Friday, 30 July 2010

Return of the Queen

Yes, cats, I'm home at last! Carly (I'll call her that today because I like her a lot) came and got me last night. Why, I hear you ask. After all, I was in a place with a boy who even owned his own house! But you know, i just got tired of them. I decided, after much sniffing and getting to know this new boy, with the occasional smack of course, that I just needed a bit of a rest before I thought about flirting with any more men. It's an exhausting matter, you know, all this staying aloof and being the silent, mysterious type. As my mum often says, I'm only three, so you can't expect a lot.

The new people that was looking after me said that she'd phone my human to come get me yesterday, and I have to say, I was glad. When she got here, I showed her just how glad I was by making a lot of noise, then giving her my usual imperitive headbut, which, given that she's well trained by now, she knows to mean, "Give my ears a scratch, would you?"

But my man friend didn't let me leave without a parting gift. In a last, desperate attempt to make sure I didn't forget him and his undying love, the uncooth male lifted his tail and sprayed me! If I had been less well mannered, I'd have shouted him down for it. As I'm not though, I contented myself with silent disgust. I don't mind admitting though, now that he can't hear me, that it did smell kind of nice; mysterious and exciting in its own way, rather like me!

So, off we went for home. I got to go in the poutch carrier rather than the box. I think I like this one better than the box. Although the ground isn't too steady when I'm in it, I can see out a whole lot better, and Carly tickles my chin all the way when we walk anywhere. Sometimes this is a bit of an annoyance when I'm more interested in watching the things which move very fast along the roads and have those lights on them, but on the whole, I don't mind it all that much. She's all right, is my human. She cares for me, even if she isn't terribly smart in the way she shows me it.

When we got home, the first thing I heard was my mummy. She was crying like crazy, but I wasn't all that bothered, especially when the human explained that she needed to keep us separate so that I'd go on being interested in boys as I should, rather than mum putting me off by trying to keep me a kitten when I'm not! I have to say that the idea of going to see other boys kind of appeals to me, so I didn't protest too hard when she said I couldn't go and see her. I was more interested in my food anyway. I've been eating an awful lot since I got back.

I'm surprised how much I missed the human while I was gone. I missed her so much in fact that I didn't want to be parted from her. Any time she went somewhere, I would follow, and when she went in to see my mum and I couldn't get at her, I'll confess to crying quite loudly until she came out again. It's Ok for me to cry at her. She's a human, not a cat, so I'm still an adult when I do this, even though the miaowing noise is just used between kittens and their mummies in the cat world.

My human had another people over to stay, so she slept on the sofa bed in the big room with the soft places where she is in the day time and where I like to sleep. I slept with her last night, and because I missed her so much, I decided I'd like to sleep against her tummy instead of a little distance away behind her back as I usually do. On the whole, I found it quite nice, but I suspect I'll still alternate it from time to time. I don't want her to come to expect me to be there whenever she wills it, after all.

Today the human left me for a while as she always does. She goes out when the sun is coming up and comes back as it goes down. I'd suspect she was going off to sleep in a really good spot in the sun all day if she wasn't so tired always when she gets back. "Oh Tia," she said when she came in today and I, still deciding that I missed her enough for this to be all right, actually got off the comfy spot I was on and went to cuddle with her, "It's so nice to have a furry cuddle when I get in from work". I still don't know what work is, but I don't think I care, not when she rubs my belly the way she does.

She's been tickling my tummy all day when I ask for it. Being home isn't so bad after all, I think. Who knows, I might even sleep with her again tonight!

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