Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Long overdue update!

Hi there, friends. Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen any of you! As usual, it's the human's fault, although I have to confess that I'm not giving her a hard time about this absence as over the last few weeks we and she have been through a lot. Don't tell her, but i actually feel quite sorry for her. I'm sorry we've been away for so long, and I'm sorry if any of you have been worried. I swear that I'm going to learn to type one of these days! As usual, there's an update from her point of view over on The Moonspun Blog
so rather than going into it here again, I'll let you go there to read about the day to day practical boring bits.

Millie: Mum, mum, mum, mummummummum!!! I gotta talk too! Muuuuuummy, will you share with me so's I can tell my friends all about the cool stuff I did? Please? Muuuuuum!

Tia: Cod, but kids are annoying! Just when you think you have a moment of peace and quiet for a good miaow and catch up, they come and hassle you to get in on the action! Ok, for the sake of my sanity, I'll share a post with her. Sorry, friends!

Millie: Hihihihihihi friends! It's me! Did you all miss me? Cuz I missed you lots and lots and lots! Oh I've done so many new things since I said "weeeeow! Weeooow!" to you last time. I'm learning new noises now!

Tia: She is indeed, and me and the human have even caught her practicing them to herself when she thinks nobody's listening. I praise her for her commitment to her elocution, but the human laughs behind her hand.

Millie: Muuuuuum, stop talking cuz it's my turn! Anyway, I can now say "Eo, eo, eo!" I make it short and sharp when I'm asking for something from the human somebody. I do it at food time, and she laughs and says I kinda sound a tiny bit like a dogkitten who wants some milk. I thought about giving her the smackypaw for that, but I still love her too much. I say "wow, wow, wow!" now too to make the bed thing sick the human somebody up in the mornings, and it always works! I have even learned to say "rrrrrrrrreow purpurpurpur rrrrrrrrrreow!" She calls this a chirp. This gets the human somebody's face all smiley and she always gives me yummy food or a tummy tickle or some lovins when I say that, so i prac, prac, try to learn it real hard.

Oh, I gotted real brave the other day too. The human had been eated by the bed thing again, but I gotted to thinking. Perhaps the bed thing wasn't nasty, cuz it always sicked her up again and there was never any of her missing. I decided to go and explore, so when I saw a space between her skin and the thing she calls a blanket, I took a deep breath, said a farewell weeeeow to mummycat and my stinky brother Paws, then dived under it. What I found was a very warm, cosy place with a lot of human smelling thing in it. The thing was warm too, so after I'd explored a bit, I cuddled up against it. Then, get this! The human's big paw hand came down and tickled me! Inside the bed thing's tummmy! Well, I was so shocked that I didn't wait for the bed thing to sick me up again. I runned really fast outta there and climbed on the human's head and then stopped and looked around. The blanket was shaking. There was a strange hahahahaha noise coming from the human. I wondered if she was sick, but she wasn't. I don't know what that was, but mummycat said I should have given her smackypaw for it. Why? I gotted brave a couple more times since then, and I actually went to sleep in the bed thing's tummy cuddled against the human this morning. Aren't I brave?

Tia: Yes you are, but you're also post hogging! Friends, our cat show went quite well. Paws came second in his class, and I came first in mine. Millie came...

Millie: Muuuuuum! That's my story! I went to this big place where there were lots and lots and lots of people somebodies and lots and lots and lots of other kittens and big mummycats and big daddycats and some big cats that weren't mummycats or daddycats. And I gotted to go into a thing called a pen all day, but I kinda liked it cuz the floor was all soft and snuggly with a blanket on it, and there was good food in the pen, and in the afternoon I even got a ping pong ball and a ribbon to play with! And the human brushed me and my stinky brother Paws until we were all fluffy and beautiful, well, more beautiful than I am all the time, and then she went away and left us. And I was a little bit ascared when she went away, and so was my stinky brother Paws, so we both putted our paws through the bars and he said "roooooow! roooooow!" and I said "weeeeeeeeeow!" until a people somebody came and took us both out for a cuddle. And then there were lots of different people somebodies who cuddled me and looked at my teeths and my eyes and my tummy and everywhere! And I talked to them all, and my stinky brother Paws even said purpurpur!

And then my human came back, and she brought lots and lots of somebodies with her. I've never seen so many! She was pleased when one of the somebodies hung a ribbon on my pen. She said it meant I'd won. I was just pleased cuz it was something else to play with. And all the somebodies stopped and made nice talk noise at me through the bars, and if they didn't stop, I said "weeeeow!" until they did, or grabbed them with my paws until they told me how pretty I was! And Paws was really naughty, cuz he kept putting the smackypaw on the bumbum of the people somebody next to us who had a kitten in the pen beside Paws. The human and the people somebody laughed, and the people somebody even snuggled my stinky brother Paws and told him he was a naughty boy, that she loved him and that she hoped he wasn't trying to tell her that her bumbum was fat! I was annoyed though. It's not fair, cuz when I bite Paws' bumbum, mummycat and the human get real mad, but he can smack people somebodies on the bumbum and nothing happens sept he gets snuggles! It's not fair! I won't beat him up for it though, cuz he's got a new home to go to now, and he goes on the 12th of November. And I don't know if I'll miss him when he leaves. He's stinky and I like to beat him up, but he's my brother and when he goes I'll have nobody to play with. Do any of you want to come play instead? Maybe Truffle and her new sister would like to come live with me instead? We could have great fun!

Tia: You might have a new playmate of your own soon, Millie. The human has continued to make kitten enquiries from breeders who will actually let her have a kitten despite the fact that she refuses to get involved in the politics in the cat world (long, long story there), and so something may come of that in the next few months. Besides, I'm feeling certain urges again... I've been thinking a lot about mancats yesterday and today. There's a handsome black tom who now regularly comes to our garden... I know he has no breeding behind him, but still, the way I'm feeling at the moment, I wouldn't much care. I've been really shouting for him all morning, but he hasn't heard me, and the human won't let me go out and find him. She's cuddling me lots though, and scratching at the base of my tail which takes my mind off things for a few minutes. She says she wants to hold off for as long as possible before I have more babies. She wants to give me time to recover from the C section, but ironically, she says she's never seen me in such a strong mood for company since perhaps a year and a half. Now that I know what I'm missing though, I want it all the more! Those pesky kids won't leave me alone to go hunting for love, mind you. I've had to really discipline Paws twice already today, with yowling and smacking at the same time. I don't care if he wants a snuggle. I don't! Thankfully, the human's stepped in and taken him away from me each time, reminding me that he's just had surgery and that I should leave him be for a few days. Maybe he'll learn not to bother me for snuggles then!

I know I'll miss him when he goes. I do love him a lot, and we cuddle together most days when I'm not hunting for a mate. The human hopes he'll go while I'm calling cuz she and I both think I'd notice it less if it happened then. We'll just have to wait and see though.

The decorations for our pens at the Supreme cat show are going well, and should be finished this week! We also have a very interesting competition coming up in the near future. It's food orientated, so if you like your yumyums, then watch this space!

Just to answer some of the comments, I did indeed have fun at the show, but I didn't do much screaming at peoples to come love on me. I left that glory for my babies, and boy did they do well! Tina, we don't have Petco in the UK sadly. Random Felines, Porker is doing very well in his new home now! He is now called Bianco, and they love him lots! Carmine and Milita, we don't have Greenies either! We're deprived in the UK! Truffle, how exciting for you! My human says she thinks she's convinced Bug to bring some over when he comes at Christmas... Or at least, she'll convince him when she asks him. Ahem, Bug, if you're reading this, I love you, and you owe me a Christmas present! Please make it Party Mix! Thank you all for caring enough to keep stopping by! Again, I won't go into details, but those comments spaced as they were over the last few weeks, have given my human smiles on days where she thought she'd have no reason to do so. Thank you!


Random Felines said...

Welcome back.....we hope things settle down soon!! Sounds like Miss Millie is a handful and a half...keep an eye on her Tia!!

Ginger Jasper said...

It's nice to see you and it does seem rather as though your mum has more than her hands full. Hugs GJ xx

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

Our #1 says that you can get Greenies in England 'cause she's bought some there! But to be honest, we prefer Dreamies (aka Temptations in the States).

The Chans

Sweet Purrfections said...

So good to hear from you again. Mom Paula says there is no way that Brulee and I can come and live with you. She said something about visiting virtually. I don't know what she means.


Katnip Lounge said...

HURRAH! You're back! Our Mommy emailed your Human and never heard back and she was starting to get worried...what's a "passport"?

CONCATS at all of you doing so well at the cat show, and Tia, try and resist Mister Tom-in-the-garden, just sayin'!

Prasetyo said...
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Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Hi Kitties! It's nice to meet you all. Thanks for coming by my blog today! You guys sound like lots of fun over there! Purrs & nosetaps for all.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a very caring breeder. I did not do my homework when I bought my purebred cats and got sick kitties. But give them back no way. I just know to do more homework next time I buy a purebred.

Thank you for the Purrs and Prayers for Bunny.