Sunday, 27 March 2011

I'm Famous!

Or at least, I will be in a few months. Do you remember me telling you the last time I posted that over this weekend, something cool was going to happen? Well, today that something did.

you remember that I go to shows, don't you? Well, my next one is coming up in about a month, and so the human has started the stupid old "let's bath the cat every two weeks" rubbish again to make sure my coat looks its best on the day. Recently, she was contacted by a Media student who was very interested in the ins and outs of showing cats. She wants to do her end of year project on it, and asked if the human would be willing for her to come up and take some photos and video of how she gets me ready for show. Without even consulting me first, the human said she didn't mind at all. Honestly, the nerve! I didn't shout at her though, cuz let's face it, every cat wants to be the centre of attention, don't they? And that's exactly what I'll be. The student is going to do an exhibition, and guess what? I'm gonna be the cover girl! Well, they didn't confirm that, and she did say to the human that she also wanted to feature another people and their cat, but I just know I'm gonna be the one on the cover!

The cover of what, you say. Well, she's hoping to do a sort of fold out book, rather like a consertina affair. She's been thinking too and says she wants to do an etching for the front of it, and then emboss it so that the human too can appreciate some of her work! Isn't that lovely? We might even be given a copy to keep for our very own!

She came today and took lots of pictures of me in my bath and while I was being dried. At the start I didn't mind, but by the end of it, I was thoroughly fed up with the whole thing, so much so in fact that I hissed at her when she tried to come close! It's not cuz I didn't like her. I'm just practicing being a diva, that's all. But I do now understand what you all are talking about when you say that the flashy box is an annoyance. It really is! I think I could learn to hate it, but for now, I'll allow its flash to flash unchallenged, cuz it means that lotsa peoples are gonna get to look at me!

I just want to address something about Caboodle to follow up. It's been brought to my attention firstly that Caboodle will actively sue anyone who posts a defammatory story about them, and secondly, that the pictures I was sent are up all over the internet with inconsistent dates as to when they were taken. In light of both of these things, I'm not going to take the story any further, and am sorry if I've posted something which wasn't entirely justified. I did it for the good of the cats potentially stuck in those situations, but I think in future I'll just keep my mouth shut. I've been thinking about this for many, many days now, deliberating with myself. After all, it's us little folk who can get things done by raising awareness of issues such as this, so I didn't make the decision not to go ahead lightly. I also didn't decide not to post about anything like this again lightly, for that very same reason, but I think that unless I've been there and seen things myself, I'm going to steer well clear of it. If I can work out how, I'm going to take the Caboodle post down, and I will also pray very hard that if what was said there is true, someone will step in and help out..

To clear up something else that Craft Cat posted, Clouder does not own this blog, no. he just contributes to it with his super duper technical know how! He's a whizz! Nope, it's me, Tia, that owns this blog, and it'd better stay that way!

Well friends, I'm quite worn out after all my photo shoots, so I think I deserve a long, long nap. The human says that the student promised her faithfully that she'd send her pictures, so when we get them, we'll try and put them up! I might do a series of them leading up to my show day. Who knows! Have a smashing Sunday!


Hannah and Lucy said...

Oh Tia we are quite excited that we know a famous kitty. If you need paw maidens we don't mind helping out with a little whisker straightening or curling whichever you prefer or tail tweaking and claw maintainance.
luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Torie said...

That is cool about the photos! Wow!

The Cuboodle thing-if you have created a label for it, you can click on that, then it will show all the posts, then you can just delete that post. Or go into your dashboard and click on "eddit posts". Hope this helps.


Karen said...

Yeah on the photoshoot! I can not wait to see the pictures.
Please post things you are passionate about. I am sorry about caboodle ranch stuff. But I may not believe it but it could be true. And the person who started this is going about it wrong. I do not think there were ever be resolution on this matter.

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, we are super duper excited about your famousness! Of course, you are a star in our books, no matter what. And more photos? WHEEEEE! The ManCats here are pacing in anticipation!

Old Kitty said...

Wow! Tia you are the Kate Moss of the Cat World!!

What a star!!!!

Me and Charlie are very confused about the Caboodle thing but we hope that's now all sorted and all is well again!! No more stress - you have a show to do soon!! Take care

Sweet Praline said...

Wow! I know someone famous! Good luck on the magazine cover and at the cat show.

My mom is so thankful for your mom's email. She says to tell her thank you so much.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Tia, me and Mommy love you and wish you a lot of good luck in your Diva photos. xoxox

Au and Target said...

Tia it sounds rather stressful but you are going ot make an excellent diva kitty.

Brian said...

You are already quite famous as far as we are concerned!!!

Kjelle Bus said...

Wow ! Are you gonna be on the frontpage ??!!
I´m sure hope that you get a copy for free after all that work you had with the 2-legged with the flashbox !

Caroline said...

You will have to practice signing your pawtograph! x

Puss-Puss said...

Oh, Tia! It's so good to know a superstar! And now I can say, I knew her when....

Make sure you practice your flouncing. All great divas do. I practice constantly. Practice saying, "WHAT kind of food is THIS?", flip the bowl over with your paw, and stomp off in a huff. Then be difficult for the rest of the day. It's good for the soul.