Thursday, 13 January 2011

Happy and Sad

We have news, friends, but not all of it is good. My human is going to need some more snuggling, it seems. I'll tell you the sad first, then we can brighten a little with happy thoughts. Last night when it was dark outside, Dogman's grandad went to what some of you others called the rainbow bridge. The human knew him very well for years, and although he'd been sick for a long while with something even worse than runny eyes or even a runny bum, although they all expected it to happen, it's still come as a bit of a shock. Poor Dogman, like the human, found out when he was at work, and both have had to carry on their days there despite their grief. Dogman's grandad, even though I didn't know you, I think I would have liked you cuz the human says you were a happy man and a good cuddler. You will be missed by all you left behind. The human says she doesn't want to talk about this any more, and I can't blame her. It's about time she had a break, don't you think? I'm not one to go soft on her, but it just seems like it's been one thing after another after another for the last few months, with hardly time to surface and snatch a breath in between before the next wave comes. I will snuggle her silly tonight and eas her as much as I can.

Now, on to happier things. Thank you all so much for the human's birthday wishes. She saved them all up till the end of the day before she read them, and they gave her a happy face. She got presents too. Her cousin, the biggest humankitten that lives with little Phoebe actually, sent her some super posh chocolate in the post. The thing from the HGG was a bead for her Pandora charm bracelet. We can't work out what it is though, and the HGG can't remember (she has big memory problems), but it's an animal with a long tail that's kinda sitting up. The human thinks it's either a cat or a monkey. Oh, she's now officially considered the crazy cat lady too, or so she thinks. Her auntie, again the one that lives with Phoebe, says she sent her a birthday card with a cat face on it. When you open it and rub the cat's tummy, it even sings! The human says that when peoples search for birthday cards with cats on, it's a sign that you are the CCL. This singing sounds interesting to me though. I wonder if it's a skill I should start working on? Just as well it's only a picture and not a real cat else I'd have to get jealous! I will study its singing ability with great interest when mr postman finally drops it off in the post box.

When the human got home from the work hunt yesterday, there was a message from another friend of hers, not the one who cancelled, asking her if she was doing anything that evening. The friend, hmmmm, let's call her funny lady (cuz she speaks with a funny accent), wanted to know if the human would go out with her, and of course she said yes. I packed her off to do her cleaning in the shower. It's such a shame they don't have the tongue to do it thoroughly and propperly, isn't it? Then she put on the non-fur clothes to cover her body and off she went.

Well, funny lady had surpassed herself! Instead of taking the human out, she took her to her house where she had made the most beautiful meal. There was chicken pie (why didn't I get some!) and delfinoise potatoes whatever they are, and peas in a cream sauce. This was followed by chocolate cake and champagne. This was all freshly home made (well, except for the champagne), and was simply divine. They finished up by giving her a card that they had got their son, who also has broken eyes, to braille for her. He was so excited about the human reading it. He's still quite a small kitten, you see, so it was a big achievement for him to write it.

The human got back late and was quite tired, but she'd had a super day, far better than she expected it would be. But wait, there's more to come.

The human received perhaps the best present yesterday morning by email. It was news, and boy was it big news. You remember Sparkles, the cat with the lonely heart? Well, she's found her forever home! The human is so pleased about this. She felt an incredibly strong connection with Sparkles and would have taken her herself if there wasn't that huge ocean thing in between. As it was, she worked hard to make sure other peoples and cats and dogfaces featured her on their blogs. We even got her mentioned in Ireland! It simply made her day to know that yesterday, on her birthday of all days, Sparkles was adopted. And as if that wasn't coincidence enough, she's going to live with a lady who calls her blog Kat's Kats,. Her brother was adopted by another lady who writes Cat's Cats. How about that for an awesome confluence of events! Was there a reason for the connection the human felt? Well, I can't say, but it's pretty cool anyway. Sparkles, we hope your transport day this weekend goes super smoothly, and that you settle in well. You're going to a house of tims, so it shouldn't take you any time at all to begin your reign as princess supreme. You'll love it!

The human is waiting now only for her Birthday cards to arrive in the post, and to see whether she will go and be with Dogman to help him through his loss. She's told him she'll come, but he isn't sure he wants company, so if we don't blog for a few days, it's cuz the human has ran off to see him. Oh, that chocolate is certainly going to be needed to help get through the latest tough time. Now, where did I store the rest of my sandpaper kisses?


Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh Tia..give your mommy lots of love from me and my mommy for all the sadness she has had just the past few days and all the worry over your beautiful self. And Mommy and I are so glad that your mommy's birthday was so fun and loving. That makes for happy memories doe effur!

Love and hugs, purrs and kissies to you both from us.

Kara said...

Tia, I'm sorry to hear about Dogman's grandpa. It's never fun when someone goes away forever like that. The cat I grew up with - he wasn't all that nice but his name was Ringo and Gregg and his family liked him a lot - went away like that, I think...just disappeared one day and never came back. I know a little of how it must feel, and wish I was there to give Carly some love and headbutts and long as you didn't grumble at me for it or anything.
And, although I'm a little late - it's Gregg's fault, don't look at me! - happy birthday, Carly! I don't know how old you are - probably not anywhere near as old as me - but sometimes birthdays are fun and sometimes they're not. I don't think Gregg even knows my birthday, to be honest...

Hannah and Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Carly - we hope Tia showered you with love and kisses. We are sorry to hear about Dogman's grandpa but if you send him some of your special sandpaper kisses it will help him through this sad time.
Luv Hannah & Lucy xx xx

Katnip Lounge said...

We are sending our best purrs and thoughts to your Mom and Dogman (and of course his family). It's so hard to lose a Grandpa. Our Mommy had hers go to Heaven earlier this year and she was very sad, too.
We are thrilled that your Mom had such a nice Birthday, what a great surprise dinner she had!
Tia, keep those sandpaper kisses coming, they are the best thing for Humans in the world.

Torie said...

Oh Tia i'm sorry to hear about your loss. It really is horrible when stuff like that happens.

But good news about little Sparkles!

Take care, and hugs, xxx.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

We stopped in to wish your Mum a belated Happy Birthday!
WE're sorry to hear of your loss, but are very happy to hear about Sparkles.
Enjoy the day!

Old Kitty said...

Sweet Tia!! Me and Charlie are so sorry for the loss of Dogman's grandad. We are sending lots of hugs and purrs to everyone.

Yay that your mum got to have a wonderful home-cooked birthday meal!! What a fabulous friend!!! And her little boy sounds adorable!!

It's brilliant news about Sparkles!! Wonderful!

Oooh we can't wait for the singing cat card to arrive too - it sounds like such fun!! And we wish your mum a happy birthday - she is now officially a CCL!!! :-) Take care

Anonymous said...

Special thoughts coming your way for the loss.

But the rest of the post felt like we were right there celebrating your birthday with you.

How thrilling (and amazing) that Sparkles was adopted at exactly the right moment. . . .

Thinking about you. And glad your birthday went well.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! We have missed visiting you and your human! We are of course behind as usual so please tell her that we are sorry and that we wish her a very Happy Belated Birthday! And oh we are so sorry that Dogman's grandfather had to leave to go to the bridge. We are sending all of you lots of comforting purrs and prayers - we know he must be having a tough time now.

We were also very excited to see Sparkles had found her forever home! Mom is kinda jealous because if we had room she would have taken Sparkles (after meeting her brother Ash she knows Sparkles must be a sweetie too). But we know she will be so happy in her new forever home with the rest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty crew. And being the only girl in a house of boys, well we bet she will be super spoiled!!

And it sounds like your human had a wonderful birthday - we have never gotten to try any of those things but they sound delicious and it was so nice of her friend to make them for her - that makes it extra special!

Mr Lonely said...

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're sorry about Dogman's grandpa. We send purrs and tail wags for your mom and her friends.