Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tired Thursday

We never seem to be anything else lately, do we? The human is still finding it really hard to stay awake in the evenings when she comes back from the work hunt. Truth be told, she's finding it hard to stay awake even at the work hunt. They're obviously not making her hunt hard enough if she has time to think about sleeping! In brighter news though, she received a contact from what she calls a "possible future job". I'm not sure what a job is, but she says that's the peoples word for the hunt. Honestly, I don't know why they don't just use the propper words for things. Why do they have to over-complicate everything? I think it's to make themselves feel more important cuz they can use big or different words. Doesn't mean they're correct though.

Anyway, the human says that she gave some peoples some papers a little while ago that told them how great she was (a resume or a CV, I think she called them). Again, if you ask me, it's over-complicating things. All you have to do is show my human your yummy tummy and you'll soon work out how great she is. Her tummy tickling is the best! So, these peoples sent her a letter this week saying that they are recruiting physiotherapists, and please would she apply. Of course, she said yes. She's in the middle of writing more papers to tell them how great she is, and why she's the only one for the job. Weren't the first ones good enough? She obviously doesn't think so. She says this one just asks for more detail. It's called an application form. No wonder she's tired with all that writing!

Me, on the other hand, well, I do what I've always done. I lie around and sleep most of the day. I also play, and I've discovered a new thing that I like. My human has this thing she holds that has a dangly, bouncy string on the end. Attached to that are some feathers, and boy are they fun to hunt! We've had this toy for a good few months, but I did the propper ladycat thing and ignored it, just to show it its position, you understand, until I was good and ready to play with it. Over the last few weeks, the human has been teasing me with it; bouncing it in front of me, making the feathers attack my head and yummy tummy. I've just walked away from it. I've been interested, yes, but I can't have a feather string thinking it can make me play whenever it wants! I pounced on it once or twice, but then just left it alone. My human doesn't think I was ever shown a wand toy in my other homes. She says she's not seen a cat who backed away from them so consistently. Mummycat did the same thing too.

This morning, I was running all over the room, attacking my human's feet under the duvet and, in her words, "making a general pest of myself." Even though it was early, she thought it would be a prime opportunity, and went to find the feather string. It danced on the floor in front of me. I ignored it. It jumped on the bed. I crouched, but didn't go after it. Then it bonked me on the head, right between my ears! That was enough for me. Quick as a wink I flipped on my back, grabbed the feathers and... lost them! They flew high up and boinged on me again! I couldn't keep hold of them!

After that, all bets were off. Feathers think they're better than me, do they? Think they can boing me then run away, do they? I don't think so. I chased and chased and chased them. On and off the bed, along the floor, even up the wall once. Sometimes I missed them altogether, but when I did catch them, I hung on and killed them until they were good and dead! They didn't stay dead for long though. Even when the human got back into bed, I wasn't convinced they were really dead, even though they stayed very still on the floor where she'd dropped them. I stalked closer, then pounced... And they were mine! I dragged them from one side of the room to the other, and this time, I killed them good! They even stayed dead when I was done with them. I have buried them under the human's bed ready to play with again tonight when she does the snore noise thing.

I think I've decided I like feather strings. Do any of you think they're good fun? Do yours come back to life too? If so, do you have any tricks for killing them dead even when your people is still bringing them back to life? Hunting is fun!

To finish off, my human caught me scratching again this morning, and says I'm making another scab on my neck. She says while I was in the vet they put a collar on so that I couldn't scratch, and the scab had healed nicely. I didn't scratch for a while after that, so she thinks it's the itching of the healing cut that makes me do it more, and that, if I'd just give my skin a rest, they might go away for good. She has ordered something called Soft Claws from the computer box for me. She says she had to give some of her moneys for them which I was worried about cuz we really don't have a lot at the minute thanks to mr bug, but that if it keeps my skin better, she doesn't mind going easy on the food shopping this month. As long as it's not my food shopping she's intending to go easy on! Have any of you ever used these before? The human says they won't hurt me and that they just slip on over my claws to blunt the tips, but I'm not so sure I like that idea. If you've used them, did you like them Ok? The human says she'd like peoples thoughts too. She's not sure she's done the right thing in ordering, but she says my skin is important enough to try it.

I can't say see you tomorrow, cuz thanks to my human and her not blogging every day, I don't know if I will! Silly human.


Noll's Nip said...

Best of luck to your mom. My mom is in a similar situation.

Everycat said...

Good luck to your Mum with her job application. We have never used Soft Claws, but we have read of other cats in America using claw tip things to stop them scratching furniture.


Oldcat said...

I had a cat years ago that had a reaction to the old style flea collars and had skin problems on the neck she wanted to scratch. To protect her skin from the scratching, I cut the top of an old elastic sock off and put over her head covering the neck, so that if she did scratch, the cloth would help protect the skin from her claws.

It worked well, and she did not seem to be too unhappy about wearing it.

Sweet Praline said...

I've never used the Soft Claws, but Goma has from Contact Sachie and she can give you some advice.

The Lee County Clowder said...

We've never used Soft Claws. If we remember right, Skeezix wears them. Maybe you could check with him.

You might put a comment on the Cat Blogosphere, as well, if you can't find useful info anywhere else. Someone out there has to have some experience with Soft Claws and the like.