Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Yes, they are needed. That human of mine is slacking on the blog front! She says it's cuz she's so tired. After having two weeks of being sick, she says she's not used to going back to the work hunt and working hard, long, busy hours to get the moneys for my food. I tell her it'll be Ok, she'll get used to it soon. She says she always intends to blog for me when she gets home, but by the time the evening comes, she's so tired that she usually falls asleep on the sofa with me for company. When she wakes up, it's time for bed, so she doesn't have time to use the computer. Today I've made her type for me before she starts snoring.

Nothing terribly exciting has happened around here, sept that I got a new nip toy! This one is a mousie with a very, very long tail. He's fun to bite and kick and throw, but only for a little while. He's not the carrot, but he's a reasonably good substitution.

Dogface is doing Ok. She hasn't been sick or anything since we got her back from the vet peoples. My tummy thing isn't doing so good though. The human thinks I have an infection from where they put the line in to give me fluids. Under my right armpit sometimes gets very wet and there's pus there. It only happens about once every two days or so, and it never gets swolen in between. The human can't feel any lumps or anything under my skin. She actually thought I was dribbling on myself the first time it happened. That would explain my furs getting wet. Dribbling? Does she think I'm old or unclean or something? I, don't, dribble! The nerve of some humans! The only reason she worked out what it was was because when she was stroking me, my fur went from dry to wet right under her fingers. That soon shut up her talk about dribbling. Dribbling!

She has to take Dogface back to the vet peoples on Friday for her hydrotherapy, so she says that I can take a trip with her then to get checked out. The infection isn't causing me any pain that she can see. It definitely isn't stopping me whapping my ping pong balls around anyway! For now, she's going to try and get a sample of the pus on a bit of gauze next time it decides to esplode, so that the vet peoples can see the colour of it if they need to. She has warned me that when I go to the vet they might have to do more shaving to look at my skin closely. I plan to make a token protest about that, because having my yummy tummy shaved is bad enough, without my armpits being done too! They wanna shave me, they're gonna have ta fight to steal my furs.

I think it is my friend Hestorb who sings all the way to the vets whenever her people takes her. I've decided to try this this time in the car. If you have any requests for favourite songs, get them in now and I'll do my best to work them into my repertoire!


Marg said...

Hope things work out for you Tia on the way to the vet. How about some Christmas carols to sing. Like Rudolph. Can you do that??
Thanks for your very nice comments on our blog about Fuzzy. It is a sad day around here.

Tia said...

Hey there, Marg

The human says she'll sing me Rudolph so that I can learn it. Well, she said she'd sing it for me. I didn't mention that I wanted to learn it for a specific purpose. Better she doesn't know certain things, I'm thinking.

This Christmas thing though. I don't really understand it. I've only lived with breeders all of my life so far, and none of them really did Christmas. My human says it's a time where we all get presents and nice things. I don't know what's so special about that though. I get special things every day of the year!

Admiral Hestorb said...

I say sing the best of Wagnerian Opera my sweet Tia. Sing it loud, long and clear..especially if they dare to steal your beautiful furs.!!!

Tia said...

Request noted, Hestorb! If you listen really hard at about 6 PM on Friday night, you might even hear me! I'll sing my loudest for you.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Sounds like you're all starting to feel a little better, finally.


Sweet Praline said...

I hope things are starting to look up for all of you. You've really had a rough month so far. Purring really hard for you.