Thursday, 19 May 2011

Things on Thursday

Friends, it's gonna be a bit of a hodge-podge of things today I'm afraid, but that's the only way I can tell you stuff that I need to tell you.

The HG hasn't read the post on Tuesday yet. Me and the human still don't think she's ready to, as she is still a bit of an emotional wreck after Nicki Dogface's passing. However, I know that when she does, she will be so, so thankful for all of the support you showed her. I'd like to thank you all as well. I know you didn't know her, so it's so thoughtful of you to come and wish the HG well. We really do appreciate it more than we can say!

The human says that my pregnancy is coming along well. She noticed the first tiny sign of a bulge yesterday, and today, I asked her for another portion of stinky goodness only about half an hour after eating the first... And that was half a pouch! She gave it to me, and it's all gone already! I've gone back to eating my dry food, cuz she says I'm getting no more wet until bedtime. Heartless human! Doesn't she know that babycats are eating the stuff in my tummy too? She says she's fully aware of that, but also knows that I don't need to double my food intake just yet. I shouldn't eat more until the end of this week apparently, but she's not sticking to that religiously. She says she'll give me a little bit more when I want it, within reason of course. Why do they have to work on reason! Why, why, why! Sure, if I get fat it will make babycats a lot harder to push out, but when it's a choice between that and stinky goodness, does she really think I'll care?

You remember the ladypeople who came to see us on Monday? Well, she left me some really, really, really nice treats which the human held out of my reach until Tuesday night. They're called Thrive, and they're dried cubes of chicken. My goodness are they nice! Ok, you gotta chew them cuz they're too big to swallow whole... I know this. I tried it, multiple times. I don't like chewing. But when you do eventually bite them, boy are they ever nice! I'm only allowed 2-4 bits twice a day though, and that's the not so good part. You should make your peoples buy them for you, even if they are so expensive that my human says I'll only get them on very, very special occasions once this jar is done.

Speaking of the human, she was talking to me today, and one of the things that came up was her suitcase. Now don't get me wrong, I like suitcases a lot, but I know that when they come out, it means the human will be going away for a little while. She confirmed this today when she told me that she would be heading off to see Bug a week from today. It's in a place called Alaska. The human says I wouldn't like it there cuz it's cold and there's snow a lot of the year, but I reminded her that a ladycat in my condition wouldn't let an aeroplane bird eat her anyway. It'd be too much stress. She agrees, and says she's asked my other favourite person, Dogman, to come stay with me for most of the time she's gone. There's only four days when he won't be here, and then Mark, my sort of favourite people, will come stay for those nights. He's only my sort of favourite cuz he doesn't like it when I play attack the feet under the blanket with him when he's making the snore noises in bed.

I will miss the human, but she's gone away and come back before, so I'm not worried about her staying there. I will use the time wisely and concentrate on growing my babycats big and strong. I bet she'll see the difference in my yummy tummy when she comes back! She says we're taking a trip to see the nice vet lady people tomorrow so that she can have a feel of my yummy tummy and tell the human whether she thinks I'm having a big litter or a small one. You can't really get more accurate than that at this stage, so there will still be an element of surprise with the number of babies that come out of me.

The human has been getting things ready. She's ordered lots and lots and lots of kitten food, but she says that this is for me instead of my babies. She says I'll have that all eaten before they start eating, and as she's only ordered 48 pouches of stinky goodness, I agree! That's hardly enough to last me until she gets back! I say that banking on the fact that if I cry enough, Dogman and Mark, who are much less heartless than my human, will believe that I'm starving to death, that the boring dry food is poison, and that I can eat nothing but wet. I'm Ok with that! Hahaha! While the human's away, this cat will play!

She's also ordered me a new scratching post, as she says one of mine is getting too ratty to use propperly now. I love that old post, no matter if it is only a kitten one that I have to really crunch down to scratch on. She says in a few weeks, I won't be able to even do that any more cuz my yummy tummy will be too big. That's not the point! She says I've also got two new toys coming which are supposed to get me more active, as it's very, very important for a mummycat to keep good muscle in her yummy tummy. It makes pushing babies out much more easy, you see. She won't tell me what they are though!

She spent a little of today trying to put together the names of peoples on the waiting list for one of my kittens. We had three, but one of those is looking doubtful, as she still doesn't have her own place to live yet, and none of my babies will go to an uncertain future. If any of you know anybody wanting a little colourpoint Persian baby of mine, please do let me and the human know, and we'll arrange to call you for a chat.

Hmmm, now, what else? There's not much more to tell, actually. The human says she will have a long bath tonight, which means I get to warm her towels for her. She puts them down so that I can sit on them and keep an eye on her while she washes. I'll never understand why they try to drown themselves in a whole tub of water, but that's a whole nother post! I do keep a close eye though. Just like kittens, the human can't be trusted to wash propperly without my snoopervision!

until next time, friends, demand stinky goodness! If you pretend to your peoples that you're pregnant, you might even get it!
Disclaimer: Lady Gardens not essential for pretending you're pregnant. Peoples are stupid. It'll work anyway.


Admiral Hestorb said...

OH good. I don't have my Lady Garden but I'll tell mommy I'm pregnant and that we'll have 5 baby Torties to love. That'll get some stinky goodness any time I ask.


Random Felines said...

We have had baby cats here before and the only time we get their stiny goodness is if we sneak in the room when mom isn't looking. But, no baby cats right now, we mom says we are flat out of luck. rats....

Have fun with those boys - we are sure you will have them wrapped around your paw in no time. And tell you mom to have a safe trip.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! Wow so much excitement going on at your place. We are so excited about the kittens for you! And it is cool that they are helping you get more tasty foods too! We hope your human has a good time on her trip - our mom has always wanted to visit Alaska. And that is great that you have the two softies - we mean nice guys - to stay with you while she is gone!

And boy we are totally jealous of the lucky people who will get to adopt your babies - we know they will be gorgeous just like their mom!

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, we wish you much luck begging from you cat-sitters! Which is a funny term, they don't ever actually SIT on you, do they?

We hope your Human has a good time in Alaska, our Mommy has never been there. Oh, and can boy cats pretend to have kittens, or should we go for the tapeworm story?