Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Almost a Century!

Isn't that old? I think so. That's almost the age of my human. Ah, ignore the indignant noise she's making. Truth hurts! Seriously though, we are almost a century of sorts. Tomorrow will be our 100th post! isn't that crazy! Seems only like yesterday that I started blogging to you all, and now, here we are. I do plan to celebrate my nice round number of posts in two ways, but I'll talk to you all about that tomorrow, or whenever I make the big post.

Today, I don't really have much to report. I've been snoopervising Dogman and keeping Dogface in her place. I'm a bit worried about her, actually. I mean, what's going to happen when I leave? I'm not being condescending or anything, but Dogface's brain is so small that I fear she'll forget that place as soon as I hightail my furry little butt out the door. What's to be done about it? I feel for her, and want her to be able to remember her place in the world, but I also have a human to keep under the paw, and I can't do that whilst snoopervising Dogface in her new home. My responsibility has to end somewhere, but it's hard to just let go when you've owned something as long as I have. I mean, you might think that seven months isn't a terribly long time, but it is when you've spent most of it in training them. They've come a long way, the Dogface and the human. Dogface has learned to wait while I drink her water, and to jump off her bed as though someone had lit a fire under her tail if I show even the slightest inclination that I wish to lie there. I never do, by the way. I just stroll across it, then go do something else. I mean, why would I want to lie in Dogface smell!

As for the human, she's learned that a lap is for lying in, and should remain still and available at all times when I require it. She's learned to feed me stinky goodness on a daily basis, and has all but given up on feeding me silly things like people chicken. no matter how good it smells, I ain't touching it! She's not perfect, but they're both so much better than they were. So, you see, it's hard to stop feeling responsible for them when I've been working hard for the last few months and especially because I've been seeing results. I've started Dogman's lessons too, and he's picking up a few things. He's an abysmally slow study though. I mean, he hasn't even learned that a miaow means "scratch me now! No matter what you're doing!" That's fundamental. Ah well. I suppose the human was this slow once.

We're also super glad to report that our Secret Paws package has arrived! We can now reveal that our partner was Ginger Jasper! So sorry that we can't put a link, but the human can't visit the blog to get one. Every time she tries, the little man in the laptop box has a super grump and goes very quiet and won't say a word. he gets so mad that he won't even let the human close the blog window. So he won't read and he wont' close it. The human says this is what happens when the computer freezes. She says it's very frustrating, and I agree! We've seen Jasper's post on the Secret Paws blog, but I want to see what he wrote on his own one! Silly computer man, stop being mad! Anyway, we're so glad you like what we sent you, Jasper, and it's so super cool that we live near each other! If you ever need to hang out with a refined ladycat, you just let me know, Ok? This makes me even more excited to see what is in my own Secret Paws gift. I can't wait to get back and open it!

We also wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you who regularly comment on the blog, despite the fact that the human rarely gets to visit you. It means a lot that you keep coming back day after day after day in spite of the fact that we don't always leave messages on your blogs. I can't tell you what a happy feeling it brings to us to see what you all have to say. There really aren't words. Know that they mean perhaps more than you realise. Head bumps to you all!

The human has had an interesting time with her family. She's enjoying seeing them all, but she says that she misses her own home now and wants to get back. She's a fickle old thing, my human, cuz when she does get back, I know she's going to say that she misses the family and wishes she could be at home again. She's loving all the time with the young peoplekittens though. They've been extra special cuddly with her this time. One of the older ones who doesn't usually cuddle at all "because big boys don't snuggle, silly!" spent most of Christmas on her knee with his cheek against hers while they watched TV. The little peoplekitten that said she wouldn't open any gifts till the human got here kisses her every time she sees her, and her little brother was so desperate to sit on the human that he sat on top of his sister who was sitting on top of the human. It was a pile up! I can understand the desire though. If my human gets one thing right it's how to cuddle. She's just warm and squishy and soft and snuggly in all the right places. Those peoplekittens obviously have good sense! She even managed to get a couple of minutes of tentative purring out of Phoebe, but hasn't managed to replicate it again yet.

Speaking of that baby, she says hi to Gus and Stella, Amy's kittens. She wants to know if they can come play with her and show her how to climb the tree. I'm in the process of explaining about distances to her and how far they are away from her, but she's still young and doesn't get it at all. Santa Paws didn't bring her anything new for christmas, but the human kind of understands why now. She brought her a toy when she saw her yesterday (one of my mousies actually, that I sneakied into her suitcase to keep her company in Ireland and watch over her clothes and things), but as soon as he went on the floor, Pepper stole him! She defended him vigorously, so poor Phoebe didn't have a chance. The peoplekittens say the same thing happens with treats, and they're silly enough to refuse to lock the dog out while the poor baby gets her presents. Oh well. I guess lots of cats don't have many toys and cope just fine. Not me though, nuh uh! I have need of a Kazba Kitten parcel and a Secret Paws gift. Roll on homecoming!


Katnip Lounge said...

It is distressing to think that all your hard work wit Dogface may be for naught. Really, a Cat's wisdom should NEVER be forgotten!

Good luck with Dogman...we've found that male humans are even DENSER than the females. Incredible, but true. At least your Person is fairly well trained now, you can relax just a tiny bit.

How cool that you and GJ live close! We saw his post and his package was a wonderful thing to behold...any Cat would have been proud to give or receive it!

Poor little Phoebe, she sounds quite overwhelmed by her surroundings. We would like to visit her and teach Pepper a sharp pointy message. Maybe twice!

Tia said...

Wow, really? did it look that good? The human was more than a little worried. she says she wanted to wrap everything up and make it look pretty, but as she couldnt' buy it until she got to Dogman's, then didn't want to bring it back to the house inc ase I got interested and gave it Mr Bug, she wasn't able to. She had nobody to help write a car even, so we had to type the letter while the human was at the work hunt. She thought it was not as good as it could have been, actually. I tried to include some of my pintg ong balls, but the human wouldn't hear of it. she said she didn't know which ones I'd been playing with, so she didn't know which ones had Mr Bug, so we couldn't give Jasper any. Sensible, i spose, but a Secret Paws isn't complete without ping pong balls. Were his pictures good? Could your human put words to any of the for my human so as she has an idea what they were like?

Also, I agree with you about Pepper. Even my human agrees that she's a jumped up little spoiled monster who doesn't know her place or have much discipline. This bodes well for Phoebe in another sense though, cuz when she works out that peoples are good things to cuddle, she'll be spoiled rotten just the same way. But we think Pepper should leave her toys alone. Tell you what, we'll all go visit, eh? Then we can teach her a super duper pointy message from multiple angles!

Old Kitty said...

Tia!! You are doing ever so well training all those with you! Yay for you!!! And we also saw your secret paws package over at lovely GJ!! It was AWESOME!! And GJ absolutely loved his pressies!!!

Yay that your human is ever so cuddly and likes cuddles! Take care

Sweet Praline said...

Hi Tia! I fixed the link for Ginger Jasper's blog for you. Now you can visit his blog and read what he said. He appears to love what he received for his Secret Paws present. I knew both of you were in England, but had no idea you were so close.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Tia, sometiimes there just isn't anything you can do to help doggies. Just do the best you can with Dogface, and move on.

Harry Spotter said...

We hope you had a nice Christmas.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! Wow we saw your Santa Paws present to GJ - it looks like he is going to have a LOT of fun with it! We wish the man in the computer could read you his post and not get all locked up - we saw that you sent him a mousie that looks so fun, and that ball with the treats, and well, everything looks great! And we know GJ really liked it too! Mom was thinking if you could somehow get a plain text version maybe the little man would read it to the human for you - she just isn't sure how to do that (maybe in an rss feed that is text only?)

Mom said she is kinda jealous of your human for having a big family to visit with - our family is small. But she can see why your mom would want to get back to her own home too!

Gus and Stella said that if they weren't so far they would love to go play with Phoebe and show her about climbing in the tree - but they can't even stand being in the car for 5 minutes - so a trip that far would be total torture for them! But they said as soon as their are transporters like on Star Trek they will be right over!

Oh and we don't think you will need to worry about Dogface too much - we know that she will always remember her place, and we bet you will get to visit with her from time to time to remind her!