Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Weary Wednesday

Friends, at long last, we're back! I think this has been the longest we've gone without posting, and I'm even starting to feel withdrawal symptoms. Is that normal?

Even though it's been a whole week, there's not much to tell you as the majority of the time was spent with the human putting things into boxes, then putting the boxes in a big, big, huge thing that moves like a car but isn't a car (she says it's called a van), then getting to the new place and getting the boxes out of the monster car and taking the things out of the boxes. It all seems a little long winded for me. I mean, what's the point in putting the boxes into the monster car if you're just going to take them back out again? Come to that, what's the point in putting the things into the boxes in the first place if you're just going to take them out again too! If the things have to go in the monster car, wouldn't it be quicker just to put all the things in the monster car and forget about the boxes?

There was lots for me to do and snoopervise this week. When they were bringing the boxes in and out of houses, they put me in my own little room to stop me darting out the door. They shouldn't have worried though. I'm not interested in going outside. As soon as everything was in though, I got to come out again.

Now I know that many of you cats would be stressed by a big house move like this, but I haven't been, really. I have to thank my human for this. I know, it's strange, isn't it? But peoples will occasionally get things right. The human took me to the new house a few times before we moved in. Then, when we got there for the last time when all our stuff would be coming, she did a few things. Firstly she held me on the journey down, and this meant that I felt safe and secure. she cleaned the litterbox of all the poop, but she didn't change the litter. She also let the litter stay in the box a while so that my peepee would smell quite strongly. Now normally this isn't a good thing, but when I got to the new place, one of the first things the human did was to put down that smelly litterbox and show me where it was. my smell was very strong in there, and as you know, there's nothing more comforting than your own smell. Right away I had a place that I knew was mine, even if that place was a stinky litterbox.

The human also took the little blanket that Hannah and Lucy sent in their Secret Paws package with us. I'd made it a little dirty cuz sometimes I like to eat my treats straight off the blanket, but again, the human didn't wash it before we left. In fact, for the last week or so, every time she picked me up, she cuddled me on that blanket to make sure it smelled like me too. That went in my PTU for the journey, and then when we got there, it went onto one of the sofa cushions so that it smelled like me too.

All of the peoples that helped us move in were real nice to me, but I didn't have time to talk to them cuz of all the snoopervising I had to do. Wherever the human was, I had to be there also. Well, I was helping her decide on the best place to put all of our things, so I couldn't leave her side for a minute. oh, and guess what! I've taken over Dogface's old room where her bed used to be. now it's got all my things in like my toys and my PTUs and my litterbox. The human says it's a big cupboard that her and Dogman took the door off years ago when Dogface first came to live here (the human lived here when she first got Dogface). The cupboard was huge and wasn't being used, and as it opens right onto the hallway, it made a really cosy Dogface sleeping place when the front was taken off. Actually, without the door, it's basically just a big alcove in the hallway. It's super in there! I actually quite like hanging out near my litterbox now, just to ascert the fact that Dogface has lost her bedroom to me! Now there's the way things should be!

I've been hiding last night and today though. The human, as she always does, is worrying a little about this. She says that it's not like me to stick close to the litterbox and forego snuggling, so she's going to keep a good watch on me. I keep telling her that I might just finally have had enough of the stress of moving, but in her typical stupid way, she's refusing to listen.

Ah, it's so good to be back! Friends, you've gotta fill me in. Have I missed much?


Hannah and Lucy said...

Tia - we hope you settle down quickly in your new home. How lovely to have your very own room though. We are delighted you still like your Secret Paws blankie and it has your very own purfume on it.
We send you and your mum our love - Hannah and Lucy (& mum too) xx xx xx

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! We are glad you are back and that the move is over! It sounds like you were very brave for the whole thing and that your human did all the stuff to make you as comfortable as possible. Our mom tried that when we moved (well Kirzon, Lola and Floyd were the ones who were living here at that time) but they still freaked out for a while. We hope you aren't getting sick and that you are just hanging out by the litterbox because it is a comfortable, familiar smell for you. We are sending you purrs because either way we are sure you both need some!

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia! We hoped your move went well...we have been busy trying to sit Mommy down to rest from her surgery but she persists in disobeying us. She's as bad as a Cat!
heh heh.

We think a room all your own sounds like heaven. Your Human moved you in the best possible way...KonaKitty remembers the 2000 mile journey across country from Chicago to Las Vegas and she says it was NOT fun.

Welcome Home!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hey, Tia. Sounds like your move went pretty well, considering. Now all you need to do is spend a week or two making sure everything has your smell and cat hair on it.

Au and Target said...

Your move sounds furry organised. Your mum really takes good care of you. When do we see your alcove?