Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Day

It's crazy here. There's white stuff everywhere, and it often looks like the sky is falling apart. It comes down in huge flurries just like rain does, only this stuff seems to float on the wind instead of falling. The human came in from taking Dogface for a pee today and there was some in her hair. I didn't show any interest. To be honest, I didn't want to get close to it. If it's bits of sky, then it must be very heavy, and I don't want to risk one of them falling on me accidentally.

The human says we have over four inches of white sky on the ground now. She still can't go to the work hunt. I was worried about this as it could mean no foods for me until she told me that she'd just ordered some more which might arrive tomorrow, and that the work hunt would still give her moneys even though she was at home cuz she couldn't travel in because of the white sky falling. I'll never understand peoples. I mean, I'm glad they're giving her the moneys cuz we need them for food and tuna and ping pong balls and catnip and, I suppose, for human stuff too, but why are they giving her moneys when she didn't even hunt anything for them? It makes no sense at all. That's like someone having a ping pong ball and not playing with it. It's mind boggling!

She's been working on the text of a website today, so there's been a lot of tippy-tapping. She's made time for snuggling with me though, so I can't complain too much. She even gave me nip today, but she put it on the carpet instead of letting me eat it out of her hand like I usually do. I was a bit nonplused and just stared at it. What, did she think I was going to turn into Dogface and eat it off the carpet? I don't think so! "But Tia," she said, "You're supposed to roll around in it and get all excited and stuff." Roll around? I've never rolled in nip before in my life, sept that fresh plant she brought home and when I did that, she complained about me squishing it and killing it. Honestly, she never seems to be able to make up her mind!

I was reading about Herman's nip ball today. I've never had one, but I think it's something I should have. The human says she's never heard of them either. If you ask me, that's a lame excuse. Just cuz she doesn't know what it is or where to get it doesn't mean it's Ok for me to be deprived, does it!

Speaking of toys, we're going to order our things for Santa Paws soon. The human is very excited about this. Half of me is, cuz we get to give toys to other cats and show them what we have in England, and part of me isn't, cuz, whatever way you look at it, it's hard to see that many nip toys go somewhere else when they've been in your house. I'm sure nobody would mind if I tested a few of them out, right?

In response to some comments, Kassey, I sure do have catitude, in fact, I've got tortitude! If you look carefully, you should see the tortie on my face and feet and tail. I'm not sure how well it's come out in the photo though. For the most part, I pretend I don't have tortitude so that the human thinks she's trained me. Trained! Laughable, isn't it? Every now and again though, it comes bursting out of me, and I just can't keep it hidden enough when I have photos taken, which is why you and your people spotted it! I'd love to show you my white sky, but the human doesn't have anyone here with a flashy box and working eyes to take a picture for her. It's a pity, as she says it would probably be a beautiful sight. It's all piled up on our grass outside.

Catnip Lounge crew, did you perplex your people in the end by sleeping in strange spots? I hope you did. What fun! Tori, thanks for the suggestion about the counter. Clouder, I have to apologise for my human who, once again, has been slow. She says she promises to email you tonight, but we need to know if the address you gave us is the one you want added to our blog? We still love the idea of a counter!

Ok, that's all from me. It's Dogface's time to go out in the white sky again. I'm glad she gets to freeze in place of me!


The Lee County Clowder said...

Yuck! Four inches of snow must make it a real pain for your human to get around. Snow always looks much nicer viewed from a warm windowsill.

The email address from a few days ago is the one we use for blogging. Just to simplify things for your human "danielse(at) iowatelecom (dot) (net)" with what should be the obvious tweaks to try to keep spammers at bay.

Karen said...

we have yet to get snow here. Yes is the word...

Katnip Lounge said...

GAH! Mommy hates snow. Guess that's why we live in Las Vegas!
We DID mix up the sleeping arrangements last night...Salem slept with Mommy (rare) and we took the ENTIRE bed so Mommy had to sleep nearly sideways! It was wonderful.

Helena said...

We had about 8inches of snow but it rained in the night and a lot of it has gone. I did have enough left to build a snowbear though.

Thank you again for your kind message for FLuffy. We went back to the vet today and I have posted an update. He saw lots of bladder lining cells in her wee. We won't have the blood test results till Tuesday. He thinks there may be a tumour :( but I don't know.... I can't find much about bladder lining cells! I hope it is an after effect of all the anti-biotics... fingers and toes crossed. Please keep your paws crossed!

Admiral Hestorb said...

I am glad you went to see Helena. I was there too but I cannot help. I so wish I could. I hate anyone's baby to be sick and their pawrents worried. I worry over the Admiral and her illness is under control.

The Admiral begs me, her mommy, to tell Tia that she thanks Tia for her advice and she is extra extra glad that Tia heard her singing out so strongly and clearly when we both went to the V-E-T office. Admiral would say so herself but she is punishing me and won't dictate to me so I am left to my own devices as her mommy.. Maybe tomorrow.