Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Girl's Favourite Thing

Friends, on this glorious Sunday, I'm afraid I have a confession to make, and sadly, it involves Dogman.

Dogman comes here most weekends. When I first started to get to know him, I really didn't like him all that much. He smelled of Dogface, and he liked Dogface. But the last few times he's been here, Dogface has stayed at his mummypeople's house. Once he has himself a shower and changes his clothes, I noticed that he stopped smelling so much like Dogface. This led me to investigate him a bit more closely.

Every time I got close to him, he'd call me in a special voice and then tickle me when I came a bit nearer. Over the last few weekends, I'll come close to him much more easily, and I'm actually starting to like him tickling me... A lot. This weekend it got so bad that the human half jokingly said that I seemed to like him better than her. Although I came up and cuddled her just to make sure that I kept her snuggle training up, I didn't do much to dispell this notion.

When the human's in bed and she calls me, I'll only jump up from the floor if she offers me a treat, but when Dogman calls me, I come pretty much every time, and walk right across the human to get to him for a cuddle. Same thing goes if he's sitting beside her on the sofa. Since coming to the new house, I only spend part of every night in bed with the human, but when Dogman's here, I get in at night and I don't move a muscle! The human says that she hopes I won't get too fond of him, cuz she kind of likes the notion that a furry might love her the bestest. She thought she had that in Dogface until she met Dogman, then it just went out the window. She fears I'm going the same way, but I'm not telling whether I am or not. Friends, do you think it would be a bad thing to decide to own another people, especially a Dogman? I've got this one pretty well trained now, so I could move on without too much of a guilty conscience, as my work here is almost done.

Thank you for all the lovely things that you said about my picture yesterday. I hope I can get pictures up more often now! I still rely on someone else to take them for me though, so sorry if they're few and far between.

Several of you asked about the human's long hair. It's really long, isn't it? She says she's going to get it trimmed soon cuz it's getting a bit ridiculous, but I say she should leave it. She used this to teach me what a toy was, cuz I wasn't afraid to play with her hair when she made it tickle my tummy. It smelled like her, you see, so I knew it wouldn't hurt me. I still play with it from time to time, but now I'm more interested in the ribbon she keeps in her pocket for me. When I do play with it though, I go mega crazypants! the human jokes and says that at least her hair is good for flossing my teeth! That's cuz when I bite it I hold on, so she has to drag it back out of my mouth again. She'll only let me play when it's time for her to wash her hair... Can't imagine why.

Later this week, I'm going to post those Caboodle pictures. I've been told they are very graphic, so please prepare yourselves for them. I will warn you before I post, but they're coming.

Anyway, friends, have a super Sunday!


Karen said...

Tia, I know the caboodle pictures you are talking about. Look at some of the newest pictures on the caboodle website and you will see at least one of the kittys that is in the pictures. And how much healthier the cat looks. Also I read alot online after reading your article. And there are alot of people and organizations that back them. There are a few people who do not like him. So please before you post these pictures look at both sides and read his side as well as the other peoples thoughts . So many of the negatives I see are buy " anonymous" and It could be the same person posting over and over.
Also read on his page about the legal stuff. I would not touch this at all if I were you. Because if the pictures are wrong you could be help liable.
Also read his blog and explanation. It seems more like a personal fight between people and someone is putting the cats in the middle. If the animals were in danger, I have no doubt a agency would swoop in and take them. Especially with all this complaining by " dana" and others. I am sure they have called authorities and the athorities love to get there name in the paper here. So if tehre were a porblem I

On a different note, on the hair. My kittys love to play with and try to eat mine. It is the bestest toy

Karen said...

Ugg I was spell checking. If there were a problem so dept would love to take down a horder.

Katnip Lounge said...

ha ha! It's a Cat's prerogative who we will and will not snuggle with! Tia, we salute you! You love on Dogman all you want.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Tia, you do what YOU see fit, sweet girl! Your word is law.

Anonymous said...

I think it's OK to share your affections with Dogman, Tia. But of course, you will secretly still prefer mom - it's just that mom is completely within your control now. Might as well take on a new subject.

And Tia, tell your mom we had a great cathouse party with the toys you sent. We'll be talking about it later this week.

I was THRILLED with the pic from Saturday. So nice to put a face (and hair) with a name.

Au and Target said...

Dogman clearly needs to be adopted so we'd go for it. Besides, a little competition between the humans to see who can snuggle you more is always a good thing!

Happy Cat Family said...

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