Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Perhaps so, and perhaps not. For one thing, I didn't have to stay with the horrible vet for a whole day. I went and they had a look at me and kept me for a few hours, but then they said I could come home. They let stupid dogface come home too, cuz apparently her poopoo is normal now. Why do they focus so much on poopoo! Don't they realise how disgusting they are?

The human went to her vet again yesterday, and got very, very angry. Even though she was dizzy enough that she was struggling to stand, so dehydrated that her tongue was sticking to her mouth and hadn't managed to eat in over 24 hours, her vet wouldn't do anything for her. They were very, very rude to her too. She says she won't go into all the details here because it makes her too angry, but to sum it all up in a few sentences, her vet said, "You're young. You're fit. You can fight it. Just go home." She advised the human to go to a chemist and buy electrolites, ludicrous when she's so dizzy she can't stay on her feet, and when she doesn't have stupid dogface to help her find the chemist. The vet doctor didn't care. She made them take a poo sample for testing (more poo!), and they grudgingly sent it off. We'll know in five days from now what her results are.

So she came home, made up a bed on the sofa, dragged herself to get me and stupid dogface, then came home and slept almost straight away. I cuddled up on her. Even though I felt a bit ill myself, I climbed up on her and curled up right on her chest. She was too cold and I was too warm,so I figured a heat exchange was the way to go! Next thing we knew, it was time for the real bed.

The human managed to get some water down her last night, and after two days of not eating, a little bit of a sandwich this morning. I was glad of that. I don't like her not eating. It's worrying.

I have decided that I don't much care for being sick. So, let me give a message to Mr Bug.

Dear Mr Bug,
Whilst we didn't invite you, it was very nice of you to drop by. I hope you have had a good time at our house and the vet peoples house too. As rude as it is to say though, I'm afraid that we must part ways. Myself, the human and even stupid Dogface have other engagements which means that we can no longer play host to you. I would invite you back, but as you've already seen all we have to offer over an extended dperiod, your stay may well be more enjoyable elsewhere. I hear the other side of the universe is nice this time of year. Safe trip.

I hope Mr Bug is polite enough to listen. Between you and me, I really am quite sick of his company now... No pun intended!

So far, I'm hot, but I haven't done any of the bad poopoos and I am keeping myself hydrated, or so the human thinks. Dogface is normal and the human will get there. She needs help, but as none is likely to come, she's just going to have to carry on trying. Eating and cleaning the bug out of the house are going to be the things she finds hardest. She just doesn't have the energy to cook. I'll help her by lying on her and snuggling and purring. If this makes her not want to get up even more, that's not my fault!


Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh poor mama. Tia I know you don't feel well yourself but mama feels even worse when her Vet won't even help her. Please stay close to her and watch to see that she drinks enough water and eats some broth. And give her snuggles. You'll both be helped.

Tia said...

Hestorb, I'm doing just that. I know I don't like the vets that steal yucky stuff from me, but at least they're doing something to help, or they say they are. It must be awful to be a very sick human when the vets won't help you. The human says it's not good and I can sympathise.

Kea said...

Soup and soda crackers, lots of juice to stay hydrated. We're continuing to purr for all of you, hoping everyone gets back to normal very soon! (((Hugs))) and kitty kisses!

Forty Paws said...

Oh yes! Juice is good. Maw says so. And chicken noodle soup and crackers. Yup. That works. Not much cooking there what with microwaves.

Hugs and purrs to all of you!

Luf, Us

The Lee County Clowder said...

Kind of a pity that the human didn't puke all over that bad bean V*T.

Purrrrrring and purrrraying for Tia, her human, and dogface Molly. We hope they all start feeling better soon.

Torie said...

I would get a second oppinion! I mean if it is affecting you that bad, and everyone else has it, then you need to get it sorted. If you can, deffinetly get another oppinion! Xxx, and glad you are feeling a little better Tia.