Thursday, 10 March 2011

What Day Is It?

Friends, it's hard to remember the days of the week lately. Before, I knew when it was due to my human going off to the work hunt to pay for my foods and toys, but now that she doesn't go any more, one day is very like the next, and they all blend together. What's a ladycat to do when she can't coordinate her diary? I blame that for the fact that I'm still not thinking about mancats very much. I mean, if I'm to make a date, how will I make sure i don't miss it! The human says she'll help me remember, but can I really put my trust in a creature that doesn't even remember how to use a litterbox propperly, despite my numerous demonstrations? Unwise, if you ask me.

Well, first thin'gs first, an update on the kittens. The two bouncing boys weren't the last to be born. Mummycat had nine babies in total, but unfortunately, three of them had already left for the rainbow bridge, and one little girl is really struggling not to follow them. Keep those paws crossed that she decides she wants to play this side of it for a little longer! Mummycat's milk hasn't come in, so the people that she owns has been delegated the task of hand feeding the babies who aren't getting the little milk that mummycat is able to produce. The people who she owns is a super lady though, so she doesn't mind doing it at all.

In other news, I just think I need to say that I agree with you, Hannah and Lucy, and I told my human so. When her friend came today, I decided to put it to the test, so strolled over to her and gave her a little head bumpy. She gave me scritches, but the human didn't reward me with treats! how dare she not!

Speaking of food, she bought me a new type of stinky goodness. Well, two new types actually. They arrived yesterday. She bought new ones cuz the old ones had too much sugar and were making my teeth bad. But I don't like the new kind. I ate a little of one type yesterday, but when she put more down today, I only licked it once and walked off! Then when she put the second type down, I ate a little of it, but didn't want any more after that. I don't do healthy, please and thank you! Junk food any time for me! She says I'd better learn to like it cuz she bought a lot, but I say I'll like it if I choose to, and if she doesn't like it, well, she better learn to like it! hah, human, bet you don't like it now that the shoe is on the other foot, do you!

I've been having fun in my new place, and training the human at the same time. you remember I told you I was hanging out by the litterbox a lot? Well, my human thinks that if she gives me treats, it'll draw me out of there, so every time I go towards it and don't use the box, she calls me back into the room where she is. If I jump up on the sofa beside her, I get a treat. All I have to do is jump back down again an dpretend to head for my safe spot, and you know what happens? She gives me another treat when she calls me back and I come! Man, this human training is soooo easy!

I also had fun playing with my toys today. I've told you about my play cube before. It's so neat and it has three round entrances that you can dive through. Each one has a dangling toy hanging down from above that you can swat and bite, and it's soooo much fun! It's even good as a little house to take naps in. I climbed in there this morning and was just about to doze off when I noticed that right in front of me, within fairly easy whapping distance, was my ball in a track! This is a cool toy, cuz no matter how many times you whap the ball, you can never lose it cuz it stays in its track. I love it. I leaned forward to give it a whap, and I got it good! But as I did, the cube moved, and something whapped me on the head! I swizzled round in surprise, and what do you know? it was a ball! But how did that get there? it was sposed to be in the track! only after I attacked it did I look back at the track, and, low and behold, there was a ball in it! What on earth was going on here? how dare that ball think it could whap me! and on my head too! I was the only one sposed to be doing any whapping around here!

Again I leaned forward and whapped the ball in the track. Again the cube moved, and yet again, a ball whapped me on the top of the head! Really, this was too much, and I turned round to beat it up, but then I saw the ball in the track again! I couldn't stand it any longer. I put both of my paws out of my cube, and I whapped that ball until there was hardly any whap left in me! As I did though, the cube rolled right over and dumped me out onto the floor! I wasn't going to stand for this. Quick as a wink, I turned around, and with claws and teeth working on full power, I attacked. The cube had other ideas though. It rolled away from me. I chased, pounced, dived inside, but the cheeky cube rolled me over as it carried on on its merry way! Perhaps my wriggling inside it had something to do with the fact that it rolled, but I'm not so sure, you know. While I was attacking, I saw that ball again! I realised that it was stuck to the cube with a bit of elastic over one of the entrances. It was one of the cube's hanging toys! But right as I saw this, the ball in the track came back into view, and I just had to whap it. Then the other ball hit me and, and, oh friends, it was just too much, and the carpet was there and. Well, it asked for me to attack it. I promise! It really did ask for it, so I did! Thankfully, my human was too caught up in her computer to notice me doing any of this. Wouldn't it have been embarrassing if she was just pretending not to notice so that I wouldn't stop when I was having such a good time, and she saw the whole thing? I'm so glad my human is stupid sometimes...


Sweet Praline said...

It sounds like you are still very much a kitten at heart!

I love to pull the finicky routine on my mom with the expensive canned foods.

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, our Mommy has been home for two weeks and it IS confusing, we agree. We think you should come and train our Mommy, she is so dense she will NOT give us treats when we ask...

My goodness you had a tussle with the ball, cube, and carpet! We would have liked to see that epic battle for ourselves. hee hee, we like to give the carpet what for, too!