Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday Monday

Friends, just a quicky post from me today, as the human forgot to write for me until now, and now she's tired!

Since last I wrote, I haven't really done much except cuddle with the human and love on Dogman who went away again yesterday. Whenever he's here though, he takes the human away from me a lot. She says she goes walking with him, but I don't care. Her being anywhere other than by my side is not good, and so I've been less loving to Dogman than before jus to show my displeasure.

I continue to sleep by my litterboxes instead of with the human, but she took up the little bit of carpet that used to be in front of them, and put down a mat instead. Last night I spent more time with her than normal, so she's wondering if the carpet had something to do with me sleeping there. However, every chance I get I sneak off in there to hide. The human says she can't always chase me out cuz I now watch for her coming, and only get up to move when I know she's going to kick me out of my napping spot. The human says that if it was just me that was always going to live here, she'd put up with it, but as other cats are going to join us, she needs to help me kick this habit before it really sets in. She says I'm not allowed to do it when others come, cuz then they won't use the litterbox cuz I'm guarding it. She says that now that she's sure I'm not stressed, she's gonna get tougher on me... I don't like the sound of that one little bit!

The human's ears are also feeling much better today. She says they don't feel like they're under water any more, but I've been on her lap all day snuggling just to make sure. I'm certain it's been my diligent nursing that's pulled her through this last bad spell!

She says that I might get my show bath tomorrow, but maybe she'll do it on Wednesday. She hasn't decided yet. Either way, you'll get the pics as soon as my torture is complete!

Until then, keep those peoples guessing!


Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, we never let on what we might do next. Gotta keep our people on their toes or they might get bored, you know. Such little minds they have!

Au and Target said...

Poor Tia! Baths, and new sleeping places, gosh. You must learn to control you human better.