Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Friends, all I can say about my day today is wow, wow, wow! Have I said wow yet? Woooooooow!

It all started this morning with a loud banging coming from the front door and my human leaping out of bed as though her butt was on fire. She ran to the door and opened it, and this is where I got bored. It was only the postman with another box for the human. he's boring. He doesn't give me scritches or anything, so I went to amuse myself with something else. The human brought the box into the bedroom and started opening it, and that's where I got very, very, very interested. This was no boring old human box. This was a box for me! Queen Tia! The only person worthy of a parcel! I could smell it, you see, that wonderful aroma that every cat knows so well... Catnip.

The human did manage to get the top open, but could do no more than that, cuz there was so much stuff in there that she needed room to spread it out. With me sticking so close that she was afraid she'd trip on me, we made our way to the living room. I got her to put the box on the floor, and then the fun unpacking started!

Friends, there was so, so much stuff in there, but the first thing was the loveliest. It was a letter from Amy and all of her cats who had sent me this as part of our 100th post toy exchange. The human was able to read it too cuz it was typed, so it meant that after it was scanned, the voice in the computer box could tell her what the words said.

After that there was some boring human stuff that she wouldn't let me play with. The human didn't find this boring at all though! There was tons and tons of sweets or candy (depending what side of the pond you live), more than both her hands could carry! There was also an adorable beany baby bear that I thought about carrying off until she rescued it from me. It's just the right size to be a kitten, you see. But the most beautiful thing of all for the human was a hand made bracelet from Amy herself. It's lots of rings held together with even smaller rings, and the handywork is so fine that the human actually thought the tiny rings were beads at first. I will try and have Dogman take a picture of this so that you can all see how gorgeous it is. It's very, very tactile for the human's fingers to explore though, and she loves it so much that it went on her wrist when she got it, and it hasn't come off yet! It's so comfy to wear too!

now onto the bit I find the most exciting... my toys. It started with exciting stuff and just got better! First out were three long mouseys that tsmelled of catnip. I actually attacked one of these straight away, something I don't normally do with toys. I'm a little timid of them until I know they aren't monsters that will gobble me up, but not so with the mouseys! They just demanded to be bunnykicked! Then there were long, thin, gloriously furry things that my human says are called pipe cleaners. I don't care what they're called, but I mention it only so that you others can make your peoples buy them for you. They are amazing! They're like the things that you swat, but only this time, you can pick them up and run off with them! You can even hide them from the human! Hah hah hah!

There was a dangley thing that fixes to the wall, or the people that read it for my human thinks it does. Then there were two big balls, and lots and lots and lots of little soft ones. There were so, sooooo many of these it was unbelievable! I had a right good time batting some of them around. Then there were even more mouseys, some of them with feathers for tails. how cool is that! A bird mousey!

But believe it or not, there was more to come. There was a catnip filled mat that my human said I had to wait for till I would give it my full attention, and there was my very own catnip banana! I wonder if this means my love affair with Mr Chicken is over? I can't decide, but I know I love that banana! It's yummy! There was even a massive great bag of catnip in there too!

And the treats! Oh my. There were bags and bags and bags of them. We think some were greenies, but aren't sure, and the others were called Party Mix. Hands down, these are my favouritest thing ever, and I'm going to be writing to all pet shops to make them stock them in the UK. My human actually had to hide the bag of these in the end cuz I just wouldn't leave them alone. I never knew such nice food existed. Cats of America, you have it gooooood!

As if that wasn't enough ,there's even more! I think I've covered everything except one thing, but Amy, if I've missed anything out, I'm so sorry. There was just soooo much stuff that it's actually hard to remember it all. The last thing is a new house for me. It's like my cube cuz it pops up, but it's better than my cube cuz it's a house with only one entry and exit. It's wider at the bottom and narrow at the top and it's made of nice, thick material so that it's hard for me to scratch through it. It has mesh all around the top so that I can see out and keep cool whilst being cosy inside. It's called a play hut, and it's my favourite thing in the universe that came from that parcel. once my human put my favourite towel in there, that was it. I wasn't coming out for no man or human. I've been in it all day. The human says she's gonna have to put it on the sofa beside her just to stand half a chance of getting a cuddle out of me today. This will be perfect for my babies too, cuz it can be a snuggly kitten tent. Oh, it's so, so wonderful! We need these in the UK too!

Amy, boy do me and the human wish we could take pictures of all of this stuff so that we could let everyone see the amount of excellent things in that parcel! I don't know how to say thank you enough. I send you huge big strong ladycat head bumpies... But only if you'll come to the door of my house, cuz I ain't coming out!

Oh what a wonderful day I've had! I have toys all over the house, and I do mean all over! Please can it be toysday every day? To the cats from Amy's and to Amy herself, thank you, thank you, thank you! you are amazing, even if one of you doesn't have furr!


OKcats said...

Wow, Miss Tia! We got all excited just reading about all of your good stuff! Toys and treats - life doesn't get much better!

Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! Oh we are so glad you liked your pressies! And mom is glad that your human liked her's too! And we are glad the scanner was able to read the note - we wanted mom to handwrite it but she said that your human probably had a scanner to read stuff for her, so typing would be easier for it to read. We are so glad you are enjoying the tent - we got one too (mom bought it at the same time) and we all love to play in it (it is very fun if you take the pipe cleaner in there and get one kind of stuck in the mesh - it makes it a challenge!) We hope your human will like the candies - mom said they are all tasty and from our area too. And oh, the thing that you think can hang on the wall - yep, that is what it does - and it is so fun! And your human can also take it down to play with you if she wants, but we love when ours was on the wall (well, we did - ours got wrecked from excessive playing and dad finally threw it away). And boy, we can't believe you got it already - mom just sent it out on Saturday! We still have to do our post about our end of the toy exchange - mom was so behind she had to post the older stuff first - but we are going to have it up this weekend we hope. And boy we had so much fun doing the exchange - it was such a great idea!!

Katnip Lounge said...


Tia, you have enough toys to last you at least two days, ha ha ha.
We must know more about this hut thing, we are sure we need one too! And the nip nanner, heavenly!

We agree, party mix is the best snack in the world, paws down! Amy sent you the very best.

pee ess: Mommy wants to see the bracelet, if you get a photo we'll post it for you. She thinks it's neat how you experience things! We Cats of course understand because we use our whiskers to explore.

Dexter said...

I LOVE TOYS!!! I'm with Katnip Lounge....would love to know more about the "hut"!

Play well!

From a cute cat x

Karen said...

What paw some stuff. Hope to see pictures soon the tent sounds cool.

Pixel and samba

Suzanne said...

Oh why certainly, kitty! Every day should be toys day! And every other day can be Pets and Snuggles day! WAIT! EVERY DAY SHALL BE PETS AND SNUGGLES DAY! OH YES!

Wait. No. I just bought a new roll of industrial strength tinfoil paper. I shall not let it go to waste. I will not succumb to your feline purrsuasions!