Saturday, 14 May 2011

Saturday Stuff

Well, friends, this time, I can't even blame my lack of posting on the human! It's a sad, sad day when I can't find a reason for blaming her. I feel like I'm a failure somehow! This time though, it was the fault of stupid blogger who decided it was going to have a crash. It broke itself somehow for days, and deleted our Thursday and Friday posts. How naughty of it! I'm glad it's back, cuz without it, there's nobody to read my writing, and no reason for me to use smacky-paw on the human to make her type what I'm telling her.

Let's see now, what have I been up to? Not much, truth be told, but I've done a few more things that make the human happy. I'm still scratching for love, and got so confident with it that I even scratched Dogman's leg to make him pick me up. It worked wonderfully! He got all mushy cuz I'd showed him I wanted attention, and he loved on me big time. He even sang me some special songs, all about me! you remember we told you that Dogman makes up songs for Stupid Dogface? Well, I started out with just one song, but now I've got three! And all because I scratched for love!

Then on Thursday, the human picked me up for a cuddle. Even though I'm now comfortable with her cuddling my head, and actually quite like it, I never normally look at her or turn my head towards her when she's stroking me. I prefer to keep my eye on other things. Understandable really. Peoples are ugly things after all. On Thursday though, I was enjoying the tickling so much that I suddenly caught myself looking at her so that she could tikcle both sides of my chin at once. As soon as I realised what I was doing, I tried to look away again, but the human kept cuddling, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead, I snuggled my head right under her chin with my face buried against her neck. She really, really, really liked that, but I wasn't so sure. It's a scary thing to put all your trust in a people, even the human, and not be able to see anything else around you. The human lives in hope that another day will come though.

She gave me a different variety of stinky goodness last night, and, true to form, I didn't do more than lick the gravy off it. I threw up this morning though, and there was loads of it. I did this the other morning, but there was a massive great hairball in it, but as I've done it again today, the human's wondering if the hairball was more a bi-product of morning sickness than the actual cause...

Speaking of morning sickness, I have news about the pregnancy possibilities. Admiral, you asked if I had babycats in my tummy. The answer?............ you're still gonna have to wait until monday! Hahahahaha! Remember, dear friends, if it were just you cats reading, I'd tell you in a heartbeat, but I know your peoples sneakily read too, and it's fun to make them wait and sweat!

The human had a meeting with her new work peoples yesterday. I can't remember if I've allowed her to tell you, but the start date of the new job was delayed due to them needing to finalise paperwork and things, and then because of her broken eyes, they needed to do a risk assessment. That's what she went in to talk about yesterday. They'd identified areas where they weren't sure how she'd cope, like mobilising and suctioning patients safely, that sort of thing, and she had to give them the solutions she's used in the past to overcome those hurdles. They say that they need to then take the results to senior management and they would have the ultimate decision. Either way though, we should know by the end of next week. The human doesn't really want to start until my babies are up and grown though, so although she's happy that this is moving forward, she wishes that it had started either sooner or later, cuz starting a new job when there are babycats around is goign to be very stressful for all of us! I'll let you know as soon as she finds anything out though.

Today, the human has made a new game for me. She has wedged two ping-pong balls in between the cushion and the edge of the sofa. If I lie belly down on her knee, I can reach out my front paws and try and get the balls out. As soon as I do, she takes them and puts them back and then I get to whap them all over again. It's an awful lot of fun!

She says I'd better be ready for house cleaning big time today and tomorrow though. She's gonna dust, scrub the kitchen floor, drag out the sucky monster and, horror of horrors, de-fur everything! I know, it's awful! She says she's even gonna de-fur me with a brush so that I can't fur it all back up once she's done cleaning it. how heartless is she! I don't know how I'm going to manage. Anybody got a spare corner I can crawl into and hide? I might even whisper you my secret about the babycats while I avoid the sucky monster!


Admiral Hestorb said...
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Admiral Hestorb said...

Honey, you come RIGHT over here. I'll lend you MY own closet...and I'll have my ears pointed right at you under the door while you tell me your secret! Pawhugs

zoolatry said...

Thank you, Miss Tia... you've given us something new to think upon... scratching for love. Good idea, great idea.
As for eating just the gravy; you and Maggy must have been sharing secrets, that sounds very familiar.
We can't wait to hear 'bout yes/no on the tia-babies!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are getting so excited waiting for your news Tia - and your mom shouldn't use that noisy machine when you are about and fancy de-furring everything cos you'll be worn out putting all the furs back in their proper places on the carpet and chairs.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

sam said...

Hi, I am Sam. Penelope (the Cat From Hell) is my sister. She has not been to your blog but she is friends with Admiral Hestorb and Zoolatry and Hannah and Lucy so I shall tell her to visit your blog too! I found you through the blog hop!
Tail Wags

Bengal Trio - Luna, Zulu -n- Mercy said...

OMC Babys? You better have a relaxing Caturday den. PURRS2U
Bengal Trio =^_^=

Father Tom said...

With everything going on, you can always come over here and hide with us!

Have a good weekend!


Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, we have just the spot for you to relax, c'mon over.
You know, we specialize in re-furring houses, so as soon as your Human is done de-furring we'll come over and do our thing. The Baby is especially good at shooting her fur.
We can't wait for kitten news!

Angel Sweet Praline said...

I can't wait to hear the news about possible kittens!

Mom Paula