Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tortureshell Tuesday: Playing Games

This is my favouritest thing in the world to do. I don't just mean the ordinary games where you kill the naughty feathers that the human makes bop you on the head. No, I mean the games that keep the human guessing all day long. I've mentioned a few of these before, but today's one really has her on edge.

Usually I like to be with the human, mainly to keep an eye on her and prevent her from getting into trouble or doing anything stupidly dangerous. Today though, I decided I'd had enough of her. When she sits down, I'll usually climb onto the sofa with her, but every time she's picked me up today I've jumped down and gone to lie quietly on the floor out of the way by the big windows.

You might say it's a bit mean of me, cuz I think the human thinks I might be getting sick again. Last time the first sign she had was that I stayed away from her, you see. She's disgusting enough to keep checking my bum every time I come out of the tray. She says she's looking for the evidence of runny poo. What is it with her and poo! She keeps wondering if my temperature is up, and is watching very closely to see if I start vomiting like I did last time. I'm keeping my cool though. I'm drinking lots and I'm eating well. As if I wouldn't eat!

It doesn't take much to have the human worried about me these days. If I'm too clingy, she worries that I might be sick, and if I stay away from her, the same. If I follow her all the time, she's concerned, if I don't, she asks if I'm all right. I can sort of understand it. I was pretty sick, and I know that if I was her, I wouldn't like the thought of losing me either, but honestly, this worry has to stop at some point. That's why I'm playing the game. Tomorrow I may well come back and sit with her and she'll realise that she was worried for nothing. Over time I hope that this desensitisation method will work and leave her much more stress free.

For now though, I'll keep her guessing. It's what she needs.

Our competition closes tonight, so if you haven't entered already, get commenting! We will pick the winner using random.org. May the best cat win!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! We understand about keeping humans guessing - we do that to our mom all the time! Some days we are snuggly, sometimes not. Some days we love one food, the next we hate it. IT keeps both our lives and the humans lives fun! We do undestand why she would be concerned though, after how sick you were. So we think it is good for her to keep an eye on you just in case!

Katnip Lounge said...

Driving your Human bonkers is endlessly diverting. Perhaps tonight we'll all sleep in strange spots. What do you think?

Helena said...

Ooo I hope you are ok!

If your humans have time, please ask them to pop over to my blog. I need advice on my kitty, Fluffy. I am afraid I may be losing her :(

GreatGranny said...

Tia, it seems to be normal for humans to worry about us.Mom asks me if I sleep too much, do I feel OK. So, just roll with it and let the Mom fuss over you.

Helena said...

thanks for your message


Cloon said...

A girl after me own heart! Keep 'em guessing that's what I say. My Human always worries about me too. Always charting my litter box action, graphing it, applying algorithms etc. etc....has she no dignity? But seriously, it is kind of nice that we has Humans who worry about us, huh? We do hopes you are ok, though.

Cat said...

Hi Tia, thank you for your comments re Christmas decorations, I had no idea cats were so selfless :-)

Good to see you keeping your mum on her toes!