Wednesday, 1 December 2010

White Wednesday Winners and New Competition

With all of the snow we've been having over here, I couldn't have a Wednesday and not mention the fact that outside, everything is white! It's strange to look at. Usually I can snoopervise buildings, cars, even trees, but today everything is just white and then some white bumps. The human says the snow comes from the sky, but this doesn't make sense either. The sky isn't white, so when it falls, why does it make everything down here that colour? Even when she explained that it was frozen water, I had to just shake my head. Water is clear, not white. I didn't say anything though. I think she's making these mistakes on accounta her eyes being broken, and it wouldn't be polite to scough at her stupidity when it actually has a reason this time. I'd be interested on your theories of why everything is white outside though.

I'm still not being as cuddly as usual, but I've put the human's mind at ease a little bit as I thought that she was getting a might too worried over my game. It's definitely going to be a slow road for her. Anyway, she sat on a different seat than normal today, and as soon as she did that, I jumped up beside her and didn't move for a whole half an hour. This isn't to say that my game has stopped. It hasn't, but this way I can add another facet as well as easing her mind. Before, I would only sit on our blue sofa. I didn't like the big one. The human decided that she'd join me there. Now I'm going to pretend that I like the big one better, and refuse to sit on the blue one. oh, it's so much fun to keep them guessing! I'm going to ask Praline and Whicky both to post a picture of me on the blue sofa for today's post, just so that you can see my eyes and my nice floof which admittedly perhaps wasn't the floofiest ever in this shot. Still though, you can see my colours, and my favourite sofa. It might take them a little while to post, so keep checking back, as pictures are somewhat of a rarity on here!

Now, on to the news that I know you've all been waiting for. Yes, I've heard you muttering that I should stop waffling and get on with the show. As this is important, I'll let you off and pretend I didn't notice.

Competition winner! Could someone please provide a drum roll? Dogface is thumping her tail already, but that isn't good enough for me. So, here goes. We assigned each comment a number then used to pick one of them. That means that the person who won is.......... Bell! Her people Chloe left the comment for her, and it turns out that poor Bell doesn't even have a blog yet! I had some words with her about the role of a good pet, so hopefully she'll start listening more to Bell in future and we'll see her musings up here shortly! In any case, congratulations to Bell and her people pet on winning the first week of the Soft Paws and Claws competition! I'm so sorry to all of those who entered and weren't so lucky. Please don't give up though. There are four more chances to win. Wouldn't it be great if you all got a packet?

There's nothing stopping you entering a competition a second time even if you have won the week before, but we ask that you only do this if you need the Soft Paws and Claws because of green papers problems. In that way, everybody gets a chance to win.

Today is the day that I open week two of the competition. Last week was easy, but each time it'll get a teeny wee bit harder. If you don't know a lot about Soft Paws and Claws, please have a look at my original post from last week.

The human has asked me to do a Christmas theme this time, as it's coming up soon and she's feeling festive. She's just finished her shopping, and cuz of all the white snow outside, she's in the Christmas mood. I thought I'd oblige. It's a small concession, so I have no fear that she will get above herself and think she has a right to demand things from me.

Anyway, the competition for this week. There's a Christmas song that I did a variation on on the way to the vet called Santa Claws is Coming to Town and in there they sing about peoples being naughty and nice. Well, forget the peoples. this is all about the cats. As Santa might be reading, we'll start with the naughty, then do the nice next week so that by the time he reads it, he'll have forgotten that any of us were ever naughty. not that I'm suggesting you'd forget anything, Santa. I'd not say that, cuz that would be naughty and I'm never naughty. I'm so good I deserve lotsa nip toys and tuna and ping pong balls for Christmas!

Ahem, where were we? For the naughty week, I'd like you to go back to the Soft Paws and Claws website and tell me something you don't like about it, i.e, something they've done which is naughty in your opinion, or at least, less than perfect. On top of that, I want you to tell me something you've done. The naughtier the better! If we get sufficient comments, we'll even devote a Tortureshell Tuesday post to this next week on the last day of the competition. Do feel free to tell me a naughty story even if you don't want to be entered in the competition. They will all give me ideas...

Finally, because my human's memory is terrible, let us know again what size and colour you want.

So, to recap:
1. Tell us something naughty/that you don't like about the Soft Paws and Claws website.
2. Tell us something very naughty that you did.
3. Tell us your size and colour preferences

Happy Wednesday to you all, and happy winning!


Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, you are so gorgeous in your blue sofa...we see why you like to lay there...sometimes!

We don't need softpaws, but Salem wants to tell you something Naughty she does: She loves to launch items off the kitchen counter! As a result, Mommy has to keep the counter free of all small un-flightworthy items!
heh heh.

Kea said...

Lovely to see a photo of you, Tia!

We don't use the softpaws either, but Nicki will confess to something naughty: When he wants the human to get up in the morning, usually at 3:30AM, he jumps on the hall table on the main floor and knocks something over, bats it all around. Could be a vase with silk flowers, could be a package of Kleenex, whatever he can get his paws on. Works every time too--the human gets up pretty quickly!

Karen said...

Tia the blue brings out your eyes.

We wish the soft paws site had the colors of the claws more prominent so you can search them.

Well Pixel has been climbing the cristmouse tree and knocking everything off. The tree is a tad destroyed.

Color Purple/white size large

Purrs Pixel and Samba

Marg said...

WE don't need the soft paws either because we go outside. But Gertrude does a little naught trick at 3 AM in the morning. She very softly meows in Mom's ear and then puts her paw very softly on her cheek and wakes her up simply because she is hungry.
Take Care Tia and have a good evening

Admiral Hestorb said...

Mommy doesn't need them for me either because strangely enough, I only scratch my posts. *shrugs*.

You look gorgeous (of course) against that blue sofa! That is your color.

GreatGranny said...

Mom says she can tell you've got a lotta cattitude, but you look so pretty and innocent on your blue sofa.
I'm not exactly naughty, but I lick wires and paw at the blinds to get my way, works too.Mom says we don't need softpaws either. I've been declawed and Mom likes that.

GreatGranny said...

Mom said she'd love to see your snow.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Tia, you are georgous on that blue background.