Monday, 5 September 2011

This and that and labour of love

Friends, I don't really know what to write about today. It's gonna be a bit of this and that I think, cuz my thoughts are directionless. oh, spet for the fact that my human gave us all chicken last night, and real, propper little fishies today!

She made a roast chicken last night. When she does this, she always gives me some meat, but in true cat fashion I turn my nose up at it to show her that just because she's gone to effort to keep me some doesn't mean I have to like it. The kittens haven't mastered this yet though, so they really tore into the meat as soon as it was down. The one thing I've noticed about this lot is that they don't fight over foods. Perhaps it's cuz my human never lets our bowls go empty, but other peoples and cats have said that kittens will fight and growl at one another whenever choice meat is put down. My babies just all eat together. Sure, they push and jossle a bit, but the bowl is small and their heads are big, so I'll allow that. I'm convinced that their lack of fighting is thanks to mine and the human's conscientious raising of them!

We like to Wrassle!

And Pounce on each other.

I have another problem though. The older they get, the more they grow to love my human. Yes, my human, not theirs. My little girl is the best at this. That human goes all mushy whenever the Baby squeaks to be picked up, and I can't stand it. Why? Cuz her lap is for me and me alone! The Baby will always climb on there when I'm having a good cuddle too, and that's just plain rude! Of course, I'm the soul of politeness, so I leave her lap every time this happens. I don't come back either, no matter how much she coaxes me! And if she pushes the Baby off and picks me up instead, I struggle till she lets me go. I just don't like to share! She always says I'm sulking when I do this. Me? Sulk? Never! I take offence to that! My human says I should take a gate instead of a fence, but this doesn't make any sense so I ignore her. it seems to amuse her though.

Cuddling with Tia's Human

Her blue funk is still here, and I still haven't worked out why it's called that. She ain't blue, and there's no funk going on! Still, she got all smiley after she'd been to spend time with Horse on Friday, and actually, there might be a photo of that! I've found out that Horse is a really big animal called Paddy. He's so big that she actually can sit on his back! Can you believe that? It's a bit off-putting to think of something that big, cause I reckon if it stepped on you it'd hurt a lot, so I think she's quite brave to go and make it angry by sitting on its back. After all, would you like that if someone did it to you? She says that it's not an it, it's a he called Paddy, but I'll go with it for now. She also says that it lives with a stable cat and it never stands on him. That cat's one brave mancat! I'd not go living in a stable with something that big! Does anyone know what a stable is?

Some of you asked about the new kitten that will be coming to live with us soon... Well, I ain't telling nothing yet! It's a secret! If everything turns out though, we'll have another girlkitten to come stay with us in about 7 weeks. The human's already real excited even though we don't know if it's gonna happen yet. My Baby is also super excited as she says it'll be someone for her to play with that isn't boring and old and/or human. I cuffed her soundly for this, but as usual, it made no difference.

Oh, and I've got my old, favourite stinky goodness back! The human says she hates feeding it as the meat content is so low and it makes my poops super smelly, but the Baby wasn't eating a lot, so she thought she'd put some down in desperation, and me and her loved it so much that she's put it down every day since. The Baby's gaining weight like crazy! I, ahem, might be as well, but we won't talk about that, will we? But I haven't told you about the fishies yet. They are called Pilchards and they come in a tin and they're in tomato sauce and they are super duper yummy! The human mushes them all up and makes human gonna be sick noises all the time she's doing it cuz they still have some bits inside them, and then she lets me have them. There's a problem though. The Baby really, really, really likes 'em too, and she has a bigger apetite than me! I'm not used to having to fight for my food. You see, before I came here, I ate only dry, and there's no point in fighting for that. When I came here and got taught about stinky goodness, there was only me, so even if I walked away and left it, it'd still be there when I came for some more. now though, if I leave it, it's gone by the time I get back! That's what happened with the fishies today, and judging by the licking of her chops and the neormously bloated tummy, I'd say that the Baby had the vast majority of it. I did ask her if it was her, but she just squeaked sweetly and told me that she'd never do such a thing as steal my favourite foods! The human caught her licking the bowl clean later on. She's heartless though. She wouldn't give us any more!

So now everybody's sleeping sept Hamster who's running around like a crazy thing. I've given up and gone to sit on my scratchy post, but as usual, the peace never lasts for long! They jump onto the litter boxes now, then climb to the top of my post. What's a girl to do!

Porker On the Scratchy post!

Well, I spose that's it for another day. I need my beauty sleep, and anyway, there's some more stinky goodness in the dish! A couple of last things before I go though. First, We'd like to join in on the Labour of Love, the human and I, for ML and KC who work so tirelessly to keep the CB going so seamlessly. you do an amazing job, you two, and it's cuz of you and the CB that I keep making my human write for me! Thank you for providing an environment where I can get human tips and training advice, and where I can air my frustrations about owning such a dim-whitted pet! Thank you for preserving my sanity!

The other thing is that Truffle is Home!
You should head on over there to read all about her home coming.

And the last other thing is that you should go visit Lucy the Dtupid Dogface in training to be a guide dog
She's just about smart enough to make her human, my HG (human grandma for new readers) write for her. She knows lots of folks read, but most don't comment so it would be nice to show her how much she's appreciated! But, HG, I have a bone to pic with you (Oi, stupid dogface Lucy, not you!). HG, you sent my human lots of yummy goodies in the post this morning. She says it was very expensive chocolate and she loves it and thank you and all that boring human talk noise jazz that you're sposed to say when you get something nice (is anyone else bored yet?). But HG, I snoopervised her opening the box, and I even explored inside it and there was nothing for me! Not one single treat, not even a tantalising whiff of tuna! HG, has owning a stupid dogface made you forget me? Are your priorities slipping? This needs immediate rectification! I eagerly await the delivery of a box packed full of Dreamies for me. You gotta earn the title of HG, you know!

Anyway, that's really enough this time. If there aren't pictures when you first look here, then keep checking! The Katnip Crew and their mommy people will add them for me soon!


Admiral Hestorb said...

I loved this great update full of news about you and your babies and the Dogface, HG, and the new kitten possibility. I have been hoping for news fron you. I'll keep looking for pictures. They are such a pleasure to see. Of course, YOUR beauty is uppermost, Tia. xxxooo

ZOOLATRY said...

Carly ~ your new little fur-family is totally adorable, wonderful pictures. And you've written beautifully about all of them. Hugs to you, purrs to Tia ... and teeny-weeny nose taps to all the furry babies!
Maggy and Zoey, and Ann

Hannah and Lucy said...

We love the picture of your babies all in your mum's arms Tia - a lovely group snuggle. Purrs to you Tia for raising such lovely babies.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Mathias said...

Wow :O Cute kittens! What lovely pictures!

Everycat said...

What lovely pictures. Tia we are sure that you can keep those babies in order and your Mum too. You have spirit.

Gerry & Oliver

Sweet Purrfections said...

Hi Tia and babies! I wanted to drop over and say hello.


amanda said...

my mummy thinks the little kitties are so cute! Nice to meet you. Rio from barcelona