Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Introductions and change

Well, I suppose I'd better introduce myself, hadn't I? My name is Tia, and I am what the Human calls a seal tortie colourpoint Persian. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's her way of saying she likes me.
They do have such long names for things, don't they? She even draws out my propper name, saying it's Catarosa Dolly Mixture, but that sounds too long for me. It's Ok for them to call me that when I go to shows, but my propper friends just call me plain old Tia.
I live with my human, a dog who is pretty all right as dogs go, I suppose, and my mummy. I didn't always live with my mum at this human's place, but one day, she just showed up in one of those box things that the human takes me places in, and she's stayed ever since. I'm not sure I like it. I mean, I love my mummy. That's why I go and lie with her when she shouts for me, but she still thinks I'm a kitten! She still cleans me and makes noises at me, not a thing any self-respecting big girl cat will do unless it's to get fish or something else nice like a stroke out of our human pets, but mum still does it. to me. I thought when I came here I'd have the chance to branch out a bit, to be my own cat, so to speak, and I did for a while, but not any longer. I've been telling the human, oh, she calls herself Carly by the way, to please send her back to our old home, so I hope she listens. I'll miss her though.
Speaking of humans, a strange thing happened me last week. As I might have mentioned before, I'm a well bred cat. That means I'm allowed to be interested in boys, and i was. i told Carly this in the usual way, and wonder of wonders, she put me in the box thing and took me to see a very handsome boy! his name was Midas, but there was a problem. There was only one thing on his mind and he really wasn't taking no for an answer! if he'd let me make the first move, I might have encouraged him a little, you know, stuck my bum in the air, moved my tail over (it looks very pretty you know), but he didn't. Ashamed though I am to admit it, my manners quite deserted me when he kept going, and I even swore at him! At the humans too, who eventually got the message.
Yesterday, they took me to see another boy. This one is different. He smells strange, but I kind of like it. He has his own house too unlike Midas. Does this mean he's more important? I'm not sure yet, but I do like a man with status.
I haven't decided whether I'll allow this one to be my interest though. I'm thinking about it. I'm currently inside a little house in his big one. Thoughtful of him to provide me with my own quarters, and even some food! We're talking to each other, but I still haven't made up my mind. I'll let you know when I have though.
I hope the human misses me. Although I didn't think I would, I sort of miss her, even though she is a bit slow and thick-witted compared to us cats. I'm looking forward to coming home, but for now, I think I'll watch my latest suiter.

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