Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Short and Sweet

Sorry, folks, but this is going to be a short post as the human, selfish thing that she is, says she's too busy to write for me today. Why, you might ask. Well, allow me to tell you.

It's because we're going on a journey. We're heading up to Dogman's place tomorrow evening cuz the human needs to help him out. he had some important teaching to do at his work hunt place in the evening on Thursday, but what with his grandad and all, he just hasn't had the inclination to prepare anything for the session. It's top level massage stuff which the human knows well cuz she's a physio. For her, there's no preparation needed, really, but she said she'd do it for him so that he didn't have to worry.

Grandad's funeral is on Friday, so she's going to stay up there for that. She says she won't go. She hates hates hates funerals, and would rather just remember them as they were, without having the final closure of the ceremony. So she'll travel back to Dogman's house (the teaching place is a little bit away, so she'll stay over that night, then come back to Dogman's the day after in the morning). That means she can look after Dogman's sister's humankittens when they come home from school, so that Dogman's sister can go to the funeral too. She'll also be looking after Dogface so that Dogman doesn't have to worry about her for those few days.

But there's more, cuz guess what? I'll be coming too! Oh yes I will. The human says she'd rather have me with her for the weekend so that she's not worrying in case I get sick or anything. She says if I liked the cat sitter that she uses, she'd not worry about leaving me, but when that lady comes, I hiss and spit and hide from her, so she wouldn't really be able to check me out to make sure I wasn't sick. Anyway, I like being with the human better, and I know Dogman's house now, so it won't be stressy or anything. Plus, I get to try out my new backpack carrier. It came a few days ago. The human got puppy training pads for the bottom of it cuz it's going to be a long, looooong journey. So if I do have an accident, it doesn't matter. It'll soak up real good. That's a relief for me, cuz that was mighty embarrassing last time!

But that's why she's busy tonight. us ladycats don't travel light, you know. There's litter and foods and a box and more foods and ping pong balls to be packed. There might be some room left for human stuff to go in there too, but just maybe. She's doing all that tonight, plus cleaning my boxes too (I have two in the house) so that they're all nice and fresh for when I come back. nice of her, isn't it? But it means she's running around like crazy tonight trying to get it all done, cuz we leave straight after the work hunt is over tomorrow.

Shoot me for saying it, but I'm kinda looking forward to seeing Dogface again. The house just hasn't been the same without her idiocy. The stupidity highlights my cleverness, so it did have its use. Ah well, I'll have a weekend of it. I will update you when I can.


Dexter said...

Wow - sounds like you've got quite a hectic journey ahead of you......like far, far away!

Good luck with the packing, I hope your humanoid remembers all your toys! ;p

See ya, from a cute kitten x

Old Kitty said...

Please send your mum lots of hugs and support purrs from me and Charlie!! We think she's really lovely doing all she can for Dogman. We're glad you'll be with her to keep her company, lovely Tia. We hope everything will go well. Take care

Admiral Hestorb said...

Give you mommy lots of purrs from me and hugs from my mommy. xoxox

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, we look forward to hearing of your travels, and how the new carrier works!
We are sending purrs and love with you to Dogman; please give him a nice purr and headbutt from us.

Sweet Praline said...

I hope you have a safe trip. Sending purrs for your mom.

The Lee County Clowder said...

We know about kitties traveling. When we go anyplace, our Food Source usually makes one trip loading his stuff in the car, and three or four for our stuff.

Puurrrsss and purrrrayers to Dogman and his family.

Karen said...

Have fun traveling and Dogman and his family are in our thoughts and prayers because of there loss