Sunday, 14 November 2010

Thoughtful and Tired

I'm the thoughtful one. The human is the tired one. She says she needs a holiday after all this sickness. She just can't seem to get her strength back, and is sleeping a lot. It's Ok though. I don't mind. I help her sleep.

We didn't blog yesterday, but that was for a good reason. We are so sick of telling you about sad things, and there was more sadness yesterday, well, on Friday actually. The human said she wasn't going to blog again until she had something reasonably good to tell you. Late late on Friday night, well, just after she came back from hydro, actually, Dogface's runny poo bum returned. Later that night, she started to be sick, and threw up six times in twenty minutes. The human just burst into tears. It was all over the carpet, everywhere. Dogface doesn't stand still when she pukes, you see, and it was so late and the human was so tired of all this that she just hung her head and asked herself if she could cope with any more. Then she got down on her hands and knees to find the puke.

This is no fun when your eyes are broke. I know because I've watched her clean a lot over the last few weeks. She has to get dirty before she can get clean. What I mean is that her hands have to touch the puke so that she knows where to wipe. She has a weak stomach too, so she ended up adding to the mess herself. I felt quite sorry for her, but my paws aren't built for holding peoples wipey things, so I just watched and stayed well out of the way.

The human tried to call the on-call person at Guide Dogs for help, but conveniently, bearing in mind it was a Friday night, his phone went straight to answerphone. So the human took matters into her own hands and called the pet ambulance. We couldn't go in a taxi because Dogface kept throwing up, and there was nobody else to help. She was stupid once by accepting a car ride to the vet with a stranger, but at that time of night, she knew she couldn't risk it.

The human put me in the bedroom then, cuz she didn't want me walking through the puke and getting re-infected. I heard the ambulance manpeople arrive, and when he saw the human and the state she was in, he agreed to help her clean the kitchen floor which was also flooded in puke, when she asked him for help. Thank you, nice ambulance manpeople!

They took Dogface to the vet, and she was almost puking all the way there. When they took her temperature, some runny poo even came out on the thermometer, so the human was surprised Dogface hadn't gone on the floor in the vet's office. Needless to say, they kept her in.

We've only just got her home, and the human is frustrated. As soon as she got there, the symptoms disappeared. It's very weird. If we got sick as soon as we came home, then took a day or two to get better at the vets, the human would think that it was something in the house making us sick, but we don't do that. We are fine for all different amounts of time when she brings us home, then we get sick, then clear up straight away when she brings us to the vet. I do it because I don't want them to poke and prod me, and am smart enough to realise that if I don't show them runny poo, they won't do much. But to imply that Dogface is just as smart is ludicrous! Everyone knows Dogfaces are stupid. So there's gotta be another reason.

The human is starting to think that the vet peoples don't believe her any more when she brings us in, but she says she's going to keep going anyway if and when it's serious. For now, Dogface is sleeping very, very deeply on her bed, an I am indignant. I have a small spot on my tummy that is oozing pus from time to time, so the human has decided to bathe it in salt water. Do you have any idea how disgusting that stuff is to lick off? Well, she obviously doesn't! She even syringes it on so it gets right the way down into my furs and against my skin. That means an awful lot of extra work to rid myself of it! Human, you are a pain in the neck!

She also through my catnip carrot in the bin. I can't believe she did this! She says it's soft, furry and gets damp when I chew on it, so she's worried it could be harbouring the bug. It gets thrown around the floor, so if that's where it's living, it's a good place for it if it jumps onto the carrot. My cube and tunnel went too. I don't really care about the tunnel, and she says she has more cubes in the special room where Mummycat used to live, but I can't have one until I'm all better and Dogface has stopped trying to ruin the carpets, and the human's stomach! I still have my ping pong balls though, so it's not all bad.

The human goes back to the work hunt tomorrow. I think I'm really going to miss her. She's been my constant companion for the last few weeks, after all. I guess I need to battle on with it though. After all, my food is important, and so are her moneys!


The Lee County Clowder said...

We are so sorry to hear about this, Tia and Human.

Is there someone around there you could get to help you? Dealing with two sick furrkids when you are sick yourself is a chore at best. When you can't see where to clean up has got to be even worse.

Sending healing purrrrrrring and purrrayers to you all.

Tia said...

Clouder, there's nobody that can help. The human moved hee not so long ago for work, so she doesn't know many people. Hoover lady is on holiday and not due back until Friday, that's if she comes back (long story), and the human's friend has two small children, so is worried about catching it herself. So the short answer is no, we don't have anybody. The human can cope with this normally, but it's getting to her of late. She's now looking for jobs elsewhere to see if she can move back to whee she already has friends like Dogman and Dogmanmum and the HG, although the HG is travelling, so she won't be her friend straight away until she comes home.

Everycat said...

I'm not surprised your human is flagging under all this stress Tia, you have all been through one hell of a lot lately. Did we read a few days ago that the human's Mum offered to come and help you all out instead of continuing her travelling? Maybe now is a good time to accept that offer if it's still there?

Sending you all supportive & rumbly purrs

Whicky Wuudler

Torie said...

That's really really bad. Can the vet not come out to the house or something and test there? Could it even be something like plants in your garden? Maybe something is being transmitted by them?

I really hope hope hope it gets better soon! What a pain! And even worse that the vets still don't have any answers.

Take care, xxxxxx. Ushi sends lots of waggy tails and licks. Xxx.

Sweet Praline said...

I am so sorry to hear that all of you are still sick. Is there someway that you can have your house tested for any type of chemical problems?

Purring hard for all of you.

Nikita Cat said...

Hang in there!

Oh, and speaking of Tortureshell Tuesday...Elvira hosted the late Carnival of the Cats, this morning, and all the pictures show her getting the tickles in one way or another. ;-D