Saturday, 27 November 2010

Saturday Stuff

Yet again, it's been a while since we blogged. The human says she's feeling less driven to write lately, because we're not sure how many peoples are reading us any more. I've explained to her the fact that it's a vicious circle. If she doesn't write down my dictations every day when I give her them, peoples are going to read us less. She displays her stupidity with worrying regularity, does she not?

Well, it seems as though the competition has been a resounding flop. One cat is interested in the give away so far. To be honest, this one even took me aback. I was expecting that, like every other competition on the CB, we'd have lots of entrants.

The human and I have been thinking about this a lot over the last week, and have come to a reluctant conclusion, which we'd love to have proved wrong. It seems as though others visit blogs to look at pictures rather than to read what's written there. Wordless Wednesday is a classic example of this. Puss-Puss
also seems to be coming up against the same problems. She is one of the most wise cats I have ever come across. She studies peoples behaviour and offers insights that I, even after living with peoples for all of my life, haven't considered. Yet, since Whicky's post on the CB about her drew readers, I've been the only one to go visit her and leave comments on a regular basis. Is it coincidence that she often posts no pictures either?

My human says I'm starting to sound whiney. I resent that comment, because everybody knows that it's Dogfaces that whine, not us more sensible cats. For her sake more than yours, I'll clarify (we cats understand how it is, so I'm sorry I have to take a moment to spell it out for her slower brain). I am not saying that other peoples and cats leaving comments defines whether I will continue blogging or not. It's just that it's nice to know that writing is appreciated, that's all. I was considering having a CB event encouraging all of you to post one post which tells a story without pictures, but I tried that with my Tortureshell, and it had one participant for one week. I guess pictures are just the way to go.

Anyway, enough of my self pity. I have some exciting news. This is all very hush hush at the moment, but we could be having a celebrity guest star on here very soon, who has tentatively agreed to having a regular slot. When I say celebrity, she's a celebrity only to certain peoples, namely one Bug. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled for more information though. I'm bound to say no more until contracts have been finalised, and treat fees discussed and agreed. Oh, I hope she's not too expensive! I love my Dreamies too much to part with lots of them.

My human has the day off the work hunt today, which I'm loving. It meant we got to stay in bed much longer this morning. She's put a new blanket on there too, so it's really cosy and warm now.

We had another trip to the vet peoples yesterday. Dogface had to go for her hydro, and I needed to have a scan to see about those kittens. I decided that I would cooperate this time. It was the vet man people who saw me when I stayed in hospital. He was the one who got me better enough to go home though, so I guess he's not quite as bad as the others. I stayed nice and still for him, and even tenderised his arm a bit with my claws, to show my affection, you know? Well, I can't have him thinking I'm a totally easy patient. It gives them a false sense of their own importance, makes them think they can get away with more than they have a right to.

The worst bit about those scans is the horrible gel stuff they put on my yummy tummy. Even though this vet man people was good enough to clean most of it off, he's nowhere near as thorough as we are. They never quite manage to get it all, and I'm forced to do it myself. It tastes yucky, and feels nasty when it's on my fur. There's always something unpleasant about going to the vet, isn't there?

As it turns out, I do not have kittens in my tummy, but am continuing to produce milk. Oh, I do so love playing games with my human. It keeps my days interesting. The vet peoples say it's because my hormones are probably all over the place from when I was with my man friend. Honestly though, if you other ladycats had seen him, your hormones would be in a whirl as well. He's quite the handsome picture. Why do peoples feel the need to state the obvious? It's hardly rocket science that I'd still be thinking about him.

The Admiral
would be quite proud of me, I'm sure, for I sang my heart out both on the way there and on the way back. I did Christmas songs. I did old old favourites like Three Blind Mice, I did classical opera, and when I got really frustrated, I sang "Tia Claws are Coming to Town" right into my human's face through the bars of the PTU. In her usual thick-headed way though, she took no notice, and just asked me to be quiet. I also took no notice. The human is not to be listened to when she is in one of those "what I say goes" moods. It's not good for her to have these delusions of grandure attended to as though they were true.

So, we're back at home. Dogface is sleeping as usual, I am thinking about sleeping and the human is tippy-tapping away, for once, being a good secretary. Happy Saturday to you all, and happy winning on the competition... Hopefully.


Marg said...

Hi there Tia. That is too bad you don't have any kittens inside of you.
Tell Mom, that if she wants more traffic, our Mom has found that if she goes around and makes comments on other people's blogs, most of them will come back and read your blog. It does take some time to get your blog going. And pictures really do help.
Hope you were able to get your prize ordered.

Admiral Hestorb said...

AH! I am proud of you. That's the way to do it! Sing out LOUD! Sing out proud!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi we sing the whole way there and back also. We will not allow anyone to have minute of quiet while we are stuffed like sausages into PTUs they might try it more offten.

Baisl Seuss Phelps and sassy Ciarra

Katnip Lounge said...

Hi Sweetie! We were following you then Mommy switched readers and we lost you but now we're back! We are happy you are feeling better again...but no kittens is a bummer. We love to read your stories, btw.

You could make an announcement on the CB page about your giveaway...we know of several kitties who wear soft claws so you might get more entrants!

Mommy tries to sing along with us in the car, but she's AWFUL. Truly tone-deaf.

Tia said...

Hi there, Marg. The human did order my prize for me, but she says she won't tell me what it is! I keep asking and asking, but she won't give in. Personally, I don't think she knows herself. There's a rumour circulating that she asked the lovely lady who makes the toys to put her together a surprise bundle, but the human says they're unsubstantiated, and of course she knows what will be in the package. We leave comments on other blogs whenever the posts aren't so picture heavy that we can't guess what they're about. As pictures are so relied on, we often find it difficult, but we talk where we can. We comment on Puss-Puss' blog a lot cuz she writes a story rather than picturing one.

Catnip crew, I sympathise with you. My human is also tone deaf to feline singing. They just have no appreciation, do they? I'm so glad you're back. Me and the human have missed seeing you around. We did make an announcement on the CB page. In fact, it's still up there. It just doesn't seem to be working though, and i don't know how else to promote it. The human says it's gonna be embarrassing to have to get back to the company with feedback and tell them that only one person entered, but we'll do it if we have to.

Kea said...

Hi Tia.

The reality is that when someone follows about 300 blogs, as we do, commenting on all of them, all of the time, is not possible. And yes, the most fun blogs tend to be a combination of photos and words, no question. It's also important to get out and comment on everyone's blog too, if you want followers and want comments. So it's a two-way street. That can be difficult to do for most humans who still work, at least work outside the home (like our mom). And often "life" gets in the way of the blogging.

The contest is a good idea, but we didn't enter because we don't use/want Soft Paws and Claws. So it's possible that most kitties just don't use them. You could try a contest for a different product, if you feel motivated! Of course timing is everything too, and heading into holiday season, with all the shelter fundraisers, auctions, etc. makes it less likely to get attention for a contest, unless you are raising money for a specific rescue/shelter. That usually is guaranteed to get attention!

Good luck!

Torie said...

I love reading your blog! I don't have that many pictures either, but I still read.

I only have regulars though who comment. I even suggested the idea of guest posting, since I thought that maybt the blog was a bit boring, but no one took up the offer. So annoying! But deffinetly, keep reading.

It's disappointing that you aren't having kittens. Maybe they were hiding though lol.

Take care, and sorry I don't enter the compitition, but I don't think it would be good for a guide dog to wear the claw things! Xxx.

Lily Bug Lane said...

Hi Tia, my name is Lily. Please tell your human to keep taking your dictations, as I make my Mommy read your dictations to me. She doesn't comment much...she says she doesn't know what to say...but we check for new postings every day! We live in the middle of the USA and it's been some holiday when the humans eat lots of turkey and watch football. I didn't get any turkey, as my Mommy left me and my brofur home all by ourselves! For four whole days! Mommy's people friend came to check on us and make sure we had foods and water, but I missed my mommy! So...she is home now and she read your dictations to me. I'm sorry you have no kittens. And yes, pictures are nice, but we understand your human's eyes are kinda broken and taking pictures is difficult. My Mommy's eyes work when she puts those round thingies in her eyes, but she still takes really bad pictures! MOL Have a good weekend, Tia!

Karen said...

WE try and read lots of blogs everyday and do not post on many. We are sorry there are no kittens. We hope you do continue to blog. Our mom is horrible at blogging.

Pixel and Samba

Your Daily Cute said...

Hi Tia! Yup, like everyone says, there are a ton of blogs to keep up with! I try to do the rounds, but sometimes I just don't have any time at all even! I'll come back for sure!

Oldcat said...

I have been reading your blog for the last few months. I was introduced thru the link on Sweet Praline.

I'm sorry you are feeling unappreciated out there, and that you are having a difficult time. Maybe knowing that there are more of us out here will help some.

Sweet Praline said...

Hi Tia

Please don't give up on the CB. It takes a little while to get up a group of followers. I admit I don't always have time to visit, but I love your blog. Remember, mom and I don't mind posting pictures for you.

Sorry your first contest wasn't as successful as you thought it would be, but maybe a lot of kitties don't use those claws. Don't give up. We love to visit you.