Monday, 20 December 2010

She Did It!

The human managed, at long last, not only to get pictures of the snow from the falling sky, but actually got a video! Now I can at last show you all what a silly human I own.


We can't embed, so Click Here

Because we still can't embed, Click here

And don't blame me for how silly she is!

She says it was lots of fun making the snow angel, but judging by the level of the teeth chattering when she returned to the warm house, i won't be making any cute cat snow angels.

A people one is all the excitement I can stand, I fear.

I'm making this post quick today, as the human is hoping to fly home very, very soon. Cuz of all the snow, she's leaving super early to be there on time, even though there's no guarantee that the planes are still going up in the skky. Isn't it weird that peoples will allow themselves to be swallowed by these plane birds to go flying in the sky? What's more odd is that the birds choose to eat peoples. I mean, have you ever tasted them? There's bound to be something better out there. Mousies for example. Nobody's so desperate that peoples are the food of choice, and yet, the planes continue to eat them, and the peoples submit. The whole affair is a bit worrying to me. The human says she might take me to be eaten by a plane bird one of these days, but I'm not so keen.

The human tells me that she's going to be gone now for a lot of days over Christmas, that is, if her plane bird can be persuaded to eat her, then fly in this weather. Poor bird, what a tummy ache to be flying with! Still, if it gets her to her family, then it'll be a job well done. I'm going to miss her though. I like having her around. Dogman's all right, but he's just not the human. he isn't as squishy nd cuddly as her. Oh well, I guess I'll cope.

The human says she'll blog for me when she can, but as she's not with me, she won't know what I'm getting up to in as much detail as she'd like to. She'll tell you all about her Christmas if you'd like to hear it though. I'm sorry in advance. She does tend to talk a lot about herself, and all my training hasn't gotten rid of this habit. I will talk to you all again as soon as I can, and will visit you as regularly as possible. I'll also let you know if the human's bird eats her later tonight! Paws crossed please. As you can see, the snow's pretty bad here, and those videos were taken after it had started to thaw!

Sweet Praline here: My Mom helped me embed Carly's snow angel videos for her.  Hope you enjoy them.


Hannah and Lucy said...

You were brave Carly laying down in that snow - even our mum isn't that brave.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas and also purraying your interview went well.
Luv Hannah,Lucy and Mum Sue xx xx xx
ps Purrs to Tia

Old Kitty said...

Oh my goodness that was torture making that snow angel! LOL! Well done Carly - you are one brave woman!!! LOL!! Thank you for sharing this clip here!!

Have a great Christmas! Take care

Torie said...

I bet it was freezing lol!

To embed vids, go out of the main body of the post, (save as draft first), then go up to where it says "add vidio" or something. Just below "add immage". A new window should open. then upload the file. Hope that works.


Katnip Lounge said...

BRRRRRR! Mommy remembers doing that when she was a kid in Illinois. It was fun when she was 10!

We hope your Mom can fly much of Europe is snowed in right now.

GreatGranny said...

Tia, you are so funny and I enjoyed your post. I will try to see the videos, hope I can. I hope your human can fly and have a good flight. I'm gonna see now if I can see the videos.

GreatGranny said...

Carley, I saw the video and it was good. You have a nice snow to play in. We seldom get snow here in South US.

Sweet Praline said...

My mom helped me embed your videos so everyone can see easier. You are very brave, Carly, to lie down in that cold snow. My mom says it's been a long time since she made one.

OKcats said...

Yikes, Miss Tia, our mom was just reading about how air travel in the U.K. was bad - people standing in lines OUTSIDE the airport waiting to get in. We hope your mom was not one of those unfortunate peoples.