Friday, 2 September 2011

It's all about me! Sorta

Friends, my human is an idiot, and I think I'm going to have to learn to type myself. Why? Cuz she never does it for me! This time she's come clean and admitted that it's lack of motivation. Well, I ask you! She doesn't need motivation! I'll tell her the words. All she's gotta do is tippy-tap them into Computer, then tell him to put them on my blog! How hard can it be! She says she's in a bit of a blue funk though. Funny, cuz the last time I saw someone in a similar situation they called it the Black Dog. Perhaps she's saying blue funk cuz she knows how stupid stupid dogfaces are? Who knows. Either way though, she says it'll pass. She just doesn't know how soon, and we both hope that you'll stick with us until it does.

Hey, did you see the updated kitten pictures? What do you think! They've done so much since the last time I wrote here, but rather than me waste my limited time telling you about it, why not head over to The Moonspun Blog
and read about them for yourself? Admittedly, it's the human that's writing it and not me, so it'll be inferior, but hey, you can't win'em all, can you?

For a change, I'm gonna talk about me! Well, me and the human, just like the good old days before these babies came along. First let's get the human out of the way.

Longterm readers of my blog will know that the human got offered a physiotherapy job way, way back last September. You'll also know that she ran into difficulties with it cuz of logistics, paperwork, getting everything sorted etc. But guess what? They got it all sorted this week! She's been offered a start date of the 26th of this month, but it'll mean very swift organising to mmake sure all her support is in place before she starts the work hunt thing again. I don't know whether to be pleased or upset about this. On the one paw, it will help get rid of this blue funk, cuz she'll be out and doing stuff and helping peoples and meeting new peoples. It'll also bring home an awful lot more moneys than she's getting at the moment, which means more stinky goodness and treats for me, and more new toys and more everything! On the other paw though, it'll mean she's gone from me for most of the day again, and I don't like that bit. She'll leave very, very early in the morning, and not be home till 6 at night. That's almost 12 hours in total I'd have to do without her! I'll have my baby girl though, and another kitten who will be coming from a different breeder, if there's one of show quality that is, so I'll not be on my own like I was last time she went work hunting. I reckon I'll be happy enough, but nothing beats having the human here all day every day to feed you on demand when you tell her it's time.

Next, me! Well, I'm less of a milk bar than I was. Even when the babies come to find my nimples, I'm refusing to give them milk. Sure, I'll let them suckle. They're still babies after all, but there's hardly any milk coming from me now. They still don't get the message though! Right now, Hamster is attached to me. I've told him I need to concentrate on what I'm telling you, but he doesn't listen, and goes right on whining for a nimple if I get up and move. I've just decided to give up, lie down, let him get on with it and dictate my instructions from across the room to the human.

They're all still using my litter trays which I'm not pleased about, but I've decided to put up with it. After all, there's no getting away from it. Wherever I move to, they follow! Hopefully peace will be restored whenever the boys find their forever homes, but then perhaps not. Only time will tell.

My human says I'm getting fat and she doesn't know what to do about it. I could tell her that it's all the kitten food that's making me pile on the weight. I could tell her to take that up and not let me have stinky goodness, but I won't. Anyway, the kittens need it down low cuz we Persians don't jump, so she has no choice. She says I'd better stop putting it on though, cuz she doesn't want me any fatter than I am already! Really, I think that the more yummy tummy you have, the better, but she says it'll get me marked down at shows, and it'll also make birthing more kittens even harder. Right now I don't care though.

I went to the vets on Tuesday, and it was our very nice vet lady people who was there who always talks nice to me and cuddles me before she does her horrible stuff. This time, the horrible stuff was a needle in the back leg. Why the leg? Well, as the CB has been so painfully reminded recently, vaccinations, however safe the manufacturer tries to make them, do carry a risk even if it is only a small one. The reasoning behind the leg vaccination is that this can be removed should the worst ever happen. To be honest, I'd rather not have the vaccinations, but that carries risks of its own, so the human says we must grin and bear it, cross fingers and paws, and hope we never find ourselves in that situation. Our vet lady people was shocked at what had happened and sends her sympathies also to Mom Paula.

The human says that I have a bath coming up some time in the next few weeks. She wants to get us done before her work hunt starts so that she doesnt' feel stressed or rushed when she's doing it. Yuck, I say. I've enjoyed my bath free few months! The human says I stink though. I don't really, and in her more lucid moments, she'll admit this. I just smell a bit more catty than I normally do. I keep my floof so clean that I often smell like the stuff she washes her clothes and our blankets in, but now I smell of milk and kittens and cat. She's paranoid that her house smells like cat too. She's strange, isn't she? I mean, after all the work I do to scent up the place for her, she's complaining! I make sure to rub on all the furniture, spread my furs around, only poo in the trays in the living room so that her and visitors can have the full benefit, and she's not grateful! What's a girl to do!

Evidently, a girl is to stop her mewsings. My human says she's just noticed the time, and she has to go spend an hour or so with big smelly Horse. I still don't know what it is, but she says she's going Horse riding. Perhaps horse is something at a fairground then? Or a car? But it doesn't smell like either. Does anyone know?


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

It sounds as though you are doing marvellously well, Tia, and we hope your Mum will enjoy her new job, even if it takes her away from you for hours a at a time. We're glad to hear that you won't be alone, though!

The Chans

Random Felines said...

What an was wondering if you guys were OK. She checked out the pictures and the kids are getting big and are super adorable.

Good news about the job - sometimes you have to take the good and the bad....and having work is good even if it means time away from home. :)

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, just imagine all the trouble you and the others can get into while your Human is gone! Oh, the possibilities are endless. Plus the green papers are nice for all sorts of Catly things.

What's this about getting another kitten? We want to hear MORE!!

Mommy says CONCATS to your human for her new job! We will be thinking of her and crossing fingers and paws on the 26th.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Mommy just didn't know your had posted Tia...and she missed some wonderful pictures and blogs till just now when she got al caight up on them. Your babies are so beautiful and precious..and so are you.

Tell us more about a new kitten? For you, Tia? And concatulatins on your mom's new job. xxooxx

Repositório said...

Hehehehe! We love your post Tia!
Have a great Sunday!