Monday, 6 December 2010

Bad, Bad Human

She's doing that thing again, you know the one where she doesn't be a good secretary for me? That one. She says she's been stupidly busy all weekend, and has just been too tired to post. Rubbish, I say.

We've had an eventful weekend. Dogface got sick again. She had to go stay with the vet peoples on Saturday, and she's only just come home today. So it seems that Mr Bug is back. He's come to visit the human a little bit, but not me yet, thankfully. He obviously knows that if he did, I'd whap him good! So he avoids me.

The human has also been doing more of the papers that she calls job applications. They seem to take a very, very long time to complete. It makes me mad that she spends so much time writing on papers that I can't see the point of, yet she won't give me ten minutes a day to write a post! She says that she's looking ahead to the future, that she's trying to make it better for us. I find this hard to believe. With such a limited capacity as peoples have, I'm of the opinion that it would tax their brains too much to try and predict the future, but they will insist on trying, silly things. She says if she gets any of these jobs, we can move to a new house, but how exactly this is supposed to be better, I don't know. She says it brings her closer to her old friends, but all that means for me is less lap time. I'm not sure I'm keen on that idea.

One thing I am keen on though is Santa Paws. I got my person who I'm giving stuff to today, and me and the human are very, very excited. We've started shopping already! We have a question though. when you send off your gift, are you sposed to put something in there that tells the person who you are, or does it stay a secret for ever and ever and ever? I ask cuz I don't want to do something naughty... Gotta be nice to make sure you get gifts from Santa Paws, after all!

Hey, have you noticed my side bar? Clowder helped me put up lotsa goodies called site counters. They're one of the few peoples invensions that I can see a use for. They let us see how many of you come to see us every day, and that's pretty neat, isn't it?

We're all out of stinky goodness too. The human ordered some ages and ages and ages ago, but when the parcel came today, it had everything in it that we ordered sept the foods. I'm very upset about this, but nowhere near as angry as the human. She's furious, and has written to ask the company why they didn't send it. Good human. It's acceptable, even encouraged, to get righteously angry when my foods don't turn up. Ah well, guess it's more tuna tonight instead. how shall I manage! I don't know, but manage I shall. Somehow.

Until tomorrow. I don't know if I'll have a Tortureshell though. Too risky if I wanna be sure of getting gifts. I'll bide my time till January. Um, I mean I'll never have a Tortureshell again, Mr Santa. Never!


Katnip Lounge said...

Gosh, do you think you'll be able to choke down more tuna? Sheer torture!

You must sit ON the keyboard. Trust us, you'll get attention that way!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! We are sorry that dogface and the human got that bug again - we are glad it is smart enough to stay away from you (and we hope it stays that way!)

We understand about the job applications. Our mom fills them out sometimes too and they take forever! But we just keep reminding ourselves that jobs=green papers = foods.

We notices the site counters - that is cool that you got some so you can keep track. You get quite a few visitors for sure - you are already up to 36 and since it has only been a couple days that is good! We hope you get a bunch more Friday when we do our Friends on Friday post - since we will be in the Pet Blogs United Blog Hop too that will get the counter up fast!

And oh the foods - well that is just awful! We can't believe the company didn't send you any! But at least you can have tuna til it comes - that is good. We like tuna but don't get it very often - so we are actually a little jealous!

We think being good right now is a good idea by the way - Santa Paws likes good kitties!

Puss-Puss said...

Tia, it's clear that you need to up the ante a bit. If your human is doing something she oughtn't do (i.e. not paying attention to YOU) then you need to start getting in between her and whatever it is and just interrupting it. Put your paw between her ear and the phone. Lay on her papers. Swat away her pencil. Santa Paws won't mind. It's that Santa Claus character that's so uptight about behavior--and if he was a cat, he'd know better. Just make sure that the more you interrupt, the more you purr.

Mmm, tuna...


Sweet Praline said...

Tia, so sorry your mom and dogface are sick again. I hope you stay healthy!

As far as the Secret Paws is concerned - YES - please put something in your package letting your kitty know who you are! Sometimes people drop a little something in their for the humans, too!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh Tia darling. TUNA! What a terrible fate! (may I come and have some with you??)

"The Boys" and Karen said...


"The Boys" and I are sure glad you stopped by "our house" at Kittens 'n Things this morning... so we could meet you.

Now we know where to go when we want TUNA!

Tuna is definitely a very good substitute for stinky goodness.

Sorry to learn you've got sick family members, but with you helping to nurse them back to health, surely they won't be sick for long.

You stay well now, you hear?

Oh, and we joined your follower list. We've also bookmarked your site so we'll be back often.

Torie said...

Well Tia i'm sorry to hear that Carlie and dog face got sick. Bit crap!

So what is the secret paws thingie you're doing? Sounds cool!

Take care, and I don't know how you'll cope with having to eat the tuna! It must be awful for you!! Xxx.