Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day! May Day! I Need Help!

Friends, I do indeed need help! I'm in a right state, and it's all because of that human! I'll tell you, but I beg any kitten readers not to read any further. What I am about to discuss is so horrid, so foul that no young cat should have to hear about it. Well, here goes!

The day started normally enough, that is with me attacking the human's feets under the blanket thing and then, just as she got really, really cheesed off, crawling up beside her purring so sweetly that she was helpless and just cuddled me. Victory! But friends, it was not to last for long. Oh, if only I'd known!

As normal, she got up, but here's where the trouble started. Normally in the morning she'll give me a portion of stinky goodness which I turn my nose up at. I do this with all stinky goodness cuz it keeps her buying new varieties to try me on, and means that my diet is nice and varied! Forget the stress it causes her to find something I'll like. I just sneak a few bites when she's not around. Anyway, this morning, she didn't give me it! I did still have dried down, but that's soooooooo booooooooring! I did shout and shout at her, but she just ignored it. Later she told me she'd forgotten to give me stinky goodness. Forgotten? I could have starved! Died of hunger with only an endless supply of dried stuff to sustain me! Honestly, friends, I felt quite faint every time I looked at that empty spot where my stinky goodness dish should have been.

So, I wasn't in the best of moods, but when she went into the hall, I followed her on appropriately shakey legs, and with the right amount of piteous crying. It still didn't soften her. She went to my litterbox room and she started to clean the boxes. I have two now. She says she's trying to change me to a litter that is better for the environment and that is more hygienic. It clumps so that all my pee can be scooped out, but if one of my babies eats it, it isn't harmful. It's not clay based, and the clumps do break down if they get too wet, so any eaten stuff passes right through their tummies. However, she remembers what happened last time when she changed my litter and I peed and peed on her sofa, so she says she's gonna give me the choice. So far I've been using both trays, but I'm slowly going more and more in the new one. in fact, most of my pee and, um, number twos are done in that tray now, but I do use the old one occasionally just to make sure she doesn't take it away!

Anyway, back to my story. So, she started to clean. Where's the problem with that, I hear you say? Well, there's no problem with her cleaning, but there was a huge problem with where she put the stuff she took out! I watched in disbelief as she went into her litterbox room, opened the lid on the bowl of fresh water, broke up my clumps and put them in there! I've told you about this before when I spoke of her disgusting, wasteful litterbox habits, but I was hoping this would stop. I watched her make trip after trip to put my clumps in the water, and with each journey, I got angrier. I got in her way a few times. I even purred at her thinking that if I could distract her by making her cuddle me, she'd not keep fouling perfectly good water. But friends, she wouldn't be put off!

When my trays were clean, she went and pulled a lever on the water bowl. A lot of water came into the bowl and washed my clumps away, and suddenly it was all clean water again. But I still can't come to terms with the waste of water that would have kept my thirst away for weeks! What is it with these peoples? They have no respect for things! They don't share their stinky goodness with us. They ration what we eat, what we poo in, how many fresh water sources we have, and yet, when it comes to their own habits, they are more wasteful than, well, than anything else!

How can I stop her doing this? She may care about the environment, but I care about my water! I need a solution, as none of mine appear to be working! I anxiously await your replies.


Katnip Lounge said...

We are speechless with shock! Sure, we don't want to revisit our poop, but to wantonly flush them away! Horrifying.

But not as bad as no stinky goodness. We are surprised you're still alive. Sheesh, we're gonna have nightmares now!

Catsparella said...

When will humans ever learn!! ?

I'm very sorry to hear about your very horrible, no good, bad day, but I did want to stop by to say thank you for wishing my Charlie a happy birthday :)

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh how DARED she do that! The very NERVE!!!