Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Worried Wednesday

Yes, I am worried indeed. I think I'm losing my friends! Impossible that others would stop loving me, I know, but since I've got back, only two have commented on what I've written, compared to the 18 or so when I left. Have I done something wrong? Was my pee-pee problem too much to handle? If so, I could always make a promise never to do it again... Until the next time, that is.

In any case, I've had a fairly good few days. The human is mostly around to cuddle except when she leaves to go to the work thing, and mummycat is eating again, although not that much really. The human's still worried about her, but if her miaowing is anything to go by, she's more than healthy! She's been making a right old noise. It even kept the human awake last night, but when she opened the door to try and coax her to come sleep with us, Mummycat, after taking one look at the big, open space of the house, ran and hid in her litterbox. The human got mad, saying that the breeder who had her should have socialised her better instead of keeping her in a cattery. Before she decided to send her back to our old house, she spoke to a lot of friends she has who have lots of cats. They told her that there are some cats who never adjust to home life if they've been in a cattery since the day they were born. They say it's rare, but after about three months of trying, my human thinks she might be one of those poor unfortunates. It's making her eyes run when she thinks of how Mummycat is happiest in those kind of conditions, and she really wishes she could do something about it, but she's out of options. Now, given that Mummycat's not eating, is obviously very unhappy, and is losing weight rapidly, she needs to do what's best for her, even if she doesn't like it. I keep telling her she'll be Ok. Mummycat's sister is there, and although I hate her with a passion, they get on great.

My human says I'm to tell you a bit more about Alaska and Canada today, but I'm getting tired of talking about it. I'll tell you some, but I'm going to keep it short.

In Canada, she had a brilliant day where she went tubing and flying, all in the same afternoon! Tubing is where you sit on a big inflatable ring in the water. It's tied behind a boat. The idea is that the boat pulls the ring and tries to flip you off into the water. Again, my point that peoples have no sense is illustrated. Why on earth would you sit on something in water in the first place? And what's more, why would you voluntarily allow yourself to be dunked in the horrible wet stuff? I showed hoover lady what I thought of water on Saturday when I scratched her good as she was bathing me, but my human doesn't even do that. She did ask not to be tipped though. She doesn't like that bit. Bug's cousin was driving the boat, so he was nice and didn't do it to her.

Bug's cousins have a friend who owns a little plane that can seat two people. The people is a flight instructor, so the aeroplane has two controls. Because of this, both Bug and my human got turns to fly in it. Bug did loops, but the human was too scared. I can understand this. Being up high is great. We both agree on this, even though she doesn't make the same efforts at home as I do to find high places. I'm the one who climbs on tables and cupboards, not her. But being high and upside down is another matter.

That's all about the holidays for today. I'm going to email a photo of myself to Zoolatry's people
in the hopes that she'll get her people to photoshop it for me. That way, I can at last have a photo on my blog, and you all get to see the yum yum that is me.

There's more good news too. The tuna comes today! The human's more excited about the chocolate in the shopping, but for once I don't mind that she hasn't a very good brain. If she leaves the fish alone, it means there's more for me.

Until tomorrow, you faithful two.


OKcats said...

Hi Tia! Thanks for visiting us! We're very sorry to hear that Mummycat is unhappy. The shelter where my mom adopted Zoe has 1 cat who has been adopted out 4 times - to people they know are good cat parents. But Cher just isn't happy in any home, so they always reluctantly bring her back. They have accepted that the shelter is Cher's home!

Tia, this is Zoe - thank you for your support! What I didn't mention in my post is that when I scratch the chair, my mom distracts me with my feather wand - I've got her trained real good! hehe

The Tower Hill Mob said...

Hi, there!
We'll try to visit a bit more often. We often visit but this is our first comment.
Take care!
Toby and Cupcake

Tia said...

Cupcake? Oh, what a yummy name! My human says she'd eat you with a name like that. See what I mean? They always say stuff they don't mean. Thank you for chatting to me though.

Zoe, you've got her trained good indeed! I don't bother to play with wands. Ribbons are more my thing, on and balls. Lots and lots of ping pong balls! Do you have any?

Zoe's people, my human says she can totally empathise with that story. Poor Mummycat has chosen her home. She loves the huma. You can see that as plain as anything. But it just isn't enough.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

HI Tia! Sorry we didn't comment sooner - see, mom got really far behind, so she was going alphabetically - your a C, but when your post popped up she was on to the K's - she wanted to make it to the end before starting in order again (this time by date) so you got bumped a little - she still is catching up but is better than before (she still has a bunch of blogs she needs to visit with older posts that she hasn't done - bad mom!)

WE are sorry that mummycat is not happy - we wish she could understand that your mom wants to give her a good home! We wish we had some ideas but this is one we aren't familiar with.

Anyway, we will be back - don't worry about that. But if it is a little while, just remember that our mom is terrible about keeping up with visits - she tries, but well, there are a lot of blogs we follow (like more than 200) so sometimes she gets behind! But we will be here - eventually!

brandi said...

We are really sorry for mummycat. We wish she would get to keep a home. It is sad what the other beans did, keeping her away from adjusting to bigger places with nice beans and, well, we hope there is still hope.
Hey, I came from a place called Last Hope! Here I am, 17 years later! Course, I like being a single cat....

Sweet Praline said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Mummycat. It's so important that kittens are socialized. Maybe she will slowly start feeling comfortable coming out.

Tia said...

Don't worry about your people getting behind. Mine does it all the time. If I didn't miaow at her constantly, she'd never get anything done that she's sposed to. Like scratching my yummy tummy, filling my food bowl, talking to me, picking me up... The list goes on and on.

Brandi, what a great name for a place that must have been great if it got you love from your beans. It's awful what they've done to mummycat. I'm younger, so I adjust easier. I was also allowed to sleep on the bed as a kitten, and when the other peoples got me, they let me in where they were sometimes so that I could give them love while they watched the thing called the TV. I don't know why they didn't do it to Mummycat. Maybe she just didn't want to come. I always did.

Praline, my human has a lot of tricks up her sleeves when it comes to us cats, and she's tried them all. But three months on, if she's still scared enough to hide in a dirty litter box every time the door opens, my human thinks she's lost the battle. It's hard for her to admit this because she loves Mummycat a lot. That's why she can't stand to see her so skinny. My human has pretty weak wrists. It takes her two hands to pick up anything but a kitten or a small cat. She needed two for Mummycat before she went away. Now she can pick her up with one... Easily.

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

We're sorry to hear that Mummycat isn't doing well. Our Momma has a couple of books on cat behavior that she thought might help - Cat Wrangling Made Easy by Dusty Rainbolt and Cat vs. Cat, Keeping Peace when you have more than one Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett.

Is Mummycat sick? When I was sick (Charlemagne), I wasn't very social because I was in a lot of pain. Maybe a visit to the v-e-t might be in order.

We don't get around much to visit these days, but do enjoy your posts.

Have a good rest of the week,
Charlemagne and Tamar

Tia said...

Mummycat isn't sick, no. She's been to our nice vet lady three times now, but she couldn't find anything wrong with her. No, she's just very shy, very scared and very unhappy. I'll try and get those books for my human, but it might be a bit difficult for her. Her eyes are broken, you see, so we need to find ones on the computer that she is able to read.

Ming said...

I didn't know mommy-cats were ever scared and upset. They always seem so confident...another life lesson as I get older, I guess. Not all older cats, mom or otherwise, are purr-fect.
Flying? My people didn't mention flying! Birds fly! Cats don't. People don't have wings, so why would they want to fly?

Tia said...

I don't know, Babycat. I think it's because they want to see things on theground, but my human and Bug can't see, so that kind of puts that theory out the window. Maybe they like the wind, or they just like high places like we do. They can't jump as good as us, so I guess they feel the need to fly instead.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Maybe your human could give your Mummycat some hidey holes a couple places around the house. A cardboard box with a hole cut in it, or PTU with the door removed might let her feel safer. Even a sheet on top of a small table let her feel better.

It sounds like Mummycat is scared of all the open space around her.

Tia said...

Clowder, the human has tried that too, but if Mummycat is given more space, the only place she'll hide is her dirty litter tray. Then when she does come out, it's a nightmare. She's a Persian too, so all the yucky stuff gets stuck in her fur and she brings it wherever she goes. If the human had help, it wouldn't be so bad, but because her eyes are broken, she can't always find all of the mess to clean up. In any case, it's not much fun to hide in a box with your pee-pee and number twos in it. I've never been scared enough to do that, and I've been pretty scared from time to time,I can tell you.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Sometimes, you just want to yell "What on earth are you doing, kittie. You've got a great home, get with the program." but you know that wouldn't help any. You Mummycat seems really unsure and scared of the world.

Your human might be right, the only real option might be to get Mummycat a new home. Maybe if she was an only kittie with a patient human, she would eventually come out of her shell. Does she come out of her litter box when she's alone, or does she stay there all the time?

How old is Mummycat, do you know?

Everycat said...

Tia, you could ask your human to ask George Online Cat for some ideas about how to help Mummycat. We think it's terrible that Mummycat's previous people didn't socialise her and kept he shut in a cattery. We wish all breeders would attend to their cat's psychological needs. It's cruel not to. George's secretary is very knowledgable about things to help cats in distress.

Flying! WOW! But "tubing" UGH sounds horrible, all that water and being buffeted about! Tia, keep an eye on your human, she is obviously slightly bonkers indulging in such madness.

We are doing a big catch up on your posts, it's Sunday 26th September today, we have not forgotten you!

Whicky Wuudler