Friday, 6 May 2011

The Ones Who Came Before

Hi there to all of you. Well, again it's been a few days since I've written, but that's mainly cuz there's not much to tell. I've been good, believe it or not!

The human has been watching me very closely to see whether I'll reveal if I have kittens inside me or not, but so far, there's nothing conclusive. Sorry, mom Trish and the Katnip Krew. I'd tell you cats of course, but I know your Trish people wants to know real bad, and given the way she tortures you by putting your treats out of reach and preparing you for the stew pot, I'm not sure that it's worth your lives giving you a secret that she wants. it would be on my conscience forever if someone like the very handsome Scoutey got made into cat stew!

I've been very affectionate with the human, coming for cuddles and sleeping on her whenever she'll let me. She got hopeful, as this is one of the signs of pregnancy, but normally it doesn't get to be seen until much later. To put paid to that notion, I ignored her all day yesterday.

She's making sure I have stinky goodness down at all times. It's important for a mummycat to have excellent nutrition and stay very well hydrated. For the last week I've eaten it all. Again, the human thought I might be pregnant. Just like ladypeoples, we cats also have cravings and taste changes when we're pregnant, and she thought my preference might have changed to stinky goodness. I even ate a brand that I'd told her I didn't like before! But then yesterday I stopped altogether, and today I didn't eat any either, so she filled up my dry bowl again and I've been crunching into that.

It's still too early for me to pink up too. There's an online pregnancy calendar that the human is following that tells her that today, my babies will finish implanting into the wall of my uterus, so today the pregnancy cements itself. In the next week I should begin to pink up nicely, although we'll not know until my human's friend comes to see us. you remember the ladypeople whose mummycat had that litter of six? Well, she's coming Monday after this one, and she'll look at me to see if I'm pinking by then. Only then will it be Ok to divulge the secret of whether I'm carrying kittens. I'm sorry to hold out on you all, but I don't trust those nosy peoples! Anyway, it's fun to make them wait!

There were a couple of questions raised after my last post which i'll try to answer in brief here.

We did have mummycat for a few months, but she didn't settle in the house and spent most of her time hiding in her dirty litterbox which resulted in her getting fungal infections and all sorts. Mummycat had been shipped around a fair bit. First she started off as a babycat with her first breeder, then was sold to another breeder. That's where I was born. For some reason, that other breeder sold her and me to a new home, so mummycat's third. That was where the human found her, but in all the other houses, she'd been kept in a cattery setting; one room where all the cats were. When she came to a house, she just couldn't cope with the change. If she was put in a small room with the door closed, she'd come out, but only when things were quiet. It took my human ages and ages for mummycat to feel comfortable with even her, and as soon as any stranger came even into the house, never mind in her room, she was back in her dirty box again. She was lonely in there, constantly crying for another cat, but when her door was opened, she couldn't deal with the extra space or the noises of a house like the horrible sucky monster which I ignore now, and the little man in the computer and the TV... And goodness help us if a visitor came! We wouldn't see her for days!

She started to lose weight and wasn't eating so good. Even apetite pills didn't really see her right, and the only time she was even sort of happy was when there was another cat in her room with her. The human didn't want to make another cat live in just one room, knowing that they would then turn out the same way as mummycat. She called the breeder and asked if mummycat could come back to an environment where she was happy. Although the human doesn't really approve of keeping cats in catteries, she knows that breeders will always do it. If cats were being kept there anyway, Mummycat could join them. The human knew that this was probably the only place where mummycat would be happy. Sometimes help just comes too late for some of us cats, and in mummycat's case, this was true. My human cried buckets and buckets when she brought her back, and even considered going home when she was halfway there, but ultimately she knows that her responsibility lies in doing what is best for the cat, not the heart of a people. So no, we don't have mummycat any more, but the human still gets a massive big lump in her throat every time she thinks about her and what she could have been if she lived with peoples who keep their cats with free run of the house like she does. Mummycat touched a part of the human's heart so deep that I can't even get there. She says every cat does this in a different way and that I have my own special place, but I keep telling her that I'm her bestest cat, so I should have it all! Still, I sort of like it that I share a heart with mummycat.

As for Anna, she also was rehomed. As a kitten, Anna was perfect for the human. She loved a cuddle, she purred a lot, she enjoyed being picked up. She wasn't destructive. In short, she was an angel! But overnight all that seemed to change.

In the space of one weekend, Anna decided that she didn't want to be picked up at all by the human. She had occasionally pooped outside the litterbox, but now she started doing it in random places, and doing it all the time. She began to scratch things up real bad. She started trying her hardest to bolt outside every time there was even a hint of a door opening. These were only some of the problems. Anna had many more, and they kept growing by the day.

over many, many months, almost a year i think, the human tried everything, and I do mean everything, to get her to at least want to be cuddled. Because of her eyes being broken, touch is really important to her. That's part of the reason I let her snuggle me so much, cuz she needs to feel my beautiful floof to appreciate it. If Anna had just allowed the occasional cuddle, the human would have done her best to cope with the rest. But there was nothing doing. My human knew she was unhappy. She was so desperate to go outside, and the human just couldn't let her do it. Eventually, after many failed attempts to make herself do what would make anna happier, she plucked up the courage and rehomed her to where she could go outside and do all of the running she wanted to with peoples who didn't need to pick her up cuz they could see her fur and could watch her play. She was going to tell you about the night when little Anna left, but she can't. She's got all upset all over again just telling the story, specially as it's so close to Anna's birthday. She was 2 on the 26th of last month. The human still misses her like she only left yesterday, and she says she doesn't think that this is going to be one of those aches that gets easier in time.

Ok, I'm gonna stop writing now. I have a human to snuggle until her eyes stop leaking. I suppose this level of upset just serves to remind me how much this particular human loves all of us, even if we have only been with her a few months, or destroyed her house or refused to love her in return. Hmmmm, maybe I will give her kittens after all. Then she'll be too busy to be upset over other cats, and will have someone loving on her all the time! Snuggle those peoples, friends. Sometimes, just very occasionally, they deserve it... But mostly only if they've got a treat in their pocket!


Angel Sweet Praline said...

Be sure to let us know as soon as you find out if there are any kittens in there.

Mom Paula

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! We are excited to find out if you have any kittens but we can understand why you are keeping quiet for now. You do have to keep the humans guessing.

We remember when your human had to let mummycat move back to the cattery. We felt so bad for your human because we know she loved her and we felt bad for mummycat being so scared all the time. We know your human was being selfless when she put mummycats happiness over her own.

And we are sad about her having to rehome Anna too - we know it had to be hard for her but with her broken eyes it would have been difficult for both of them to have Anna stay there. We hope her new home is happy for her.

And we know you will cuddle your human a lot so she won't be so sad. Our mom is the same way - heck, she got leaky just reading the stories. And we know cat cuddles help that kind of sad to go away or at least feel a bit better.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Tia, I love you. I hope you have some babies in there..I will be waiting to know and if there are, I can't wait to see them. xoxox You will be a wonderful mommy.

Katnip Lounge said...

Miss Tia, it's a blast making our Mommy wait for news. She's all excited for next week.

Mommy had to give a kitty up once. She knows now that it probably was her fault and to this day that's the most she can talk about it.