Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Food? What food!

Friends, my human is a cruel, heartless ladypeople, do you know that! She is absolutely awful to me, and I'm sure what she's done this time will kill me!... Or somethin equally as dramatic.

She's messing with my food! Lately, she's given into my desires for only one type of stinky goodness. Problem is that the brand I've chosen is one of those that's low in meat and high in grain, and it's also very expensive. Who cares, I say, as long as I get what i want. But she's not convinced. For months she's tried to insist that I eat stinky goodness that has more meat and less sugar in it, but other than the last few weeks when I've sort of cooperated, I haven't been interested. I blame the last few weeks on the possibility of kittens. It's not my fault if my food tastes change!

The human knows that an expectant mummycat needs to have more wet food available to her so that she can fill up on that, so instead of giving me half a poutch each day, she upped it to a whole one which she gave me at night before she went for her sleepy time. By the time morning came, I'd pretty much finished it, but this is where the problems started. She always leaves boring old dry down for me, cuz she knows that cats should have access to food whenever they want it. Sensible human! She also knows that pregnant mummycats need to fill up whenever the urge takes them. But I wasn't doing that. I loved this stinky goodness so much that I wouldn't eat my dried food at all. Now, this is a problem because we Persians don't really eat much at all, and 70% of stinky goodness is water, so we need to eat a heck of a lot more stinky than dried to get the same nutrition. Because our faces are flatter, we tend to eat less on the whole, which is why the dry food has to be super high calory to keep us looking plump and gorgeous. Problem is, as my babycats grow bigger in my tummy, I will need to eat more and more, up to four times what I'd normally need to keep me looking pretty. The recommended feeding is 2 pouches of this stinky goodness per day, so when my babies are growing, I'll need to eat up to eight in a day to get the same nutrition, and that just isn't possible. I won't have the room in my tummy for that much! Nor will I be able to eat it. It takes me all night and sometimes well into the morning to finish even one pouch, let alone trying to cram eight in in a single day!

My human tried to peak my interest in my dried again by hand-feeding me a bit. I ate like I really wanted it, but when I went to the bowl, there was no stinky goodness there. In an attempt to make her give me more, I stopped eating the dried in the bowl, knowing I could hold out for my stinky goodness which always came at bedtime.

Except last bedtime, it didn't. She went into the kitchen as normal. She opened the cupboard where my stinky goodness is kept, but all she got out was a bottle of water for herself. I shouted at her to remind her it was feeding time, but she didn't listen. She just closed the cupboard, picked me up, put me in front of my dry food bowl and carried on getting ready for bed. Of course, I didn't eat, but followed her into the bedroom instead. I have another bowl of food there too, and when my crying got really loud, she set me in front of this one. Again, I ignored it and kept asking for stinky goodness, and again, she ignored me. "Tia, I need to balance your needs against what you want," she said in an entirely too smug tone for my liking. "When those babies grow, you'll need a concentrated form of nutrition as well as your wet food, and I can't have you getting into the habit that dried isn't a food source, because then you'll not get enough of what you need, and both you and babies will suffer. I was prepared to give you as much wet as you wanted, but only if you ate the dried in between without a fuss." She went on to explain to me that she knew I was hungry and that's why she wasn't feeding me stinky goodness, cuz she knew I'd eat the dried before the night was out. I swore I wouldn't.

When she woke at 0 dark thirty to the sound of my kibble crunching, she was nice enough not to comment, and this morning, we both pretended like it didn't happen. But I've nibbled at my bowl today, so the human is pleased. She says she might split the pouches in half again so that I can't just fil up on wet and will still remember where my dried food is. Then she will give me a little bit morning and evening and make me eat dry in between. What do you think, friends? Isn't she cruel? Please, tell her how horrible she is and maybe she'll change her mind! I want stinky goodness all the time! Double what I usually get is not enough!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! We are sorry about the feeding situation but your human is right - you do need to get a lot of nutrition right now. We have read that mommycats sometimes are fed kitten food while the babies are in their tummies because it is higher in nutrition. We haven't been mommycats but we have tried kitten food when the new cats come in and are little - and boy, we totally loved both the wet and dry - so maybe your human will try that with you. If so you have to eat that dry - oh it is so yummy (oh boy, we have to admit that it is so yummy we almost wish we had a new little brother or sister here - almost).

Oh, and we saw your comment about the toy exchange - mom did a crummy job reading the comments yesterday and missed Marg's comment, so mom mentioned it today (though mom thinks a used toy exchange is a good idea too since we have a lot of barely touched toys - maybe we will try that). And we are sorry that you missed the ducky but we have to admit that part of why we liked it so much is because we could smell you on it!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Tia darling! Atr you pregnant for certain??? I an THRILLED!!!

The Zoolatry Girls said...

Tia ~ I'm sure Maggy and Zoey would agree with you about stinky goodness vs. dry food... but their human only allows a "little bit" of the first, and a lot of the latter. She says "it's better for us!"

Katnip Lounge said...

We were going to suggest kitten food, too! There are nutritional pastes for you to lick up too, have your human ask your vet if those would be good for you. Kona got nutracal to supplement her when she got so thin a few months back.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh man our comment disapeared - we hoped maybe we got in in early enough. Well, we hope that the comments come back soon - mom thought it was a good one and can't remember what she said now!