Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dogman is Here!

It's true! He arrived last night just after the human got home from her work hunting. I know I've told you about him before, but I don't know if I've told you that the human is hoping that he will have stupid dogface when she stops working. She still loves him. He couldn't even get himself through the door yesterday before she was bouncing at him and hitting everything with her tail, including me!

If you've ever been hit by the tail of a stupid dogface, you'll know it's no fun at all. I was minding my own business, sitting on the arm of the chair and pretending to ignore him (as any good cat should when a new person arrives), when she walked past and whacked me so hard that, if it hadn't been for my super quick claw reflexes, I'd have been knocked clean off! I wasn't going to stand for that, so the next time she went past, I smacked her bum good and hard. I'm not going to say whether I had the claws out or not I don't want my human reading this cuz then I'll get into trouble. Dogman told on me when I did it, but because stupid dogface didn't yelp, and because the human mentioned that I'd just been hit with a huge, smelly big tail, I didn't get told off at all. Ha ha! If I work up to a full on thwap slowly, maybe they'll not notice and I still won't get told off!

Dogman stayed over again, which meant that he took mine and the human's bed. She says it's cuz he has arthritis and the sofa bed would kill his joints. I know this is a lie though. Stupid dogface has arthritis and she doesn't get to slepe on the bed. The human says that's because she has a special bed of her own that protects her joints, but then I asked why Dogman couldn't just sleep there instead if it's so good. She didn't listen though, so we got to spend the night on the sofa bed. I wasn't sure if I wanted to sleep with the human or on the arm of the sofa where I sit when we're in this room. The human wouldn't let me lie on her head, you see, so the bed bit wasn't much fun. I split myself between the two, and made sure to wake the human up about every hour or so by playing with the noisiest toys I have, and crying at her every time I wanted a new ping-pong ball. Sleeping in the living room is great. I can't play in the bedroom because she doesn't have toys there.

Dogman is apparently staying with us until Saturday. I'm kind of pleased cuz it means that stupid dogface will keep out of my way as she's always with him, and kind of annoyed cuz that means another two nights not in my own bed!

I've decided to lay claim to Dogman too, but only when it suits me. This morning when he sat on the arm of the sofa, I jumped up beside him and did him the favour of allowing him to hear my purr and rub my head for a few seconds. This is just to show him that I can have him whenever I want, even if stupid dogface is around. It doesn't mean I like him. I'm just making a point, as I'm sure you can appreciate. Once I was satisfied that his attention was all mine, I leapt off him and went to snuggle with the human instead.

The human says that she has just remembered and wants to thank Amy for her tips on drying out the iPod man by putting him in rice. Amy, I will pretend that I didn't hear you tell the human that. I don't want to have to be cross with you for helping her keep the iPod man alive. My human wants to ask a general question too. She thinks I might have something she calls ear mites and wants to know if Stronghold gets rid of them. She knows it says it does on the package, but isn't sure how effective it is. She told me ear mites are what is giving me the itchies in my ears, and she thinks that maybe the scratching at the collar and the scabbing on my neck might be something to do with this. There was a rumour that mites were going round the show circuit, so I guess it's not impossible. Now, I wonder what a mite is?


Admiral Hestorb said...

Only you v -e-t can tell you for sure if you have ear mites, Tia. I itch terribly at my neck and ears and it's because I have a dreadful allergy so that momma has to take me to the v-e-t every 5 weeks for a shot. Otherwise I pull put my furs.

Ear mites can be see by the vet and he or she can tell you and your mom for sure.

Advantage Plus covers fleas you might pick up by someone bringing them into the house, and ear mites too. Mommy puts that on me even though I am an indoor kitty, because the pet sitter has brought fleas to the house 3 times in 5 years. Mom said she's over that!

OKcats said...

Tia, that is so cool that you have another human in your house to ignore! We're glad you tolerate him. Have a great weekend, buddy!

Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe