Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Yummy Tummy Tuesday

Friends, in preparation for my upcoming show this week, I must be a good ladycat and allow every inch of me to be groomed. Can you see how good I am in this picture? I only bit the comb a zillion times as it groomed the floof on my yummy tummy!

My human says that I have really long whiskers that tickle her a lot when I put my face near hers, which I'm doing more and more of lately. In the shows, there's a class for the cat with the longest whiskers, but because I'm a pedigree ladycat and not shown as a household pet, I can't enter it. How much of a bummer is that! My human says I'd win that class. Do any of you have really long whiskers like me?

The human says that my show bath will be tomorrow now, which I'm relieved about. One more day without torture is a good day in my book! I slept on the bed a little with her last night, but she did have to coax me. She sat me down and had a good talk to me last night, so I thought i'd better give in a little. I didn't like the sound of her getting tough on me. When it comes to things like that, my human is surprisingly effective thanks to her thinking she knows all about cat behaviour. Why does she have to be smart in that sort of area, and so stupid when it comes to the simple things like giving out treats on demand and learning to use a litterbox propperly? Honestly, I don't think I'll ever totally work these creatures out!

I'm getting ready for my big party around here. The human says I can have some more of my new toys on that day, but get this, she says I can't have any stinky goodness! Apparently you shouldn't give it to a ladycat with as much floof as me right before a show unless you make them wear a bib, cuz it stains the fur of the ruff at the front. I'd rather not have stinky goodness than wear a bib, so I'll just wait till the next day and then eat loads of it! I'm not a humankitten, and I will not degrade myself enough to permit a bib to be put on me!

In other news, the human says that she gets to go see the babycats that we told you about a little while ago that were born to a friend's mummycat. They will be five weeks old, and thankfully, the six that were born alive all survived! They will still need some hand feeding as they don't like big cat food yet, so the human will even get to do that! She says she can't wait to have a lap full of babies, and she said it in a tone that demanded I listened. I just laughed at her. If she's hinting at me to get busy and start my elevator bum again, she'll have a long wait! i'll decide when I'm ready for my babies, thank you very much.

The human says she's going to go shopping during the day with her friend too, so she'd better bring me back something to justify me letting her go and see other cats, even if they are cute babies! What should I have in my list of demands?

Now, it's time to catch up on my napping before she gets me ready for the horrid bath! I hear in the grape vine that the Katnip Crew are being cruelly tortured by their peoples, so if any of you want to come nap with me in a house that loves you as you should be loved, then feel free to drop in!... Especially you mancats.


Hannah and Lucy said...

Tia you have a lovely floofy coat and we have never seen such long whiskers before - what a shame you can't go in for the longest whisker competition. We won't mention the "wet thing" you've got to have - thank goodness out mum has never suggested such a thing to us - she must value her skin!! hahahaha!!!!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, it's not too bad at our house, we are getting treats, we just have to work for them! Grumble grumble grumble. But we guys will come over and inspect that tummy if you don't mind. It looks scrumptious! And those whiskers, woohoo!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Tia, you REALLY rule with an iron paw!!! I like that!!! Show her who is boss, my Lady Cat Friend.

Everycat said...

Good grief Tia those are hard core whiskers! Do you need a licence for them? Your tummy fur is beautiful

Whicky Wuudler

Sweet Praline said...

Wow! You do have long whiskers! I also have long whiskers, but I don't think they are as long as yours.

Love seeing pictures of you.