Monday, 16 May 2011

Mommacat Monday: To be or not to be?

Well, friends, the big day has arrived. The day of reckoning. The day of revelation. The day... Ok, my human says enough now.

Friends, today is the day the human learned the truth about whether or not I have mommacat status. I'm still gonna make you wait though! I have to tell you stuff that happened before. Ok, well I don't have to, but it's all about building tension, you know.

True to her word, the human has been a cleaning demon this weekend. This madness does hit her from time to time, but thankfully not very often. Don't get me wrong, she keeps the place clean, but as she said to Bug on the phone this morning when he asked her what on earth was going on, "It's not good enough to clean things when I'm like this. They need to be squeaky clean." And believe me, friends, if the amound of cleaning products is anything to go by, everything should shriek, never mind squeak!

Oh, I have something to tell you about squeaking in a minute, but before that... Kittens, look away now please. What follows is horrific and not for tender ears. She got the sucky monster out and it ate all of my fur on the sofas and everywhere else! Then she got water and cloths and icky smelling cleaning stuff and scrubbed the kitchen floor. Next she got out a cloth to go and take the layer of dust off stuff. Then it was off to the bathroom with a scrubber and some more stinky stuff to make the bath, sink, and even the horrid smelly human litterbox bowl thing squeak! She put loads of washing on the line outside. She let loose the sucky monster twice on the sofas to make sure all of my fur was gone! She even arranged my toys to make them look neat! But that lasted all of about ten seconds till i jumped into the middle of them and scattered them. She got the hint after that!

Thanks to so many of you who invited me over to yours to escape the madness of Casa de Tia. If you happened to notice a bit of your food was missing, or a warm spot in a comfy place, it was only me, so no need to worry! I, on the other hand, must.

Why? Cuz some of my food has been going missing! Not enough for the human to notice, but I sure do. She got an idea of what was going on night before last though. She was lying in bed when she heard the noise of my kibble being eaten. Sleepily, she stretched her feet down the bed... Only to encounter me at the bottom of it! she froze, listening hard. There it was again. Crunch, crunch, and it wasn't me! She could hear tiny noises coming from the food bowl, and she knew. So did I. We had a mouse, at least, she thinks we do. I stood up quietly on the bed, watching. It was fascinating. I decided to jump down and say hello to it, but as soon as I did, it ran away real, real quick. I didn't want to chase it. I don't kill things, you see, so I just let it go. For some reason, this really didn't please the human. She won't sleep in our bedroom and has the door closed tight, as if that'll stop it! She's also left a few kibbles out just to make sure she wasn't imagining things. Last night, none of them were taken, but she's gonna give it another night, as she thinks she's found his hole and wants to be sure. If it takes the food, she'll have to put measures in place to get rid of it. She won't tell me what those are. Says that I don't need to know, but that I'm not allowed in the bedroom for a while in case I eat stuff and get sick. This doesn't make any sense to me, but there's little I can do about it, as the door's closed and I can't open it. She says that she's taken all my food outta there, sept the bits she left down for mousey, so I'm not to worry that he's stealing my dinner!

This morning, the human reminded me that her friend would be coming to see her today, but also wanted to see me. Sure enough, she arrived, and do you know what the first thing she did was? She bent right down, started giving me scritches, and told me just how beautiful I was! I decided I liked this ladypeople. She obviously has a lot of sense! Her and the human made an awful lot of talk noise for the longest time, and she brought the human lotsa stuff like litter trays,a special spray for mine to stop anything smelling, some yummy food, some soup for the human and some super duper treats! And you know what? She even brought a present all for me! She's a quilter, and she had some scraps left over, so she made me my very own brightly coloured quilt! It's big and gorgeous and so, sooooo comfy. The human spread it on the sofa, and straight away I climbed on top of it and went to sleep. I absolutely love, love, love it, and it's all mine! Just for me! Especially made! No other cat in the world has one exactly like mine. How cool is that! It's all made from scraps, so has lotsa different colours and textures in it. Oh how I love it!

While she was here, she taught the human to cut my nails without hurting me. She also checked me over. Ok, Ok, I spose I've made you wait long enough. So, here's the bit you've been waiting for.

The ladypeople flipped me over to look at my yummy tummy and my, well, my nimples (I'm not saying the real word. It's not polite!). She said my tummy was indeed yummy, but I decided I didn't want her to see the colour of my nimples. I didn't want to give up my secret after all! No matter how much I shouted though, she persisted until I lay still and let her look. Friends, my nimples, all of them........................... Were pink!!!!!!!!!! That means that I am definitely carrying babies! Friends, I am gonna be a mummycat!

Now that I've told you, I'm glad I have. It's so good to finally be able to talk about all this, to tell you all how excited I am. Oh how super this will be! Nobody knows how many babycats I have inside of me yet, but that doesn't matter. At this stage it's hard to be sure anyway. But I have definitely pinked up, so there's no doubt now. My babies will be born around the 27th of June give or take a few days. I'm so, so excited, and not least because this means that I get nothing but the best food, and as much of it as I want, too! I think that's the bestest thing ever!

My human would like to post a link so that you can all track my pregnancy along with me. It shows pictures of babycats at different stages of development inside a mummycat. However, she's not sure whether she should or not. Obviously, the babies pictured didn't make it. They were taken from cats whose owners wanted them spayed even though they had babycats in them, and we know this will be distressing to many peoples and cats alike. But if we do post it, you'll know exactly what my babies look like as they're getting bigger inside me. What do you all think? Would you like to see, or would you rather not know?

Well, I'm so, so happy today, and that's nothing to the size of the smile my human has on her face! Neither of us can wait until babies arrive!

In quick other news, you should all go and visit House of Cats
where it's Barney's 2nd birthday today. I'm sure he could do with some help celebrating!

Happy, happy mommacat Monday to you all!


Alexi said...

Concatulations on being a momma cat! I luved being a momma cat. My beans said I wuz the bestest momma cat. They called me super mom ! I was such a good mom. Katie's kittens are a week old and growing bigger every day.

ML said...

How furry exciting!!!
Congraulations, I finks you are going to be a wonderful Mommy Cat.
Love & Purrs,

Hannah and Lucy said...

Congratulations Tia - first time lucky. We wonder how many babies you will have and will you keep one of them for yourself. We bet your mum is furry excited at the thought of a pitter pat of baby paws.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Torie said...

Congratulations! That is cool cool cool!

I take it the spray and that are for the kittens so they don't eat anything they shouldn't?

I hope you have a stress free pregnancy.

As for mousies, we've got one too. Ours is under the tumble dryer I think. Ushi keeps going over there and standing all alert. We got a wee thing that you plug into the wall and it sends an altrasonic pulse so that the mouse has to leave, but i'm not sure it works lol.

Take care, xxx.

Random Felines said...

YEAH!! We are very excited for you (but don't need to see pictures - we can wait for yours).

Katnip Lounge said...


We just KNEW you would get you some babies this time! We would rather imagine your kittens than see any...

Oh! And we like "nimples", it made us giggle.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, BABIES! Speedy is already acited, he sez baby kitties are da bestest things in da whole world and we just know yoor gonna be a great mommacat. About da pikshers, mom sez dey would not bother her as she has seen some purrty gruesome stuff and she sez dey can be edju-kay-shunal, but she sez she would put da pikshers on da blog just a link to dem so if da human wants to see dey can. She sez dat she thinks effuryone should hafta see dem so dey know about da bad as well as da good, but, she unnerstands dat some already know and would rather not look...

Furkidsmom said...

ConCatultions!! We're so happy to hear that your going to be a Mommycat!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Angel Sweet Praline said...

This is so exciting! There was a TV show on about a year ago that actually filmed baby kittens developing inside of a cat with a real camera. I'll try to see if I can find out the name of it and if it's still available.

Mom Paula

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations beautiful Tia!!!! Me and Charlie are super excited for you!! Yay!! Well done you!! Take care

The Lee County Clowder said...

Concats on being a mommycat, Momma Tia.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh Tia! I just KNEW you were going to be a mommy cat now. I am so happy for you and your own mommy. I will go and look at the link you gave us.

Lots of love to you and your babies .


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! We are so excited for you! We didn't read this til today but noticed you were staying away from the more adult beverages and the super unhealthy stuff at the party! Kirzon was so glad to be your escort (sorry mom didn't post to you about it earlier - but we saw your comment and hoped it would be ok to mention - mom was going nuts with blogger issues for that post!) We are so excited for you to be a mom - we think you will be so good at it because you do take care of your human very well!!

Everycat said...

Congratulations Tia! We hope your pregnancy goes well and you have some super healthy babies. Oliver has offered his kitten-sitting/licking services should you ever need them :)

Whicky Wuudler