Again, I won't go into details, but those comments spaced as they were over the last few weeks, have given my human smiles on days where she thought she'd have no reason to do so. Thank you!

Friday, 7 October 2011

I'm back... With winners!

Friends, I always seem to start these posts with apologies on behalf of my human, and this is no exception. There's been a lot of things going on in her life (they're too boring to go into details about), and she just hasn't had the time, the inclination or the motivation to write. I think she's coming out of it now though, thank Cod!

I don't even know how to begin to start apologising for the fact that she totally forgot that the competition ended over a week ago. She said she thought it was this week! Honestly, I don't know why I waste my time trying to train something that's got so few brain cells. Still, one must help the less fortunate, isn't it so?

We headed over to find a random number generator after combining the two results from this blog and the Moonspun Cats Blog.
And guess who the winner is? The winner is.........................

Jimmiechew! Congratulations to you for getting the coolest tickets ever in the universe! My human asks that you email and tell us where you'd like the tickets sent to. For those of you who didn't win, I'm very sorry, but thank you all for entering and making the competition a success!

Porker has now gone to his new home. You can visit the Moonspun Blog
to find out how he settled in. Would you think I was a bad mummycat if I said I didn't show any overt signs of missing him? My human didn't think so, neither did Dogman, but then they're very observant, and both of them had seen me giving Porker a long, long cuddle and a last feed from the milk bar in the hall the morning before he left. I don't like to let them drink now, but I wanted to give him something to remember me by, and so I washed him all over really gently, then folded my paws over him and held him while he drank. My human had told me he was going,you see. She always tells me things that are going on, and she sat down and explained to me that he'd be going to live with peoples we already knew and liked, and that it would be the best home ever and I wasn't to worry about him. I trust my human, and I knew that he'd have to go some day anyway, so I just made the most of the time I had left with him. Just before the human put him in the PTU for the last time, she brought him to me. I was on the arm of the sofa when she came. She held him under my chin and told me this was it, that he was leaving us now. Her eyes were awful leaky and she could hardly talk enough to tell him to be a good little man, but I understood. I gave the top of his head a last wash, then went off to comfort the other two who were very confused by all of this. That was the last time I saw my little fatboy.

Hamster, or Paws as my human calls him, spent all of that night and most of the next day running around and calling for his brother. I'd known the two boys were bonded, and the human had a good idea, but she never realised that it ran so deep. Of course, the more he called, the more her eyes leaked, and it got to the point where I was really worried! She decided to take the gate off the door to the kitchen (she'd put this up to stop my babies from going in there when they were small). Then she opened the door to our screened in tiny porch at the back door. This was enough of a distraction to make Paws forget about Porker for a little bit, and it helped him and Millie bond more as they had a new place to explore together. Of course, I showed them everything. I love sitting in the screen, and it was nice and warm out, so I took them out there. We had a great time!

All has returned to normal now. Paws is settled, Millie is her usual cheeky self, and I'm eating loads of stinky goodness! The human says she can feel my ribs again now though, so she's not being as strict about what I can and can't eat. I'm relieved and I don't mind admitting it! Millie, on the other hand, has been stuffing herself and is so fat that she now weighs 1.5 KG! For some strange reason this pleases the human no end. I don't know why they have these double standards! Why is it Ok for her to pile it on and not me? Can someone explain that to me? And I don't want any of this "she's growing" rubbish. That doesn't cut the tuna when it comes to who gets more stinky goodness!

A crisis has happened here too. Last year on my 100th post, Amy and the House of Cats did a toy exchange with me. As part of the exchange, she put in loads of yummy treats, but my favourite ones were the Party Mix. I loved them so much that I'd even do what the human told me to get one! The crisis is this. Yesterday morning I ate the last Party Mix in the bag! I don't know what to do! We can't get them here, and I can't live without them! The human says that I can have Dreamies instead, but although they're scrummy, they're not the same as Party mix! Thankfully, neither of the babies has been brave enough to try them, so whatever I get, even if it is stupid old Dreamies, I can have all to myself! But I need a substitute for Party Mix!

All three of us are going to a cat show tomorrow. It'll be the babies' first time out, so me and the human are all very interested to see how they'll react. Of course, I'll lie on my back in the middle of my pen and shout at peoples to come talk to me. I'll also growl at the human every time she tries to put me back in after taking me out for a cuddle. I'd rather be cuddled than stuck in a pen all day, and I'll make it known! That's just the way I roll. I'm allowed to be a diva when I'm on show anyway, right? This will be the first time that the human has showed three cats, and any kittens, so we're all a bit nervous about how this one goes. I'll let you know!

Well, that's gonna have to be all for now. Paws is beating Millie up, so I'm gonna have to go teach them some manners!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Millie's Bad Day

Hihihihihihi! It's been forever and forever since I got to writed to you somebodies who I don't think are somebodies, and my mummycat says that we shoulda writed sooner but she also says that the human's blue funk is making it difficult. What is a blue funk? The human hasn't had a smiley face for days and days though sept when I cuddle her and purpurpurpur hard! Then she has a smiley face. I think the blue funk must be something bad if it makes my human unhappy.

Anyway, enough about her cuz I gotta tell you all about my adventures for the last ages while I didn't writed! I can't member much about them cuz I forget easily cuz there's so many new things to do and what's the point membering the old things when there's new ones? But I member yesterday cuz that was a big adventure and I was a wee bit ascared and I always member things that scare me.

So I went and woked the human cuz the bed thing had eated her again and she was making the sleep noises and I was worried. I climbed up the scratchy post, stood on the top, gotted brave, then did a the best jump ever to get across the huuuuuuge gap that my human says is only about 3 inches between the scratchy post and the bed, and then I runned really fast all over the human's feets, but that didn't work cuz my stinky brothers and me do that when we're fighting and she's learned to keep making the sleep noises regardless. So then I runned at full speed right up to where her head hadn't been eated and was on the pillow. And I stood right beside her ear and I took a deep breath and I said "weeeeeeow! Weeeeeeow! Weeoooooooow!" in her ear. And it worked! I can't say meeeeeeow yet cuz I can't make the mmmmm sound, but that doesn't matter, cuz weeeeow woked the human up. And then I said "eeeow purpurpur" and climbed onto her face and then walked everywhere and rubbed my head on her until I falled over! But it was Ok cuz the bed is soft so I didn't hurt myself and I just started all over again!

Well, that was a good idea, cuz it made the bed sick her up which meant that she would put down the stinkky goodness that I love! And after we'd all eaten, she got out the horrible box that moves that my mummycat calls a PTU, and she put me and my stinky brothers in it and she took us in a big, growly monster called car to the somebody that mummycat says is called the nice vet ladypeople, sept I don't think she's all that nice.

When we got to her house, we had to wait before she'd see us and in the place where we waited, there was a huge, hairy monster somebody thing that said "woof!" at us. My stinky brother Porker was really ascared. So was I, but at least I didn't make a stink and have a accident in the horrible PTU on the way to the vet ladypeople! But Porker does this even when he's just a little ascared. But when the thing said woof, he gotted real brave, and he went to the front of the PTU and he said "rrrrrrrrr!" and the human and the somebody with the monster made laugh noises a lot! I didn't know what was funny though. I thinked that my brother was super brave even if he is stinky!

Both the boys are real babycats though, cuz while we were waiting, they started to cry and Porker was really whining, and they both put their paws through the front of the horrible PTU, and the only way they would be quiet was when the human held one paw of theirs in her big paw! This made her make laugh noises again, and I joined in this time. What babies! I, meanwhile, sat in the PTU and just looked around at everything and was as good as fish. I didn't even cry!

Then it was our turn to go in and see the nice vet ladypeople who isn't nice, and it was my stinky brother Porker's turn first to come out of the horrible PTU and get looked at. I don't know what she did to him, but he screamed worse than he does when the human's cleaning his eyes or mummycat has gived him the smackypaw for being real bad, or even worse than when I bite his bumbum and run away! Oops, I didn't mean to say that! Don't tell on me, will you?

And then it was my stinky brother Hamster's turn, but he's braver than Porker and he didn't make a squeak. And then it was my turn and suddenly the PTU didn't seem like such a horrid place after all and I thought about staying there, but I'm a good girl and so I came out nicely when the somebodies asked me to. I was really ascared, but I knew I had to be brave to show the boys how it's done, so I only clinged to the vet ladypeople and hided my face for a minute and then I let go and went on the table.

She did lotsa things. Looked at my teeths, put a big thing on my chest to listen to my heart, looked at my eyes, felt my tummy, and then she picked me up and cuddled me real tight against her. I was enjoying it for a minute until I felt a sharp prick in my leg. I was real good though and I didn't cry and I didn't flinch. My mummycat told me later that that was the vaccination. I don't like it. But there was worse to come.

She carried on holding me real tight and then she said to the human, "Ok, I'm doing the nasty one now," and my human's eyes got all teary and then there was this real big sore at the back of my neck and I knowed why Porker had screamed like a babycat girl cuz it really really hurted! But I was brave and I didn't move or scream cuz I membered that my mummycat had told me that you should always stay still when people somebodies are doing things to you cuz that's what a good cat should do. You get a bad rep, rep, um, something for yourself if you get out your claws and your teeths whenever they do nasty things, she says, and that's not something befitting of a well bred ladycat! The vet ladypeople letted go of me then to get some other stuffs, and I runned really fast and jumped on the human and I hided and she cuddled me tight and told me that I'd only ever need to go through that once cuz it was something called a micro chip and I'd not need another one. But she lied!

And then the vet ladypeople clipped my nails which I was really good for cuz I know it doesn't hurt, but the stinky brothers cried like she was cutting their toes off! And then she put a thing in my mouth that she said is a swab which tests DNA whatever that is, to make sure I have no kidney disease and to check if I carry the gene for chocolate coat colour. I don't understand any of this. And then she maked me swallow a horrible thing she said was a worming tablet. And then it was all done and I went back into the lovely PTU and we went home.

But when I said "weeeeow, weeow!" to the human and she picked me up for a cuddle later, she feeled a funny thing at the back of my neck and it was stuck in my fur and she pulled it out. Then I heard her say to her friend, "Damn, that's the chip!" And she made talk noise on the phone and they said things that I don't understand like "it's incredibly rare for a chip to come back out once it's been inserted. We've never seen it happen before, but bring her and we'll have a look anyway." And the next thing I know my human is carrying me somewhere and it smells different and there's air blowing on me and there's no walls and no ceiling and she tells me that this is outside and I'm never to come here on my own. And then we gotted into another big growly monster called car, but I wasn't in my PTU this time so I had a great time climbing on the human and looking out at things going by. And I was really good cuz I only tried to climb off her about 10 times in 5 minutes.

When Car stopped, I was ascared cuz I could see that we were back at the vet ladypeople's house again and I didn't want to see her, but I had no choice. And there were more hairy monsters but they didn't say woof this time. And all their somebodies said what a lovely girl I was and how well behaved, cuz I just sat on the human's knee or on her shoulder while we waited. But then the peoples had a look at the thing that was in my fur and they said it was the chip and they said I'd have to have another one putt back in. I membered the needle from earlier and I gotted real ascared, even more when a somebody called nurse came and stealed me away from my human!

They took me into another room for about a million years, and they putt another needle in the back of my neck and I was sore all over again. But then they bringed me out and I saw my human and I wiggled and wiggled and wiggled until I jumped on her and I put all my claws out and hung on tight and I'm not ashamed to say that I hided my face and didn't take it out again till we were out of the nasty vet ladypeople's house and away from the horrible somebody called nurse.

Yesterday we all slept all day. I was quite worn out by my horrid day, and I didn't feel too good either. Neither did my stinky brothers, but mummycat says not to worry and that it's only the vaccination making us like that.

One of my brothers will leave for his forever home on Sunday. I'm real sad cuz I don't want him to go, and whenever the human is arranging things, her eyes get so runny that I could have a drink from them! And she says she wonders why she did this but then says that if she can give other peoples somebodies the joy that we've brought to her then it'll be worth it in the end. She wants the boys to go together though as it would be better for them, but we'll see what happens.

I can't think of nothing more to say sept enter the competition cuz then you'll get to see me and I'll even say "Weeeeow!" to you too!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's competition time!

Friends, nothing is sacred any more! It seems as though my blog is not my own now, nor will it ever be again. Oh well, it was good while it lasted...

I actually told her she could post as she's now got a name of her very own, and anyway, she's getting to be a big girl now! It's about time she learned what a horrible thing Computer is. It's good for her language development too. She struggles to concentrate on one thing long enough to see it through to the end, so by encouraging her to blog, it should help that too! I hope you found her amusing if not interesting. Obviously she could never be as interesting as me... Right?

Well, friends, on to the good stuff. I promised you mo cats this week. First you got the news on the new kitten, then you got to see Millie in all her dubious glory. But I also promised you a treat that you wouldn't want to miss. Today is the day I reveal that treat. Yep, it's competition time!

Like me, you may have noticed that not only did my human miss celebrating my 200th post thanks to these kittens, but she also missed my blogoversary! I couldn't let her forget about this, so after some stern words to her, I've come up with an absolutely stonking competition that will rock your socks! Or your paws... Or somethin. Anyway, this is quite big to make up for the fact that it's only one celebration instead of 2. Ready for this?

Myself and my human are offering one lucky person the chance to win a pair of tickets to visit the Supreme Cat show which will be held on the 19th of November in the NEC in Birmingham. This is an absolutely amazing show which is the equivalent of Krufts in the cat world. Normal cat shows get anywhere between 200 and 300 entries, but the Supreme gets an average of 1600! All the pens are decorated, and cats have to qualify by winning a CC to enter, so it's only the best of the best that can be shown there. This is truly a cat lover's paradise. If looking at cats all day isn't enough, there are tons of trade stands there, most of which have special offers, and all of which sell just about anything you can imagine for the cat lover and their cat. you will be able to see pretty much every breed of cat that is registered with the GCCF, and maybe get to cuddle a few too! You also have the opportunity to watch them being judged, something which is usually forbidden in GCCF shows. Household pets enter too, so there is literally every type of cat imaginable there! This is an amazing prize, as tickets are quite expensive.

And do you know what makes it more amazing? I'll be there too! And so will little Millie! It's Ok to tell you apparently, as long as I don't mention either of our pedigree names so that the judges can't work out who we really are. If you win the competition, then I'd love to see you at the show, so you'll have ta come find me there!

If you'd like to enter, then please leave a comment on this post telling us why you'd like to head to the Supreme, and why you should win. Of course, the winner will be picked by a random generator, but we want to know why you'd like to go anyway! I'm not restricting this to peoples who live in the UK only, cuz I'd like to give everyone the chance to enter. If you're overseas and you'd like to come, then you'll obviously have to travel to England to visit the show, but we can help you find good hotels etc. If you don't want to come, then we're happy for you to donate tickets to someone else. Really, we just want to give the opportunity to visit to as many peoples as possible! To increase your chances of winning, head on over to the Moonspun Blog
And have your peoples comment there too. The competition will be running on both blogs, so if you enter on both, you double your chances! Please also feel free to spread the word about this to as many friends as possible. I want to see loads of you at the Supreme!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Millie Monday

Hihihihihihihi! Hi, hi, hi! I don't really know who I'm sayin hi to, cuz I can't see nobody, and the talky thing that my mummycat says is called Computer doesn't look like a nobody neither cuz nobodies aren't square and they don't have leads coming from them and they don't not move. Nobodies, ah, scuse me, my mummycat says they're somebodies, not nobodies, are warm and they move and if they're mummycats then they talk to you and clean you and sometimes give you milk and smack you when you're bad (I don't like that bit). And if they're people somebodies then they make strange noises at you and you can climb on the flat places they call shoulders and you can attack their nose things or their hair if they have any, cuz some people somebodies don't, you know. The one who's here all the time, The Human, has loads of it, and sometimes when I attack it I get stuck in it and need help to untangle myself, but her friend, the other people somebody, doesn't have any hair at all and if I attack where his hair should be he gets cross, at least, I think that's what he is when he makes the ouch that hurts noise, cus he pulls me off his head then and spoils all my fun.

Oh, I'm Millie, by the way, or at least, that's what the people somebodies have decided to call me. I kinda like it. Do you?


I find other fun though. I love my crinkle balls that mummycat says were hers from another somebody called Amy and her cats. Are all cats mummycats? I don't know. But anyway, I chase them everywhere, and I steal pipe cleaners and carry them in my mouth, and I sometimes hide them in the litter tray, but then the human spoils the game and throws them away cuz she says they're dirty but I don't think so. I'm learning to jump real high too. I jump right up in the air to catch the flying feathers that sometimes come out when the human is around, and I jump on people somebodies when I want them to pick me up so that I can get on their shoulders. The other morning, I jumped so high that I landed right at the top of the man people's (the one that has no hair) leg . He musta been really pleased, cuz he made the funniest gasp, then a sort of half squeal, then picked me up real, real quick and said to the human somebody, "Holy crap. That was too close for comfort!" I tried to tell him that it wasn't. I was quite comfortable now, thank you very much, and he shouldn't worry cuz I jump real good and I always remember to put my claws out to grip, and he only had on thin trousers anyway so I'd have got his skin if they ripped, so he shouldn't be afraid of me falling. Do you think he was?

Oh, I love, love, love the human somebody, perhaps even better than my mummycat although I don't know yet cuz the human doesn't clean me sept with stinky, nasty wet water like she did today, and mummycat's cleaning feels much nicer, and the human doesn't give me milk but sometimes mummycat does. But the human doesn't smack me either if I'm naughty, and mummycat smacks me all the time if I bite her tail or if I chase her or if I want a drink when she doesn't wanna give me one or if I don't do what I'm told. She's sooooo boring! Anyway, we got to go into a new room yesterday, my brothers and me, and we'd never been there before. And the stuff on the floor, carpet, mummycat says, was real, real soft so that your paws sink right in when you walk, and you make no noise when you jump, and it smelled different. And there was a big soft thing up high in the middle that the human called bed. It was real hard to climb up on, but the human put a tall scratchy post beside it and I'm real, real good at climbing. So if I climbed to the top and then gotted real, real brave and did a best jump ever across the space in between the top of the scratchy post and the bed thing, then I could be on there and look down and wait for my brothers to walk by below and then jump off the bed thing and onto their backs. Oh, I love, love, love that game, specially cuz they never see me coming!

I love to play!

It's hard work though, climbing and doing the best jump ever and being afraid in case you fall down when you do it, so one time I just went to the human to see what she was doing. The bed thing had mostly eated her, cuz I could only find her head sticking out from the stuff that covered it, so I went to lie by her head cuz I didn't want her to be eated. I'd miss her and have nobody to follow and have no more shoulders to sit on. She was making funny noises too, sorta like something my mummycat calls sleep noises, so I cuddled in real close against her neck and thinked that I could stop the bed thing from making her eated all up. And then it musta worked, cuz she stopped making the sleep noises and she moved and then the bed thing sicked up one of her arms cuz it wriggled out from under and came and tickled my tummy and then she said that I was real cute and that she loved me lots. She told me she's always wanted a cat to come sleep all snuggly with her, and that made me feel good. But then the bed eated her arm again and the sleep noises came back, so I stayed on her pillow and when she moved I moved too and snuggled in real, real tight, as tight as I could. And I didn't even attack her hair or anything!

The bed thing sicked all of her up when the bright thing in the sky called a sun came out from hiding, and that was good, and I was happy. So I climbed onto her shoulder thing and helped her make my breakfast which I eated lots of cuz she says I need to eat more so that I get big and strong like my brothers. I don't need to be though. When you're small, you can bite their bums and run away before they know it was you. Hahahahaha! Woops, mummycat heard me say that. Gotta go!

Human note: The Katnip mommy will put some pictures of little Millie up for me soon, I think, so check back to see what miss naughty looks like this week!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Mo cats, mo blogging cats and mo treats for you!

Friends, it's going to be a short post today. My human went to the human vet people called Dentist today, and when she came back, she could hardly talk or anything! She says that Dentist did a lot of stuffs to her teeths which hurt her, so to stop it hurting, they put a big fat needle in her mouth about 6 gazillion times so she wouldn't feel it any more. That made her mouth go real numb and it meant that she couldn't talk propperly. She couldn't make the P sound for ages! I politely raised a paw... So that I could laugh behind it at the stupid human! She says now that the numbing stuff has worn off, she wishes it was back even though she doesn't like the feeling when it is there. She says it feels like she's been kicked in the face a few times, then once more for good measure. She wants to go to bed, so I promised to keep this short mainly because I can't be bothered listening to her whining about her teeths. They got fixed, didn't they? So I don't see what all the fuss is about!

I couldn't let this day go by without posting though. Why? Cuz it's Mo Cats day, and that makes perfect sense to us! After all, even when you think you have enough cats, there's always room for mo, right?

Right! If you noticed our sneaky references cunningly slipped in last week, you'll know that we really do believe that's right all the way down. Soon we'll have more cats here. Little tiny ones! Yep, you've read that right. Casa de Tia will soon have another furry new arrival.

Now, put away those claws, mancats. Stop fighting with each other, Ok? I wasn't available for any dirty weekends to make this new arrival so you didn't miss out! However, if you'll form an orderly queue and register your interest... Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, little furries. Nope. This one is coming from a different mummycat. She will come from another breeder to join us and make babycats of her own. We know she'll be a she cuz mancats can't make babies, sept when they're working the peoples for more foods, of course, and then we know they need the extra to support the pregnancy! Right, lounge cats?

This little girlkitten will come from a lady people who has mummycats who make kittens. She lives in a lovely place by the sea, and she actually used the same mancat as my babies were made by in a lot of her breeding! So who knows, the new addition might be a half sister to my little girl! Wouldn't that be something? At the moment, she's only just over 4 weeks old, so we'll have to wait a while to see if she's coming to stay with us. You know how the stupid human is about show quality kittens, and the ladypeople is just the same, so we need to wait to see how she develops. Watch this space!

We will also have more cats on this blog very, very soon... Intrigued? Well, you'll just have to come back and see who it is. I promise you, it'll be worth the wait! The mystery blogger is very cute! There will also be something else going on this week that's worth watching for. If you love cats, then you could be in for a very, very big treat! I'm a tease, aren't I?... Oh wait, I'm going off topic again aren't I?

Monday, 5 September 2011

This and that and labour of love

Friends, I don't really know what to write about today. It's gonna be a bit of this and that I think, cuz my thoughts are directionless. oh, spet for the fact that my human gave us all chicken last night, and real, propper little fishies today!

She made a roast chicken last night. When she does this, she always gives me some meat, but in true cat fashion I turn my nose up at it to show her that just because she's gone to effort to keep me some doesn't mean I have to like it. The kittens haven't mastered this yet though, so they really tore into the meat as soon as it was down. The one thing I've noticed about this lot is that they don't fight over foods. Perhaps it's cuz my human never lets our bowls go empty, but other peoples and cats have said that kittens will fight and growl at one another whenever choice meat is put down. My babies just all eat together. Sure, they push and jossle a bit, but the bowl is small and their heads are big, so I'll allow that. I'm convinced that their lack of fighting is thanks to mine and the human's conscientious raising of them!

We like to Wrassle!

And Pounce on each other.

I have another problem though. The older they get, the more they grow to love my human. Yes, my human, not theirs. My little girl is the best at this. That human goes all mushy whenever the Baby squeaks to be picked up, and I can't stand it. Why? Cuz her lap is for me and me alone! The Baby will always climb on there when I'm having a good cuddle too, and that's just plain rude! Of course, I'm the soul of politeness, so I leave her lap every time this happens. I don't come back either, no matter how much she coaxes me! And if she pushes the Baby off and picks me up instead, I struggle till she lets me go. I just don't like to share! She always says I'm sulking when I do this. Me? Sulk? Never! I take offence to that! My human says I should take a gate instead of a fence, but this doesn't make any sense so I ignore her. it seems to amuse her though.

Cuddling with Tia's Human

Her blue funk is still here, and I still haven't worked out why it's called that. She ain't blue, and there's no funk going on! Still, she got all smiley after she'd been to spend time with Horse on Friday, and actually, there might be a photo of that! I've found out that Horse is a really big animal called Paddy. He's so big that she actually can sit on his back! Can you believe that? It's a bit off-putting to think of something that big, cause I reckon if it stepped on you it'd hurt a lot, so I think she's quite brave to go and make it angry by sitting on its back. After all, would you like that if someone did it to you? She says that it's not an it, it's a he called Paddy, but I'll go with it for now. She also says that it lives with a stable cat and it never stands on him. That cat's one brave mancat! I'd not go living in a stable with something that big! Does anyone know what a stable is?

Some of you asked about the new kitten that will be coming to live with us soon... Well, I ain't telling nothing yet! It's a secret! If everything turns out though, we'll have another girlkitten to come stay with us in about 7 weeks. The human's already real excited even though we don't know if it's gonna happen yet. My Baby is also super excited as she says it'll be someone for her to play with that isn't boring and old and/or human. I cuffed her soundly for this, but as usual, it made no difference.

Oh, and I've got my old, favourite stinky goodness back! The human says she hates feeding it as the meat content is so low and it makes my poops super smelly, but the Baby wasn't eating a lot, so she thought she'd put some down in desperation, and me and her loved it so much that she's put it down every day since. The Baby's gaining weight like crazy! I, ahem, might be as well, but we won't talk about that, will we? But I haven't told you about the fishies yet. They are called Pilchards and they come in a tin and they're in tomato sauce and they are super duper yummy! The human mushes them all up and makes human gonna be sick noises all the time she's doing it cuz they still have some bits inside them, and then she lets me have them. There's a problem though. The Baby really, really, really likes 'em too, and she has a bigger apetite than me! I'm not used to having to fight for my food. You see, before I came here, I ate only dry, and there's no point in fighting for that. When I came here and got taught about stinky goodness, there was only me, so even if I walked away and left it, it'd still be there when I came for some more. now though, if I leave it, it's gone by the time I get back! That's what happened with the fishies today, and judging by the licking of her chops and the neormously bloated tummy, I'd say that the Baby had the vast majority of it. I did ask her if it was her, but she just squeaked sweetly and told me that she'd never do such a thing as steal my favourite foods! The human caught her licking the bowl clean later on. She's heartless though. She wouldn't give us any more!

So now everybody's sleeping sept Hamster who's running around like a crazy thing. I've given up and gone to sit on my scratchy post, but as usual, the peace never lasts for long! They jump onto the litter boxes now, then climb to the top of my post. What's a girl to do!

Porker On the Scratchy post!

Well, I spose that's it for another day. I need my beauty sleep, and anyway, there's some more stinky goodness in the dish! A couple of last things before I go though. First, We'd like to join in on the Labour of Love, the human and I, for ML and KC who work so tirelessly to keep the CB going so seamlessly. you do an amazing job, you two, and it's cuz of you and the CB that I keep making my human write for me! Thank you for providing an environment where I can get human tips and training advice, and where I can air my frustrations about owning such a dim-whitted pet! Thank you for preserving my sanity!

The other thing is that Truffle is Home!
You should head on over there to read all about her home coming.

And the last other thing is that you should go visit Lucy the Dtupid Dogface in training to be a guide dog
She's just about smart enough to make her human, my HG (human grandma for new readers) write for her. She knows lots of folks read, but most don't comment so it would be nice to show her how much she's appreciated! But, HG, I have a bone to pic with you (Oi, stupid dogface Lucy, not you!). HG, you sent my human lots of yummy goodies in the post this morning. She says it was very expensive chocolate and she loves it and thank you and all that boring human talk noise jazz that you're sposed to say when you get something nice (is anyone else bored yet?). But HG, I snoopervised her opening the box, and I even explored inside it and there was nothing for me! Not one single treat, not even a tantalising whiff of tuna! HG, has owning a stupid dogface made you forget me? Are your priorities slipping? This needs immediate rectification! I eagerly await the delivery of a box packed full of Dreamies for me. You gotta earn the title of HG, you know!

Anyway, that's really enough this time. If there aren't pictures when you first look here, then keep checking! The Katnip Crew and their mommy people will add them for me soon!

Friday, 2 September 2011

It's all about me! Sorta

Friends, my human is an idiot, and I think I'm going to have to learn to type myself. Why? Cuz she never does it for me! This time she's come clean and admitted that it's lack of motivation. Well, I ask you! She doesn't need motivation! I'll tell her the words. All she's gotta do is tippy-tap them into Computer, then tell him to put them on my blog! How hard can it be! She says she's in a bit of a blue funk though. Funny, cuz the last time I saw someone in a similar situation they called it the Black Dog. Perhaps she's saying blue funk cuz she knows how stupid stupid dogfaces are? Who knows. Either way though, she says it'll pass. She just doesn't know how soon, and we both hope that you'll stick with us until it does.

Hey, did you see the updated kitten pictures? What do you think! They've done so much since the last time I wrote here, but rather than me waste my limited time telling you about it, why not head over to The Moonspun Blog
and read about them for yourself? Admittedly, it's the human that's writing it and not me, so it'll be inferior, but hey, you can't win'em all, can you?

For a change, I'm gonna talk about me! Well, me and the human, just like the good old days before these babies came along. First let's get the human out of the way.

Longterm readers of my blog will know that the human got offered a physiotherapy job way, way back last September. You'll also know that she ran into difficulties with it cuz of logistics, paperwork, getting everything sorted etc. But guess what? They got it all sorted this week! She's been offered a start date of the 26th of this month, but it'll mean very swift organising to mmake sure all her support is in place before she starts the work hunt thing again. I don't know whether to be pleased or upset about this. On the one paw, it will help get rid of this blue funk, cuz she'll be out and doing stuff and helping peoples and meeting new peoples. It'll also bring home an awful lot more moneys than she's getting at the moment, which means more stinky goodness and treats for me, and more new toys and more everything! On the other paw though, it'll mean she's gone from me for most of the day again, and I don't like that bit. She'll leave very, very early in the morning, and not be home till 6 at night. That's almost 12 hours in total I'd have to do without her! I'll have my baby girl though, and another kitten who will be coming from a different breeder, if there's one of show quality that is, so I'll not be on my own like I was last time she went work hunting. I reckon I'll be happy enough, but nothing beats having the human here all day every day to feed you on demand when you tell her it's time.

Next, me! Well, I'm less of a milk bar than I was. Even when the babies come to find my nimples, I'm refusing to give them milk. Sure, I'll let them suckle. They're still babies after all, but there's hardly any milk coming from me now. They still don't get the message though! Right now, Hamster is attached to me. I've told him I need to concentrate on what I'm telling you, but he doesn't listen, and goes right on whining for a nimple if I get up and move. I've just decided to give up, lie down, let him get on with it and dictate my instructions from across the room to the human.

They're all still using my litter trays which I'm not pleased about, but I've decided to put up with it. After all, there's no getting away from it. Wherever I move to, they follow! Hopefully peace will be restored whenever the boys find their forever homes, but then perhaps not. Only time will tell.

My human says I'm getting fat and she doesn't know what to do about it. I could tell her that it's all the kitten food that's making me pile on the weight. I could tell her to take that up and not let me have stinky goodness, but I won't. Anyway, the kittens need it down low cuz we Persians don't jump, so she has no choice. She says I'd better stop putting it on though, cuz she doesn't want me any fatter than I am already! Really, I think that the more yummy tummy you have, the better, but she says it'll get me marked down at shows, and it'll also make birthing more kittens even harder. Right now I don't care though.

I went to the vets on Tuesday, and it was our very nice vet lady people who was there who always talks nice to me and cuddles me before she does her horrible stuff. This time, the horrible stuff was a needle in the back leg. Why the leg? Well, as the CB has been so painfully reminded recently, vaccinations, however safe the manufacturer tries to make them, do carry a risk even if it is only a small one. The reasoning behind the leg vaccination is that this can be removed should the worst ever happen. To be honest, I'd rather not have the vaccinations, but that carries risks of its own, so the human says we must grin and bear it, cross fingers and paws, and hope we never find ourselves in that situation. Our vet lady people was shocked at what had happened and sends her sympathies also to Mom Paula.

The human says that I have a bath coming up some time in the next few weeks. She wants to get us done before her work hunt starts so that she doesnt' feel stressed or rushed when she's doing it. Yuck, I say. I've enjoyed my bath free few months! The human says I stink though. I don't really, and in her more lucid moments, she'll admit this. I just smell a bit more catty than I normally do. I keep my floof so clean that I often smell like the stuff she washes her clothes and our blankets in, but now I smell of milk and kittens and cat. She's paranoid that her house smells like cat too. She's strange, isn't she? I mean, after all the work I do to scent up the place for her, she's complaining! I make sure to rub on all the furniture, spread my furs around, only poo in the trays in the living room so that her and visitors can have the full benefit, and she's not grateful! What's a girl to do!

Evidently, a girl is to stop her mewsings. My human says she's just noticed the time, and she has to go spend an hour or so with big smelly Horse. I still don't know what it is, but she says she's going Horse riding. Perhaps horse is something at a fairground then? Or a car? But it doesn't smell like either. Does anyone know?

Monday, 22 August 2011

Eight Weeks Old; no Privacy

Friends, my babies are eight weeks old today, and they're hardly babies any more!Porker is so big that he weighs a third of my body weight already! Well actually, probly more like a quarter on accounta the extra padding my yummy tummy now has.

Hey, guess what? My jacket came off last night! I got a photo of it taken this week by Dogman. He's so horrible to take a picture of me in such a compromising outfit, but there's no reasoning with him. It looks simply ridiculous! I feel better now that the jacket's off, but I'm right back to wanting to suckle my babies. The human says she wishes I wouldn't call them to me cuz she doesn't want them to suck too much and make the nimples start producing milk again. I must say, I'm not fighting her too much on this as they have teeth now, and they aren't afraid to use them! I do call them frequently though, just to see her jump up and have to distract us all until we lose the urge to suckle and be suckled. It keeps her on her toes!

My last bastion has been breached too, and I'm not happy about it. They've worked out how to get on top of the scratchy post, and I can do nothing about it! I can't push them off cuz it's an awful long way to fall for a kitten. I can't smack them in case that makes them fall. No matter where I go now, they can get me. They've even made it to the back of the sofa and onto the human's shelves where even I'm not allowed to go! To be fair, she isn't pleased, and keeps moving my babies off them when she catches them on there, so at least she's not showing favouritism with discipline. She keeps shrieking about how the shelves are wobbly and she has really nice ornaments on there, yada, yada. If she wants to keep them, I think she'd better move them to a safer location, like the moon!

They've been stealing my toys again too, and yesterday they even started growling while they were playing with one of them, or at least, Porker and the Baby did. Hamster wasn't interested. I was so proud though. Both of them tried to drag the kill away. Both bunny kicked it till it was good and dead, then chased it every time when it came back to life again. And both growled so fiercely that if I was a toy, I think I'd run and hide and never come back!

I have another problem though. I once overheard someone telling the human that the moment you have kids is the moment when you lose all of your privacy. Sharing a bed with me is one thing, and even stealing my scratchy post, well, I can't say I didn't see it coming, but when they share the same toilet as you, well, that's taking it a step too far. It began when I started using the open tray by the TV. They didn't want to use that one until I started, and then they all piled in and left smelly little piles everywhere. I don't mind so much sharing with an adult, cuz at least with them it's only a few clumbs a day, but when you share with babies, they leave tiny, but very numerous ones, so that you can't help but stand on them as you move around in the tray. It's disgusting!

I stuck it out for only a day or two, then changed my toilet spot so that I was going in the tray by the computer. Only problem was that they followed me there. So I used the last resort; the covered one by the kitchen door. I'd rather have open than covered, so this was a big sacrifice for me. It's also quite a deep tray, so I was fairly confident that they wouldn't be able to climb in and out. I was wrong. My stupid human folded a towel and put it just in front of the entrance to make a kitten step. Suddenly, it became a huge adventure to see how many poopies and peepees you could do in the big cat covered litter tray. Friends, I despair! Can't a ladycat have any privacy at all? I was good to them. I ate their poo for four weeks! Doesn't mean I should have to stand in it as well! The human says that soon she's gonna give them access to the hall, and that she'll make sure there's lots more litter trays out there for me to use so that I might just get one of my own. Role on that day!

The human's still feeding us all super good stinky goodness, and she's got this dry food called Babycat which tastes just divind. She says I'm eating like a horse though and that I should stop eating so much soon. My response to that? Slurp, slurp. If it's in a bowl and in the feeding area, I'mma eat it!

My human says that this time next week we all have to go back to the vet lady people again, and she says I'm not gonna like it. We all have to have our vaccinations done. For the kittens, it'll be their first, so no doubt they'll feel quite ill for a day or two. For me it's just a needle. My human says I'm such a good girl when they give me injections. I don't cry, I don't struggle, I don't even flinch! I just sit there and let them get on with it. I do put myself back in the PTU pretty quick though. I know, I know, nuts isn't it, that I'd voluntarily go into a PTU, but it's better than being stuck with needles when you're outside.

I can't think of anything else to tell, sept that my human got some photos of the times on Fridays when she abandons us all and comes back smelling of something strange that she says is a horse. I don't know what a horse is, but it smells like grass and poop and sweat. Maybe Horse is her man friend same way the kittens' daddycat was mine? or maybe it's a place. Anyway, she says she goes riding once a week, but even that doesn't make sense. She says if you'd all like to see photos of this horse thing, then she can put some up.

We've asked Mom Paula to put some pictures in for us today, so if they aren't here when you first read this, keep checking back, as they're coming soon! To finish off, I'll give you their weights as usual.

Note from Mom Paula - So sorry it's taken me so long to get some pictures up of the kittens.  With the loss of Beignet last week, I just couldn't do it.  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures that have been posted today.

The Baby: 807 grams.
Hamster: 893 grams.
Porker: 977 grams.