Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dogfaces and Food

There isn't really much to report today. The human didn't go to the work hunt, and I always like the days where she stays home. We got to sleep in bed late in the monring, which meant extra snuggle time for me. Something bad happened though. It's about the human's iPod and me attacking the wires, but that, I think, will have to remain a secret until Tortureshell Tuesday.

When we did get up, we didn't really do much. The human cleaned and I slept. She made something that she calls home-made cat food tonight. She boiled up a lot of chicken and turkey in a pan, then put it in a really, really noisy machine that growled louder than even a big mancat! It was so fierce that it managed to reduce the meat to pulp, and that was done without it even showing its teeth! I never thought I'd say this, but I think I've met my match. I'm staying away from the growler.

The human left one half of the food as just meat, but blended some egg and cheese in with the other stuff. She put a little of each down in my bowl so that she could work out which one I liked best. Now I've told you about new food before, haven't I? I went through the same drill as usual. It wasn't tuna. It wasn't my usual chicken. "Human," I thought as I turned my nose up and walked away with my tail at the precise angle which says I am justifiably offended at this lack of consideration for my wants, "that is not what I asked you for. I said tuna very plainly. If you're not going to listen, then I'm not going to be nice and eat the food." "But Tia," she almost whined, "I went to a lot of effort to make that. It took a long time!" I had to stop myself from telling her that I didn't care. I do care, and I'm touched that she went to all that trouble, but right then I was too cheesed off that I wasn't getting what I'd asked for. I've left it alone, and I won't go back to it at all, or at least not while she's watching.

I forgot to tell you yesterday in the excitement of finding my babies that stupid dogface went to see two vets in one day. That's what you get for being a stupid dogface, I guess. She went to see the skin man vet that Guide Dogs uses. She really, really likes him, and so does the human. I considered going with them just to see what all the fuss was about, but then thought better of it. It was a long drive, and there was another stupid dogface puppy in the car too. The human says she's called Gloria, is going in to be trained as a guide dog, and is very cute! Just goes to show that dogs aren't the only stupid things. She jumped all over the human and even tried to climb in her lap when they got to the guide dog place. That lap is for me and me alone to sit on! How dare a dogface, even a puppy dogface, think she can go there just because I'm not around!

The skin man vet said that Molly's ears and skin are so good on her injections that she doesn't need to see him again until next year. The human was pleased about that. She says she's been in vets too often lately. In the evening she went again though, so that they could put stupid dogface in a tank full of water where the floor moves under your feet and disappears. Molly says that if you didn't start to walk, you might disappear with it! The human calls this hydrotherapy and says that the hydro lady vet took a picture of Molly in the tank. She asked her for a copy for the blog, so we'll put it here when it arrives. See how nice I am? I even share my blog with a stupid dogface!

That's all for today. I have some cat food to eat. Um, I mean, I have a human to snuggle! Yes, that's it, snuggles.


Sweet Praline said...

I turn up my nose to food that my mom gives me, too. I do have to admire that your mom is trying to please you, though.

Kea said...

Mom says to tell your mom good luck with the food. One of her co-workers actually makes her own raw for her 4 cats and got them all on it by letting them go hungry. Fortunately for us, our mom is too weak. Loving. We meant loving. And concerned for our hungry tummies. We don't even like cooked people food, never mind raw. Besides, our mom's too lazy, because you really have to know how much taurine, calcium, phosphorous, etc. and it all makes our mom's eyes glaze over. MOL.

Admiral Hestorb said...

My mom's eyes glaze over too when it comes to making my food. She gave up and gets me Fancy Feast and Science Diet.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Yeah, our mum gave up too. She used to makes special meals for Inigo before I came, but he prefers the can (so do I!)

OKcats said...

My goodness, Tia - our mom has been 'busy', and we've neglected you - do you forgive us? We just got caught up on your adventures this week. My goodness, Tom and Nancy - we never saw that coming! But it was a beautiful story, and we hope that you are at peace now with everything. Now, onto your food situation. I, Zoe, eat anything that stands still long enough. Fuzzy is a different girl. She never begs for food, she's rarely seen eating, but until this past year, she was a chunk, so she definitely eats whatever food is being served. So, we're amazed that your mom cooked you food herself!! My friend, you must eat it! EAT IT!!

Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe