Saturday, 8 January 2011


Ok, I confess to plagerism, as I got the idea for random days from Amy and the House of Cats
but it's just so fitting. The stuff I have to tell you today is all over the place. There's some happy, some sad, some exciting, some boring.

The boring bit is the human, of course. She did nothing today except lie in bed for ages and ages and ages and then do lots of washing in the noisy machine. We haven't even done a training session today, which means I haven't got my daily dose of a gazillion treats. What's happening with the world. It's all wrong!

Speaking of the Daily Dose brings me to my next bit of random news, and this bit is the sad bit. I've mentioned her many times, but I'll mention her again. Chrystal over at Daily Dose of Dogs and Cats runs a private animal rescue for dogs and cats. The cats there are well cared for and normally happy, except for one poor little soul.

is that poor unfortunate. She was one of a pair who were helped by Chrystal and her family a few months ago. Her brother, now known as Jimmy, has recently been adopted, and since that point, Sparkles has gotten lonelier and lonelier. She doesn't interact with the other cats, preferring to hiss and spit at them instead. But peoples? That's another matter. She loves them. She can't bear to be parted from them. In fact, even when Chrystal is nearby but unseen, Sparkles will scream for her until she comes close. If a people goes into the cat house, she stays glued to them, and won't even play with other toys, even new ones, in favour of their company. Through no fault of Chrystal's, Sparkles is desperately unhappy, and she needs a home urgently. KC of the Cat Blogosphere has agreed to help by funding air fair anywhere within the USA, so please, if you can offer this lost little lady a lap to curl up on and a people to call her own, don't waste any time. Contact her right away. Please, even if you can't adopt her yourself, go read the story and post on your blog about her or talk to others who might want a cat for a forever home.

We got our bowl too from our bid that we made in the auction to help out Chrystal. It is so, so beautiful. The human has placed it on her display table, despite my promptings that it would look just great filled with my ping pong balls. I think it's so nice that we bought crystal to help Chrystal. It makes it sort of special, you know? Jan, thank you so much for donating it. It is truly stunning, and so tactile for my human to get her fingers all over. You don't need working eyes to appreciate the beauty of it.

That reminds us to mention to Amy and the Random Felines that you shouldn't think I've forgotten about the exchange I promised on my 100th post. I'm sorry the human hasn't written to you both yet, but with this being her first week back at the work hunt, she's been too busy and exhausted to even order stuff, let alone post it. She says she'll email you when she's made some more headway on actually getting all of the toys. I'll tell you a secret though. She's gotten a few, and they're so good I've tried to steal them twice now! She says she doesn't know when she'll get the chance to order them. It's her birthday on Wednesday, so she'll probably get that over her first before she goes ahead and gets them. Guess I'd better start thinking about a present for her.

In other exciting news, we've been featured on another blog! Wyatt's Corner
wrote to me today, telling me that I'm featured on today's post in a cartoon! Thank you so much, Wyatt. That's super cool! The human says she's not sure if the cartoon is of us or if it's just a link to us. If we're in a cartoon, would someone with working eyes mind describing it to us in the comments? That would be super!

Now, the news just keeps getting more and more exciting! I've mentioned before that my human and I are hoping for kittens. Well, I'm not about to tell you I'm pregnant, but today, the human got approval for her prefix! This means now that any kittens I have will carry the human's cattery name with them wherever they go, and if they get shown, it will tell everyone just how beautiful my babies are, cuz they'll know they came from me and the human's cattery! Her prefix is Moonspun. If I carried that prefix, I'd now be called Moonspun Dolly Mixture as my pedigree name. I tell you that just to show you how the prefix slots in. This is big, big news, cuz every reputable, responsible breeder should have a prefix of their very own, and it took us 18 or so weeks to get ours approved and all the paperwork done!

Now for the most excitingest thing of all. you remember I hinted a few weeks back that I was going to have a celebrity guest on my blog? Well, I've finally managed to get her to agree, and she's taken on a regular place here at Cuddles and Catnip. From now on, she'll be doing the Sunday post, and it hasn't even cost me any treats in payment! She seems happy to do it, so it will be her instead of me tomorrow. Isn't that great? I'm not telling who she is, but I'll give you a clue. Regular readers of my blog will have been introduced to her in a round about fashion already! My human and I have talked about her.

Please do come back tomorrow to see who it is! It will be her first ever blog post, so I hope it goes well for her.

Wow, that was a lot of news. I feel so much better now it's all off my chest. While I go for a nap to work up enough strength to hassle for treats, I'll leave you to remember Sparkles. Let's use the power of the blogosphere to get this unhappy little ladycat a home. Come on. We can do it together!


Admiral Hestorb said...

I can't wait to see who she is! Your guest blogger.

I am heartbroken and so is mommy about Sparkles. That is almost tragic, the poor baby.

My goodness Tia, I love your fancy name! ♥

Torie said...

Oh that is fantastic about the guest poster. I wonder who she is! Is it Feebee?

I didn't know you were going to be breeding! That is so exciting!

For little Sparkles, could she not go with her brother? I'll certainly do a post on her! Xxx.

Tia said...

Tori, she can't go with her brother cuz he was adopted by someone who really doesn't think she can have another cat. It's so sad.

As for the guest poster, I'm not telling! you'll have to come back and see! Thanks so much for doing a post on little Sparkles.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hi, Tia, that was a lot of news. Will have to remember to come back tomorrow to find out who your guest blogger is.

Old Kitty said...

Me and Charlie are purring very hard for Sparkles!! We saw her on Marg's blog and are so sad that she is lonely missing her broffur very much!! We hope she finds a forever home asap!

Yay for your guest spot over at Wyatt's corner!! Awww that's lovely!!

Oooh the prefix naming thing sounds very confusing!!! But well done you for getting one of your very own!! Yay!!

We'll be around tomorrow for your surprise - can't wait! Take care

Sweet Praline said...

That's a lot of exciting news! I hadn't heard about Sparkles yet because I haven't visited much this week. I'll go over and send special purrs.

Can't wait for your guest blogger tomorrow.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hey Tia and human. For what ever it might help.

The Wyatt's Cartoon has a link to Cuddles and Catnip, with a note "My ani­pal Tia, you can’t train her!". The cartoon is of Wyatt (their cat), with a caption: When hoomans are about to work on the computer, try to type a short story of your own.

If you want to be in a Wyatt Cartoon, you could contact them (or we could for you, we guess). Wyatt is looking for ani-pals to appear in his cartoons.