Monday, 28 November 2011

Yummy Foods and Competition Time!

Friends, it feels like ages since I spoke to you last, thanks to Millie sneaking on here last time to write to you! I know she told you I was too busy sleeping to come say hi to you, but honestly, did you believe that? I'd never pass up a chance to speak to my friends! I was taking a well earned nap after using up every scrap of my energy to wriggle out from the mound of blanket that the human had buried me in (she says she did it because she knows I like to snuggle in it, but really, I know she did it to make me work harder for my food!), jump all the way down from the sofa, then walk the ludicrous distance to the other end of it to reach the food bowl. Then I had to do it all over again to find my way back! Friends, it was horrific, and by the time I'd wiggled back down to find my warm spot in the blanket, I was too exhausted to write anything. you understand, don't you?

Anyway, enough about my dilemma. I just wanted to reassure you all that I still love you and that I wouldn't not write to you. Don't believe anything that little snip of a kitten tells you!

I have something exciting to tell you about today, and it involves food! Food's always exciting, isn't it? I mean, there's nothing better in the world! Except maybe tummy tickles or a sun puddle or Da Bird, but you get the idea.

A couple of months a go, there was a knock on our front door, and then a very nice man dropped off a huge bag of foods for me! Millie thought it was for her, but we know better, right? Anyway, the human brought it into the house... And then put it up high where I couldn't reach it! It was around the time that Millie and Paws had dodgy tummies, and she spouted some rubbish along the lines of "well, if they have it it might upset their tummies, and if I put it in your bowl they'll eat it, so you'll just have to wait." I really want to whap my human sometimes, you know.

Eventually though, the babies' tummies settled, and at last, it was time to crack open that bag of food! It's called NutriCat, and it turns out that the super duper peoples at NutriCat
sent us a big bag of it to review for them. You know me, friends. I know my duty, and when it comes to reviewing, I take that duty very, very seriously indeed.

NutriCat is nutritionally very similar to the yummy Royal Canin that the human feeds us already, which is good cuz she's very particular about what we eat. Ok, RC isn't the best dry food on the market, but every time she tries to change me over, I build up loads of sick, then go and leave it in presents for her all over the bedroom carpet. I do this cuz she's told me that that's the only one in the house that isn't stain proof, so I know if I puke there it'll have the biggest impact. So she gave up trying to change me over and just left me on the RC and supplemented it with lots of very good quality wet stinky goodness.

But I'm getting side tracked. Anyway, it's pretty much the same nutritionally. It comes in smaller bags than the RC, but that's Ok cuz it's so easy to get hold of. Tesco sells it, so you can have it delivered right to your door!

As we heard the bag rattle, we all gathered close, and when she opened it, oh my, oh my, oh my! The smell! It was heavenly! She took some out of the bag and got on the floor with us to let us take some whiffies nice and close up. Now, do you remember a few months ago I spoke about training my human to give me treats? I'd put my paws up on her leg and she'd give me a treat. she thought she was training me to put my paws on her for treats, but we all know better. Anyway, as soon as I got a whiff of the yummy stuff up came my paws and they planted themselves firmly on her leg and didn't move! She, well trained human that she is, presented the foods to me and I ate. Oh my cod did they taste good! I ate some more, then opened my mouth real wide and tried to eat everything that she had in her hand! I dropped most of it, but it didn't matter cuz I just picked it up again. I crammed myself full, cuz I could see that the babies were closing in and I didn't want to share.

Paws had never eaten from the human's hand before. He says he wasn't stupid enough to do that cuz he knew that food always came from a bowl, not the human, but the more he watched me, the more his nose twitched and the closer he got until, in the end, he pushed me out of the way and snarfled a big mouthful for himself! At this point, I was fighting to get my spot back, and Millie was attempting to climb into the foods bag to get at the biggest stash of all! She's resourceful, that girl of mine. The human had to actually remove the bag from our reach before she could carry on feeding us.

She put NutriCat
down in our bowls a few times, but she gave up on that very quickly. You see, normally, we pick at our dry foods, but when NutriCat was in the bowls, we cleaned them usually inside an hour or so! At the time I was starting to get a bit, ah, soft around the middle, and she didn't want the kittens gorging either so soon after having bad tummies. Instead, she filled up our treat ball every day which meant we had to work for our foods. Have I mentioned I'd love to thwap my human at times?

You know how much I love Dreamies, but friends, this food tastes just as good, so good that it's actually worth working for! And if you tell the human I said that, I'll deny it every time. Sadly, we've finished our bag now, but I've instructed her to buy more for us.

NutriCat is reasonably priced, but I did find the bits a little difficult to pick up cuz I'm a Persian and I need special foods to be able to pick them up easily. But this didn't stop me eating as much as I could cram in my mouth!

So, pros: Reasonably priced, very easily available, smells yummy, tastes incredible! Good nutritional profile for a dry food

Cons: Bag doesn't reseal very well, kibbles are hard for Persians to pick up, meat content could be higher (but it's pretty standard for dry foods, so we're not saying it's really bad!). We can't think of anything else bad to say about the food except that you might get fat on it cuz it tastes so good that you'll want to eat it all! But then if you put on a little extra wait, it's all the more yummy tummy for your peoples to snuggle, right? So this is another good point!

The human has written her boring words to review NutriCat over on The Moonspun Blog
and there's a competition there too, but oh, I haven't told you about our competition yet!

The super duper peoples at NutriCat
have generously offered one person the chance to win a whole month's supply of foods all for themselves! They say you may have to share with the other cats you live with, but I don't agree. If you win, tell nobody, then when the bag comes, go hide it away and keep the fact that you are in possession of the yummiest food ever very, very quiet!

So how can you win? All you have to do is visit the NutriCat website
and have a look at the different types of foods on offer. Then you just come back here and tell us what flavour of foods you'd like by commenting on this post. And it's as simple as that!

The competition will run until 12 midnight next Monday 5th of December. Each comment will be asigned a random number, and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator. Then the lovely peoples at NutriCat will send the foods out to you and you can start enjoying!

Remember, for those of you who are fixed on what you eat, NutriCat really is scrummy, and you could enter and use it as a treat food even if you don't have it as your main food every day. Yep, it's that good that you'll eat it as a treat too!

Right, enough from me, there's some more foods around here somewhere, and I gotta get it before Millie does. Good luck to you all and thank you very much, NutriCat, for my yummy scrummy foods!

Just to add that the competition is only available to those living in the UK. Sorry!


Random Felines said...

Good luck finding the leftovers.

Mom always love the websites that have the quizes about what food is right for your cat....should we take an average here?? We range from 17 yrs old to 1 yr old and a couple of us have sensitive stomachs. MOL So, we would have to stick with the indoor variety like we eat now (of Purina One).

Sweet Purrfections said...

Is this only for kitties in the UK? If not, we'd need the kitten variety.

Truffle and Brulee

Katnip Lounge said...

RATS! We'd love to try this food...being that we're such piggies!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Please, please, please will you enter us into your competition we would love a chance to win this yummy sounding food.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
and luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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