Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

It is, friends, and for quite a few reasons. Firstly and most importantly, it's a great day because that lazy bum of a human of mine has finally decided to commit my dictations to paper once more! ok, computer, not paper. It's been too long, and she hasn't even been visiting my friends for me! She says she's still sorting things out from the house move, that she's had a lot to deal with, yada, yada, yada. Does she think I care for her pathetic, pitiful excuses? Cuz I don't. The fact is, she's been neglecting me, and there's no excuse for that!

There's more good news. Last week I had to go to the new lady vet people cuz my chest was sounding all bad and wheezy again. She gave me some more yucky tablets to take, and I finished those this morning. The human took me back today for a check up, and other than having some staining on my teeth, the vet lady people said I was in great health! The human still says she can hear a wheeze in my purr, but the vet lady people couldn't hear a thing when she listened with the listening thing to my chest, so I say the human's being a worry wart again.

The other thing is mancats. My own lovely little mancat is now very far away from me thanks to my human deciding to move house, so I've had to find another one, but you know what? I've done it! There's another boy, and this one's so posh that he's actually international. Isn't that neat? He was imported into this country to live with his peoples because he was so outstanding. the human says he owns his own house too. She says he's had other girls before, but he's a man of the world. Where as my first mancat would take no for an answer, this mancat knows what he wants. She says that he'll show me that having fun with a mancat isn't so bad really. I'll confess that I saw the last one off cuz I was a bit nervous, but if the new one will show me the ropes, I might just let him milk and tuna me!

And the good news doesn't stop there! After being stuck in the house for a week, the human had someone come today to help her learn the way to places with her white stick. She was a nice ladypeople. When the human was getting her shoes on, she said that the lady people could have a cuddle if she liked. As I've told you before, I'm a bit nervous of strangers, but the human says that she wants to show me that I can trust them just like I trust her. She wants to show me that everybody I say hello to will be nice to me, so she passed me over to the lady people. Even though I wanted to, I didn't struggle. While the human went off to get ready, the lady people gave me scritches and rubs and told me all about the two mancats she owns. She said that it was Ok, that she wouldn't be horrible to me and that I could relax. I might have purred a teeny bit, but I'm not saying. I did stare after my human as she left the room to find her keys, but I didn't jump down from the lady people's lap cuz her scritches were quite nice. I wonder, can other peoples be trusted? I mean, really trusted?

The human says that the HG is coming to see us on Saturday and is staying until Tuesday! I got real excited about this until I heard the next things. The HG is bringing her manpeople with her, and he's not so keen on cats. She's also bringing a stupid Dogface. Her stupid dogface is called Nikki, and does the same job as the human's stupid dogface did for her. She stops the HG from walking into things, and helps her find the way to go. I've decided that if she's like our stupid dogface and leaves me alone, I'll not mind her, but if she chases me or sniffs me, I'm gonna disappear. I can't be bothered with Dogfaces any more! Still, I can't wait to see the HG! Do you think she'll bring me toys? Or treats? Or tuna? Or nice stinky goodness? huh? The human says she's going to help with a practice show bath over the weekend. I'm not looking forward to that bit, but if the HG is there and she brings treats, then I'll put up with it for that... Maybe.

Ok, last bit of good news for today, but hasn't there been a lot! This is the biggest news for the human. Her friend's ladycat has just given birth to two happy, healthy, bouncing boy Burmese kittens! The people who belongs to the ladycat has been talking to the human and telling her all about the pregnancy so that she'll know better what to expect when I have my babies later this year, so the human almost feels as though she's had a part in the kittens who've just been born. It made her day! I can't say that I cared as much as she did. After all, I didn't know the ladycat. But I hope that mummycat and babies continue to do well and thrive. If you like, I'll have the human keep you updated on all the goings on with them!

Well, I think I'm all newsed out. Until next time, eat nip!


Old Kitty said...

Glad you are better after your meds, Tia!!!

And yay that your human has nice ladypeoples to help her too!!

Oooh hope you like your new mankitty!! He sounds very sophisticated and suave!!

Great news about the burmese kitties!! Awww! take are

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh Tia, what a good thing to learn that you are well and happy. I hope you do decide that the mancat may court you. I would love to see some babies.

Sweet Praline said...

Glad to see you back as your feisty self!

Torie said...

Ah you've returned! I wondered where you'd got to!

I hope you are nice to the mancat and let him do his thing. He has to be nice to you too though!

I'm glad the "HG" is coming to see you. If your human decides to get another dog face though then you might have to get used to them again!

Take care, xxx.

Katnip Lounge said...

What a wonderful lot of fantastic and fun news! Tia, we are interested in this whole Mancat business. Maui and Rupert have too many manners to tell us girlcats; and Sweet Pea says she'd rather not talk about it, so we are VERREH mystified.

Can your Human show you if you are baking kittens?

And we are especially thrilled you (may have) purred for a stranger!

Au and Target said...

We wondered where you were too. Glad you are feeling better and that there is romance in the air.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Glad to know you're settling in to your new home, Tia. Purrrrring that your human doesn't have too much trouble with her stick while learning her routes around town.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We were glad to hear from you Tia and what a lot of news we had to catch up on. We were pleased to hear you are settling down in your new home and your mum is learning the ways round your new town.
We think that if you have babies they will be very beautiful if they take after you. You were very brave having scritches from the lady who you didn't know - we think you should get extra treats for that.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx