Saturday, 16 June 2012

What's in a Name?

Hi to all you things. Sorry, but I don't know no name for you yet acuz I didn't meet you yet and I's real small so i don't know nothin much. But the big other cat that looks like a mummycat sayed to me that i had to miaow stuffs at the strange lady thing and tell all bout my day yesterday and when I met the strange lady.

It all started a long, long time before when the nice lady that I know real well picked me up and my brother Oso, and she put us in a box and then she made the box move. And lotsa noises gotted made and we were in there for a long, long time. And I was a real good girl, least i think I was cuz I did a weewee in the litter tray and then my brother copied me. But then we both decided we was gonna snuggle together in the litter tray acuz it was nicer than the floor of the box and my lady didn't like that very much acuz she sayed we needed to stay lovely and clean for the new people. I don't know what a the new people is, so I stayed where I was.

Then the box stopped moving and the noises stopped getting made and then my lady took my brother Oso out. I waited for a long, long time for him to come back, but I gotted tired, acuz it's hard to stay awake when there's nothing to do essept listen to my lady and some other ladies and mans making their miaow noises. And when I woked up again, it was acuz my lady was taking me out of the box, and then she gived me to the strange lady that I'm with now, and the strange lady gived me lotsa and lotsa cuddles. And I gived her lotsa kissies even though I had bited a little on another strange lady who was the strange lady's friend. And that maded her happy acuz I showed that I loved her already. But she put her big fingers in my mouth and felt my teefies and I didn't like that much so I keeped moving my head away and it made it very hard for her to check. But when she was done, she miaowed to my lady for a long time, and like I sayed, it's hard to stay awake when you're just a tiny babycat, so I snuggled down and I went to sleep. And that made my lady happy and sad, and the strange lady happy.

And then when I woked up again, it was acuz the strange lady was putting me into another box. And this one was big and lonely cuz I was especting my brother Oso to be there but he wasn't. But my favrit blanket from home was there and it smelled good, so I went back to sleep again.

And then the box was moving again and there  was more noises being made and I gotted frighted acuz I'm only a tiny babycat and I'm in a strange box and my brother Oso hasn't camed back yet and I'm lonely and I miss him and I want him back and I want my lady and I want my own box and I want my mummycat. And then when I started to cry, the strange lady tooked me out and she miaowed lotsa things to me and she snuggled me up in a big warm thing called a sweater and she rubbed me all over and it was nice so I went asleep again acuz I was tired.

And I sleeped for a real long time acuz the box was moving and the noises were making for a very long time. But I was such a good girl and sat nice with the strange lady. And I only tried to bite her fingers just a little bit! And she sayed that I wasn't sposed to do that even when I was playing, but she sayed that it was Ok for today acuz we were just getting to know each other.

And then the box stopped moving, but there was lotsa new noises making and  I was ascared again and I really really needed a weewee and there was no litter tray. And I started to cry, and then the strange lady tooked me out of the box again and put me in a much bigger one that she keeps calling a Pen. And there was a litter tray in there. And I'm such a good girl acuz I smelled for the litter that the strange lady had bringed from my home, and then I went into the box and I did lotsa and lotsa weewees. And then when I camed out again, the strange lady gaved me some of the nicest food ever! She sayed that I could eat as much as I liked acuz I was so small and she wanted me big and with a nice fat tummy. And so I eated lotsa and lotsa this chicken food, and I even put my feets in the bowl so that I could hold it nice and still and I could eat every last bit. And then I used my water like a big stomping puddle and I had sooooo much fun splashing it everywhere! And then I rolled in my nice dry blanket. And the strange lady said to a strange man that was in the new place too that she'd forgetted how little kittens are all hooligans at heart! And then she dried me up and she sayed that I could wreck the pen as much as I wanted as long as I was having a good time.

But I cried and cried and cried whenever she put me back in acuz I gotted lonely again and I'm only a teeny babycat. And she keeped taking me out for cuddles, and all I wanted to do was to stay on her knee and sleep. But then I wanted to esplore and she sayed no not yet acuz she wanted to give everybody else time to meet me. And then I noticed that there was some more real big cats in the house, as big as my mummycat! And one of them really liked me, and the other one climbed on top of the pen and sayed grrrrrr and sssssss until the strange lady camed and tooked her off and sayed "Millie! Be nice!" But this Millie cat just went round the back of the pen an dshe poked her face under the blanket covering it and she sayed sssss in a really loud voice and I got ascared so I went to the other end of the pen and I cried. And then the strange lady tooked both of the other cats outta the room and she ttolded them that if they couldn't be nice, then nobody gotted to stay in there while she went to bed. And she sayed sorry to Tia, acuz she couldn't let her in there and not Millie acuz Millie would just follow her in, so both had to stay out. But then I was lefted on my own for a long, long time. And I cried and cried and cried even though the strange lady had give dme her shirt to cuddle in so that I didn't feel lonely. And sometimes the lady came and cuddled me, and sometimes she didn't acuz she sayed she was asleep. But one of those times that she did come, I sat on her knee and when she was cuddling me, I sayed prrrrrrr, and she really liked it acuz I started to do pushy paws too like I do to my mummycat to get the milk. And she sayed it was really nice. And I gived her some more kissies and then she gived me some more yummy gooshy food that I eated all of. And my tummy was full so I sleeped for a little while then. And then the next time I cried, the strange lady went into the strange man's room and telled the strange man that it was his turn to cuddle me. And the strange man sayed, "I stay here at weekends for a rest, lady, not so that you can put me to work!" But she knows he's soft with all of the furries, and he went anyway. And he's a real good cuddler acuz he letted me out for a run around in the room on my own and he played with me and showed me all the bestest toys. And my human telled him he couldn't do that yet acuz I'm a wee bit snotty and she doesn't want anyone else to catch it so I went back in and I cried and cried until they gived me my favourite toy from outside. And it's a ball in a track and there's another ball in the top and there's a springy mousie right on the top, and it's the bestest toy ever!

But then I gotted tired again and I asked to come out and sit on the strange lady's knee. And I was a good girl and went right to sleep. And then I gotted real sleepy and the strange lady tooked out a brush acuz I got so much floof that I knot up real quick and she wanted to keep me looking my bestest. And she brushed me and combed me all over and I sayed prrrrrrrr lotsa and lotsa acuz I really liked it. And I liked it so much that I went asleep. But I woked up when the strange lady started kissing my belly. She's strange! And now I'm telling you all this.

I don't have a name yet acuz the strange lady sayed that she wants to get to know me first before she gives me one. But she calls me little munster and she calls me hooligan when I go stomping in my water or when I stick my whole face in my food or when I roll around in the cool litter tray. That's Ok, isn't it?

But now I'm tired again and I think I'll sleep some more. I'm not so snotty today, and I'm workin real hard on not sneezing no more, so maybe I'll get to come out later on and play with the new toys and maybe even the other cats. The big one, Tia I think her name is, talks to me just like my mummycat did. And it maked the human happy and a bit sad to see her doing the mummycat talk again, happy acuz it means that Tia will love me for a little while instead of beating me up, and will give me comfort while I'm missing my mummycat, sad acuz she doesn't like Millie like that any more. I can't blame her about that. Millie scares me! I wouldn't talk to her like a mummycat talks to a kitten either!

Anyway, I gotta go to sleep now. Can any of you things that I don't know a name for yet think of a name for me? And maybe I can think of a name for you at the same time too!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

From Girlcat to Ladycat

Hihihihihihi all my somebody friends! It's me! And guess what? I'm not
sick any more! But I don't think I'm a girlcat any more neither. Let
me tell you all about it.

So, on the day after I last writed, my human went to work like normal
and left me for a million years! Whenever she came back, she went and
got the stinky PTU from where she hides it, and then she put a nice
soft blanket in the bottom and then she put a nice soft me in on top!
And I said weeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooow! Just like that! And she
taked me outside to the big growly monster called car. And we got
inside Car with another ladypeople who I get to give a name to! See? I
must be a ladycat now cuz before it was only mummycat who gave names
to somebodies, and she's a ladycat and now it's my turn and so maybe
I'm a ladycat!
But anyway, I think I'm gonna call this lady somebody Showgirl cuz I always see her when we're going to a show. She's real nice. She calls me "Hello Milliecat!" and I like it. So she drived us way, way far away, at least a whole 10 minutes! And then we got to another house, and when we went inside I gotted real ascared cuz I could smell lotsa other cats and they weren't my mummycat. So I hided right at the back of the stinky PTU and I hided my face under my blanket. But then another lady somebody came and she talked to me and she said "Are you hidin, scaredycat?" And even though I knowed she said it with a smileyface cuz her voice was smiley, I ain't no scaredycat! So I popped out my face and I said "Weeeeowwww!" just like that! And she made the laugh noise. And then they sat and talked so's I could feel more comfy with the new smells. But then the lady somebody taked me away from my human and Showgirl and she put me in a new place. And half of it was outside where my human said I was never allowed to go on my own, but it was Ok, cuz it had walls and stuff and so it wasn't really outside even though it was!

And there was a stinky mancat in there! My human says he was beautiful, but he really was stinky! And I said hello to him and he said hello to me and he kept sniffing me a lot and following me wherever I went.

I didn't notice when my human went home, and even though I missed her, I didn't cry cuz only babycats cry and I'm not a babycat! I made real good friends with the stinky mancat, and we played together and ate
together and we even cuddled! But that wasn't good enough for the people somebody, cuz she said, "Ah, not again. You always want them to love you before you do the deed, and we haven't got time for you to
mess around again! This poor girl needs to be mated!" I didn't know what she was talking about, but she taked me away from my new stinky friend and said something about letting me meet a mancat that was more
experienced and would get the job done.

I did meet another mancat. This one was old, but he wasn't boring like my old, fat mummycat! He was real, real interested in me. He followed me that close that I hadda say sssssss to him, and I even said grrrrrrr! I know that's not good manners, but my mummycat swears at the mancats too when they get too pushy, so I was only copying her!

Now that I'm sorta a ladycat, I can say that I won't talk about what happened over the next 2 days, cuz a ladycat doesn't talk about things like that. But, all you somebodies, we did what we needed to do. I gotta say, the cure for my sick was kinda nice! And mummycat was right when she said I'd enjoy myself!

On Monday, Showgirl camed back with the horrible PTU and she taked me home. I gived my new mancat friend a little kissie byebye, and then went back in Car and home to see mummycat. Sept that mummycat was even grumpier than usual! She said sssss and rrrrrrrrr lots to me and she even tried to give me smackypaw! She said I stinked like a stinky mancat! But my mancat friend wasn't stinky! This went on all night even when my human gotted back from her day hunting place. She kept telling mummycat to be nice, but mummycat never listens. So yesterday, my human said "Right, girls, that's enough of this. You've asked for it!" And then she taked mummycat into the bathroom and cleaned her with lotsa water. And then she did it to me too so's we'd both smell the same. And ever since then mummycat has just been her normal grumpy. But I don't care, cuz I got the best spot to sleep up by the human's head last night, so nya to you, mummycat!

And that's all about my adventure. My human says that I shouldn't get sick now for a very long time, or at least, I'd better not get sick. Then she laughed. Crazy human!



Thursday, 7 June 2012

Boycats and Mancats and Sisters, Oh My!

Friends, I haven't writed in ages and ages and ages and forever! That stupid human says that I'm not allowed on the puter desk cuz last time I was up there I runned all over the keyboard thingy and sent lotsa messages to all her friends on something called messenger. And none of her stinky friends liked me all that much, cuz they all complained! So now i don't get to go up there any more, so I can only talk to you all when she's here and will do it for me. My human says that this is my last night as a babycat, but I don't know what she's talking about, cuz I'm not a babycat anyway. I'm a girlcat, and everybody somebody knows that you get to be a girlcat till your first birthday and then you might get to call yourself a ladycat. But I don't never wanna be a ladycat cuz they're all fat and grumpy and booooooooring like my mummycat! Set the nice ones, of course. She says that you don't get to be a babycat or a girlcat any more after you've been to stay at the house of a boycat. But boycats are big and stinky and, well, interesting! I'm sick again, all my friends. This is the fifth time it's happened now, and my human says that the only way to get over the illness is to go and spend some time with a very nice mancat. She says he'll help me get better, but everybody somebody knows that mancats are stinkier than boycats! I like mancats while I'm sick though, so perhaps it won't be too bad. My mummycat whispered in my ear that I was off to have a good time, cuz I'd be going to spend time with the mancat that she went to see. She says he's lovely and he'll be nice to me and I'll enjoy it... Then she laughed behind her paw. But I don't know, all my friends. I've never been to a mancat's house before. Will he have comfy beds to lie in? My mummycat says yes, but that I'll have to share with him. Then she laughed again. But I'm not stupid, and I know that if you share a bed with another cat somebody, the cat somebody will bop you on the head and give you smackypaw and bunnykick you till you get out. My mummycat taught me that one, so I dunno why she's telling porkies about me having to share with him!

My human keeps cuddling me and telling me not to worry, and she keeps saying that next year we'll have our own mancat house and I won't have to go away to stay in a mancat house and she'll like it better cuz she can still see me every day and I'll like it better cuz i won't have to go away. All my friends, I don't wanna go away all that much cuz I'll miss my human, and even my mummycat! But mummycat says that once the nice mancat has been nice to me, then I can come home again straight away. So I've decided that I'm gonna be extra nice to him! My human says I can take a blanket with me so that we can snuggle in something that smells like home, and i can even have a toy if I want one. My human's good!

And she says that when I get back, it will only be a few more days till my new little sister gets here! She's coming to live with us on the 15th, and I'm so essited! I've picked out toys for her already and I've been practicing my chasey chasey game so's we can play together real good! My human says I gotta be real, real nice to her cuz she's only a teeny weeny babycat and she's gonna miss her mummycat when she gets here. I say she can have my mummycat if she wants her, cuz then I won't get bunnykicked or smackypawed any more. It's not my fault if I still wanna be real good friends with her. She's my mummycat after all!

My human says you can have pictures of our new sister from when she was 11 weeks old. Hope you like her as much as I do!

Big smoochies to you all, even the stinky boycats and mancats! I'm sick, remember?