Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Wow, wow, wow! It's finally here, our 100th post! Me and the human are finding it hard to believe. It doesn't seem like more than a few weeks since we started blogging, but actually, it's been months and months. We never thought we'd get to this point, but here we are, and what a time of year to celebrate our first hundred ! Christmas is gone, new year is coming, and this is the nice quiet in-betweeny bit... just perfect for a celebration!

We told you yesterday that we were going to do a few things to celebrate, but first of all, we have an announcement to make. It's a big one, friends, cuz it has to do with my human. If you allow your peoples to read, I'd advise that they get ready to scream! Ready? Set? Go!

The human got her physiotherapy job! We found this out before Christmas, but we knew this post was coming, so we thought we'd keep it secret for a big announcement. Even though peoples are silly enough to need her to constantly duplicate telling them how good she was (application form, personal development portfolio, CV, then the interview), they did manage in the end to see what I saw at a glance. My human is awesome! That's why I chose to train her, you know. Once they'd spoken to her, they said that they wanted her. She was surprised though. They ask questions about clinical knowledge in the interview, and she thought it was one of the worst ones she'd done ever, but when they gave her the job, they said her knowledge was far above and beyond what they would expect from someone of the grade of job she's applied for. This made her kinda mad and sad and cynical all at the same time, as she wonders about the other interviews she's done where she got no constructive feedback as to why she didn't get the job. She knows folks are scared of letting someone with broken eyes go work hunting for them, but it's hard to prove is all. She doesn't care though. This is a good place. It's the top unit in the whole of the UK for spinal injuries, and it's in a good place. She can even live in the house she lived in when she was in university, so she's reasonably familiar with the area too. Her closest friend from university even works in the same place! She is so, so happy, and I'm happy for her! I was even more happy when she told me the house we'd be living in is Dogman's! he's moving out, you see. So I don't even have to get used to a new place when we move! isn't that wonderful? She won't start her new job for a few months, as they need a lot of paperwork through to prove she's a good person and has no criminal record, but that just gives me more time to prepare her for what she will encounter.

So, on to how we're going to celebrate. First of all, we'd like to do something to help out other cats. As you know, our friend Chrystal is trying so hard to get enough money to build a house for all the super cats she's rescued. We'd like to help with that, but we don't have lots of moneys thanks to one thing and another, and my vets bills! Even still though, we'd like to give something. As it's been 2.5 years since the human started looking for a physio job to the time she got one, we're going to use that number to set our donation. So we will donate $25 to Chrystal's efforts! We're sorry it's not more, Chrystal, but we hope it helps in some small way!

Speaking of moneys, we bought an item in the auction for Chrystal's cathouse not so long ago. Debb sent us an email about how to pay for it, but the human has managed to lose it and doesn't know how to pay for the item she won. She only remembered about it when she thought of donating to Chrystal today. Debb, if you're reading, please could you email us again? So sorry it's taken the human so long!

Now to the second way we'd like to celebrate, and this one depends on you. Christmas is the season for giving and receiving, and I'd like to do that. Moneys are a people thing. I accept that they are useful, but they don't really mean much to us cats. I let the human celebrate her success with her moneys, but I'd like to do it in a moore practical way.

I know that many of my readers live in America and far, far away over the ocean. I'm almost a bit tentative to put this out here bearing in mind the response I had to my last competition, but I'm going to anyway. Different countries have different toys for us to play with. You Americans have things like Pawbreakers, for example, that we poor, deprived cats can only dream of! But then, we have super toys that you can stuff full of catnip, so I guess it balances.

I'm rambling again, aren't I? To come to the point, I thought it would be kind of nice to celebrate my 100th post by doing a toy exchange. I'd love to exchange gifts with one of you from a different country, so that you can see what kind of toys we have here and I can see what you have too. I know finances are tight around this time of year, so I'll understand if you would rather not, especially cuz Secret Paws is just done. But this is a different take on things. Rather than it just being toys, it would be country specific, or, more propperly, typical cat toys for the cats living in those countries. What do you all think?

My human is coming back to me tomorrow, and I can't wait to see her! It's been far, far too long since I got scratches from her, if you ask me. She has to get up at super dark AM tomorrow, even before the birds have come up! That's how she'll catch her bird to fly back to me, you see, cuz she'll be awake before him. I think she's going to sneak up, wait till he yawns, then jump into his mouth when he isn't looking. that way he won't worry about tummy ache as he did on the way over, and hopefully it will mean that he'll fly rather than cancelling. Paws crossed, please. I want her back with all possible speed!


Random Felines said...

CONCATULATIONS!! 100 posts and a NEW JOB!! What wonderful and exciting news! We are very excited for you. Since we got to be first to comment, we would love to exchange toys with you.... (we is in Ohio, US)

ML said...

Wow, 100 posts.
ConCATulashuns. And on yours noo job.
Love & Purrs,

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! Congrats on 100 posts! And congrats to your human on her new job! How exciting! And that is so cool that she can move into Dogmans house - that will make it so easy for both of you to get used to it!

And that is so awesome of you to donate to Chrystal for the cat house - she is so wonderful to do all she does for the cats and dogs she helps - we know she will be so grateful for the donation!! That cathouse is going to be built so quickly the way things are going!

We wish we could help you with the payment thing for the auction - we usually donate stuff when we can so we have the mailing part, not the paying part.

And we would love to do the toy exchange too - we are in the US also though (we see Random Felines want to too) and we are near Chicago - so we don't think we have much different stuff than the Random Felines do, but we will play anyway - just let us know what we need to do (and then wait 20 years while mom finally gets it together and to the post office)!!

Torie said...

Congrats Carlie! I know the time flies by Tia when blogging. I have been blogging for 4 years now lol!!

Take care, and well done! Xxx.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Congratulations on your human's new job. That is exciting news. And she'll be home tomorrow. More exciting news.

Old Kitty said...

CONGRATULATIONS to your human for getting the physiotherapist's job!!! That is just the best news!!! yay for her!!!

Awww congratulations with your 100th post!!! And what a really thoughtful donation to Chrystal!

We think your idea for exchanging gifts is so lovely!!!! Good luck with it!!

Me and Charlie have everything crossed your human catches her flight!! Take care

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Congratulations on your 100th post and congrats to your "bean"! Great news!

Thank you for helping Chrystal!!!

Jan told me that you needed the address of the auction again. Here it is:

There is a donate/payment button on the auction blog.

You can just use that to access PayPal. Did you receive the crystal bowl?

Please let me know!!! How is Tia???

my email is:

Harry Spotter said...

Congrats on your 100th post.

Katnip Lounge said...

ConCats on your 100th post! We have enjoyed them very much. It's interesting learning about your Human and how she copes with having broken eyes. We are so THRILLED for her and her new job! Shame on you for keeping it secret for so long! We think 2011 is gonna be a great year for you and your Mom.
xx The Lounge Kats

Karen said...

congrats on the post and the job ;) Is dogman taking molly? Or is she going to stay with you when you move?

Admiral Hestorb said...

we wanted to thank you for all of your care and love to me during my sickness. ♥♥

Mommy will let me come back soon to comment.

The Lee County Clowder said...

We all grab hands and yell WAY TO GO, CARLY HUMAN!!

Sweet Praline said...

Wow! Such wonderful news for everyone. I am so happy for your mom and her new job. You are so sweet to donate to Chrystal. She does a wonderful thing.

Happy 100th post!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Here I am again. Concatulations on 100 posts, Tia. And concatulations on the new job. (((HUGS))) to you both.

Now,mommy has helped you a lot so you keep being sweet to mommy and give her a lot of snuggles for this coming Happy New Year.

Mommy said she would think about the exchange.

Puss-Puss said...

Dear Tia,

I am reposting this because I am having such a terrible time leaving comments today, for some reason. So I am sorry if you get more than one comment fragment from me...

That is wonderful news about your human's new job! She must be very grateful to you, because you trained her so well that she can get such a good job and keep you in the style to which you intend to become accustomed. And accustom yourself to it, my friend, because it is your doing! Reading this post was a boost in the paw for me, because it showed me that the job of training a human, although it usually feels thankless, does sometimes pay off.

I am glad that you all are well, and hope you all have a very Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh. I ran over here and read this post when it first went up. I got all excited and jumped up and down - for the donation and in celebration about the NEW JOB!! Then I clicked out and hit the email to thank the mom (whom I have emailed with before) for celebrating by giving US a donation. In the process of all of the excitement, I completely forgot to leave a comment. This could have been the level of excitement (or age) (or TOO much going on).
And C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!!!!!!!!!!!!