Monday, 22 August 2011

Eight Weeks Old; no Privacy

Friends, my babies are eight weeks old today, and they're hardly babies any more!Porker is so big that he weighs a third of my body weight already! Well actually, probly more like a quarter on accounta the extra padding my yummy tummy now has.

Hey, guess what? My jacket came off last night! I got a photo of it taken this week by Dogman. He's so horrible to take a picture of me in such a compromising outfit, but there's no reasoning with him. It looks simply ridiculous! I feel better now that the jacket's off, but I'm right back to wanting to suckle my babies. The human says she wishes I wouldn't call them to me cuz she doesn't want them to suck too much and make the nimples start producing milk again. I must say, I'm not fighting her too much on this as they have teeth now, and they aren't afraid to use them! I do call them frequently though, just to see her jump up and have to distract us all until we lose the urge to suckle and be suckled. It keeps her on her toes!

My last bastion has been breached too, and I'm not happy about it. They've worked out how to get on top of the scratchy post, and I can do nothing about it! I can't push them off cuz it's an awful long way to fall for a kitten. I can't smack them in case that makes them fall. No matter where I go now, they can get me. They've even made it to the back of the sofa and onto the human's shelves where even I'm not allowed to go! To be fair, she isn't pleased, and keeps moving my babies off them when she catches them on there, so at least she's not showing favouritism with discipline. She keeps shrieking about how the shelves are wobbly and she has really nice ornaments on there, yada, yada. If she wants to keep them, I think she'd better move them to a safer location, like the moon!

They've been stealing my toys again too, and yesterday they even started growling while they were playing with one of them, or at least, Porker and the Baby did. Hamster wasn't interested. I was so proud though. Both of them tried to drag the kill away. Both bunny kicked it till it was good and dead, then chased it every time when it came back to life again. And both growled so fiercely that if I was a toy, I think I'd run and hide and never come back!

I have another problem though. I once overheard someone telling the human that the moment you have kids is the moment when you lose all of your privacy. Sharing a bed with me is one thing, and even stealing my scratchy post, well, I can't say I didn't see it coming, but when they share the same toilet as you, well, that's taking it a step too far. It began when I started using the open tray by the TV. They didn't want to use that one until I started, and then they all piled in and left smelly little piles everywhere. I don't mind so much sharing with an adult, cuz at least with them it's only a few clumbs a day, but when you share with babies, they leave tiny, but very numerous ones, so that you can't help but stand on them as you move around in the tray. It's disgusting!

I stuck it out for only a day or two, then changed my toilet spot so that I was going in the tray by the computer. Only problem was that they followed me there. So I used the last resort; the covered one by the kitchen door. I'd rather have open than covered, so this was a big sacrifice for me. It's also quite a deep tray, so I was fairly confident that they wouldn't be able to climb in and out. I was wrong. My stupid human folded a towel and put it just in front of the entrance to make a kitten step. Suddenly, it became a huge adventure to see how many poopies and peepees you could do in the big cat covered litter tray. Friends, I despair! Can't a ladycat have any privacy at all? I was good to them. I ate their poo for four weeks! Doesn't mean I should have to stand in it as well! The human says that soon she's gonna give them access to the hall, and that she'll make sure there's lots more litter trays out there for me to use so that I might just get one of my own. Role on that day!

The human's still feeding us all super good stinky goodness, and she's got this dry food called Babycat which tastes just divind. She says I'm eating like a horse though and that I should stop eating so much soon. My response to that? Slurp, slurp. If it's in a bowl and in the feeding area, I'mma eat it!

My human says that this time next week we all have to go back to the vet lady people again, and she says I'm not gonna like it. We all have to have our vaccinations done. For the kittens, it'll be their first, so no doubt they'll feel quite ill for a day or two. For me it's just a needle. My human says I'm such a good girl when they give me injections. I don't cry, I don't struggle, I don't even flinch! I just sit there and let them get on with it. I do put myself back in the PTU pretty quick though. I know, I know, nuts isn't it, that I'd voluntarily go into a PTU, but it's better than being stuck with needles when you're outside.

I can't think of anything else to tell, sept that my human got some photos of the times on Fridays when she abandons us all and comes back smelling of something strange that she says is a horse. I don't know what a horse is, but it smells like grass and poop and sweat. Maybe Horse is her man friend same way the kittens' daddycat was mine? or maybe it's a place. Anyway, she says she goes riding once a week, but even that doesn't make sense. She says if you'd all like to see photos of this horse thing, then she can put some up.

We've asked Mom Paula to put some pictures in for us today, so if they aren't here when you first read this, keep checking back, as they're coming soon! To finish off, I'll give you their weights as usual.

Note from Mom Paula - So sorry it's taken me so long to get some pictures up of the kittens.  With the loss of Beignet last week, I just couldn't do it.  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures that have been posted today.

The Baby: 807 grams.
Hamster: 893 grams.
Porker: 977 grams.


Repositório said...

Have a great Thusday, friends!

Mathias said...

Have a purrfect day! :)

Random Felines said...

Can't wait to see pictures..... Having had kittens were, we can related - they are EVERYWHERE!!!

Sweet Purrfections and Angel Praline said...

Tia, I'm so sorry I didn't get to post your pictures. When I got home last night (Tuesday), I found out the Beignet did not make it through the surgery. He's at the Bridge with Sweet Praline now. I'm extremely upset and in shock.

Mom Paula

Mathias said...

Pictures!! :) Have a nice day ! :)

MoMo said...

They are sooooo cute. Sharing litter is a problem, but hopefully one day they would all want their own.