Friday, 9 September 2011

Mo cats, mo blogging cats and mo treats for you!

Friends, it's going to be a short post today. My human went to the human vet people called Dentist today, and when she came back, she could hardly talk or anything! She says that Dentist did a lot of stuffs to her teeths which hurt her, so to stop it hurting, they put a big fat needle in her mouth about 6 gazillion times so she wouldn't feel it any more. That made her mouth go real numb and it meant that she couldn't talk propperly. She couldn't make the P sound for ages! I politely raised a paw... So that I could laugh behind it at the stupid human! She says now that the numbing stuff has worn off, she wishes it was back even though she doesn't like the feeling when it is there. She says it feels like she's been kicked in the face a few times, then once more for good measure. She wants to go to bed, so I promised to keep this short mainly because I can't be bothered listening to her whining about her teeths. They got fixed, didn't they? So I don't see what all the fuss is about!

I couldn't let this day go by without posting though. Why? Cuz it's Mo Cats day, and that makes perfect sense to us! After all, even when you think you have enough cats, there's always room for mo, right?

Right! If you noticed our sneaky references cunningly slipped in last week, you'll know that we really do believe that's right all the way down. Soon we'll have more cats here. Little tiny ones! Yep, you've read that right. Casa de Tia will soon have another furry new arrival.

Now, put away those claws, mancats. Stop fighting with each other, Ok? I wasn't available for any dirty weekends to make this new arrival so you didn't miss out! However, if you'll form an orderly queue and register your interest... Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, little furries. Nope. This one is coming from a different mummycat. She will come from another breeder to join us and make babycats of her own. We know she'll be a she cuz mancats can't make babies, sept when they're working the peoples for more foods, of course, and then we know they need the extra to support the pregnancy! Right, lounge cats?

This little girlkitten will come from a lady people who has mummycats who make kittens. She lives in a lovely place by the sea, and she actually used the same mancat as my babies were made by in a lot of her breeding! So who knows, the new addition might be a half sister to my little girl! Wouldn't that be something? At the moment, she's only just over 4 weeks old, so we'll have to wait a while to see if she's coming to stay with us. You know how the stupid human is about show quality kittens, and the ladypeople is just the same, so we need to wait to see how she develops. Watch this space!

We will also have more cats on this blog very, very soon... Intrigued? Well, you'll just have to come back and see who it is. I promise you, it'll be worth the wait! The mystery blogger is very cute! There will also be something else going on this week that's worth watching for. If you love cats, then you could be in for a very, very big treat! I'm a tease, aren't I?... Oh wait, I'm going off topic again aren't I?


Katnip Lounge said...

ACK!!! Tia, you can't leave us hanging like this, we wanna know all about the Mo cats! Or kittens, we don't care...

Maybe now would be a good time to cuddle with your Human, make sure to lay on her face, she'll appreciate that we're sure!

GreatGranny said...

I luv furry babies. Maybe we'll get to see photos when they're born.
Tia, take care of Mommy and make her feel betters.
xoxo Kassey

Old Kitty said...

Happy Mo Cats Day!! Take care

Sweet Purrfections said...

More kitties for Mo Cats Day! That's exciting.