Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snowy Saturday

Friends, I have so much to tell you! I am going to start with the snow though. It's incredible, amazing, so deep!

The human heard on the TV last night that there was going to be a lot of snow, but she didn't know how much there would be until Dogman said this morning that it was up to the top of the seat in his garden! he took her outside in her bare feet so that she could feel exactly how deep it was. They offered me to come too, but once I heard the human squeal, I wasn't settin paw in that, whether there were mancats about out there or not! I decided to watch from the warmth of the house. The human says she's never ever seen so much snow. She's asked Dogman to take pictures for the blog, and he says he'll do better. She said she wanted to make something called a snow angel, cuz she'd never done one before and didn't really know how to, and he said he'd take a video of her doing it so that we can show you all how deep the snow is and how bad the human is at doing snow angels. I'm sorry. I won't be in the video. I'm not going in that snow. Nuh uh! So we'll post that as soon as we have it. It'll just be a link cuz we don't know how to imbed, but we'll try.

So, we're sorry we didn't blog for a while, but last week was super, super busy. The human spent all day on Thursday running around like crazy. She had to take Dogface for her last hydrotherapy session in the morning, then she managed to get an appointment with her own vet, so had to run off to that. On that subject, we now know why she has a hurty arm. The blood test has, for some reason, given her a massive internal bleed. She has a surface bruise that's about a five or six inch circle, and the bloods inside are so bad that they're actually putting pressure on the nerve. The doctor had not come across it, so was happy to let her help with treatment ideas, as she's a physio and knows about these things. he did suggest immobilisation for ten days which she agreed with, so she's now walking around with a funny white thing that holds her arm against her tummy. She calls it a sling. I put my head in there once, but then decided it was too small for me to wiggle into, so I didn't. She's also taking some tablets which she says are anti-inflammatories and pain relief. She says she notices a difference already, but whenever any peoples see the bruising, they always do this big gasp thing and then say ouch. This puzzles me. It's almost like they're sore, but they couldn't be. They don't have a bruise.

Despite the sore arm, the human was back at the vet peoples with Dogface in the afternoon for her final check up. They'd had her bloods back and to the human's worry, they noticed that Dogface's kidney values were up. But the vet manpeople said not to worry too much about it cuz with mr Bug, they could be up cuz she was fighting so hard to squish him out of her system. She has to have them done again in the new year and then if they're still up, we will start to take action I think.

While the human was out at the work hunt and the vets, a manpeople came to our place and let himself in. I'd seen him before. I kinda like him, but every time I come near him, he sneezes. The human says this is cuz my hair makes him sick, but this is just ludicrous. If hair made you sick, then I'd be sick all the time. I am sick all the time recently, but that's cuz of Mr Bug, not hair. But I got to feeling sorry for him. he sat down and I came to cuddle him, but he got up straight away to go clean. He's helping the human by putting bleach on all the hard surfaces to kill Mr Bug. Because he was making such an effort to help, I decided to do something nice, so I got vomit sick twice in a few minutes, just to show him that it was Ok that he was sick. It must have worked, cuz when I cried (I did this cuz I forgot how horrible feeling sick means), he picked me up and cuddled me and told me it was all right. He said to me that he was worried about me cuz I sounded so miserable, but that it was Ok and he didn't mind cleaning it up for me. Told you he was nice. When the human came in, he was still upset and asked her if I was Ok and could he do anything and was it normal that I sounded so miserable. The human had the audacity to chuckle and imply that I was perhaps not as forlorn as I was implying, and that he didn't have to upset himself so much, especially as I was, right at that moment, chasing two ping pong balls at the same time. He didn't get sick from my hair either though! The human says this is cuz he took anti-histamines whatever they are, but I know the truth.

The human came back with two peoples from Guide Dogs who did a lot of paperwork for Dogface's retirement. They asked the human for the harness, but she was too upset to give it to them, so she just told them where it was and they took it when they left. She then pretended that she was just taking Dogface to Dogman for a holiday, not forever, and she's going on pretending this still. It won't last forever, but it gives her a happier Christmas, so I decided to let her.

There was an awful lot of things to take from our house with us to Dogman's place. Dogface had a lot of foods left over,, and the vet peoples had said she had to stay on nothing but stinky goodness for a few weeks, so we had a bazillion tins of that to take too. Then there was the human's stuff for her trip to Ireland, then my box, my scratching post, my foods, my bowls, my ping pong balls, well, you get the picture. The human had to have bags on her lap in the front to make room for Dogface and me in back! i didn't like the idea of going in my PTU for a long time, and I told them! Of course, they didn't listen though.

I had a bit of an embarrassing moment on the way up too. Before I admit to it, firstly I'd like to tell you that I was in that box for four hours of driving, and they only stopped once, but by that time, it was too late. Friends, when you want a mancat, it's harder to hold in your peepee for as long. The urge to spray is incredibly strong, and that makes the bladder contract whether you like it or not. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I just had to have a peepee in my PTU. I was lucky though. The human had put a soft mat down, and there's a gutter round the edge of the PTU, so it caught most of it, and as the mat doesn't hold water, I had a relatively dry place to lie. I didn't like the smell though, and I yelled so much that the human asked Mark, the manpeople that came to our place and didn't get sick and who was driving us up, to stop so as she could see if I was Ok. She took me out of the PTU to give me a chance in the box, but I'd already done it by then. What's worse is that she didn't find it cuz the mat hid it from sight and it wasn't old yet, so their pathetic noses couldn't pick up the smell. So I had to put up with it for another hour and a half until I got to Dogman's house.

There was one further stop on the way. Dogface and the human and Mark got out of the car for a while, and they took some things with them. When they came back, Dogface wasn't with them! We drove for about another five minutes and then we'd reached Dogman's house. The human took me and my box inside to the bathroom straight away and let me out so as i could use it while they brought the rest of the things in from the car, and I presumed Dogface would be brought along soon. Accordingly, I shouted and shouted and shouted to be let out of the bathroom so that I could inspect the place to make sure it was Ok for us, but when I did get out, Dogface was nowhere to be seen! Where was she? Why had she not come back from that stop in the car? Was she Ok? I know they took foods from the car, but Dogface can't open tins. Was she lost in the snow somewhere, or did the woman people in the house that they went into have a hand in the dastardly disappearance of Dogface? You'll have to come back tomorrow to find out.

We will post if we can tomorrow, but the human has to make Christmas dinner for peoples. Well, she doesn't have to, but when she's here with Dogman, it's her tradition that she does her Christmas dinner for him and his mummypeople and exchanges her presents so that she can have a Christmas with them before she goes to Ireland. I'm sad. I won't have a Christmas present. The human got me some, but she left them all behind. Our secret paws package didn't arrive on time either, and although we're very excited that our Kazba Kitten package that we won from Marg's Animals
arrived, the human wouldn't let me open them either. She says she didn't have time cuz it arrived only two minutes before we left, but she also says it's better to wait, cuz when we get back, I can play with them and not infect them with Mr Bug which means she won't have to ever throw them away. I saw lots of cool things in there like birdy balls and jelly beans and everything! I can't wait to play! I have ping pong balls and a mousey up here which will just have to be enough for me, unless of course, Dogmans mummypeople brings me something. She usually gets Dogface something for Christmas, so maybe she will find something for me too.

This weekend, The California Five are holding a commentathon at Chrystal's Daily Dose blog.
Me and the human read it all the time, and are going to do a feature for her adoption campaign. It's very exciting and we're gonna do something special, but we won't say what yet. All we hope is that the slightly different approach will generate some interest for all those super cats that own her at the moment! Please go over there before the end of the weekend though and leave a comment, cuz for every one left, the California Five's people will donate some moneys to Chrystal's new cat house which is very, very important!

We're still working on pictures. the human has some of her cake which apparently looked awful (she was super amused by this), and she got some of the peoples at the work party. We'll also put the snow angel video up as soon as we can.

Update: No pictures, no video. Stupid Dogman forgot the memory card he needs for his super camera! If he can find another, we'll put some up. Stupid people.


GreatGranny said...

I hope to see photos, but sometimes things happen. I still don't have any snow, Tia. Thanks for catching us up. I hope you and Dogface get rid of Mr. Bug soon.

The Lee County Clowder said...

You got lots more snow than we have. Frankly, you can keep it as far as we're concerned. Come cold weather, we're all inside kitties.

We hope your human's arm is feeling better. It sounds like that nurse that stole her blood hit a vein or just did a poor job of it.

Katnip Lounge said...

Wow! You had a LOT going on this week! Your Mom is very brave to go out in the snow in her bare feet. Our Mommy says NO WAY would she do that.

Mommy says she thought you had a bleed, Daddy had one once and it got pretty colorful. His was hurty too.

So where is Dogface? We're dying to get the scoop! Tia, you can't just tease us like that.

Don't fret about paint a great one with words. If it happens fine, if not, no worries.

Sweet Praline said...

I don't like that white stuff called snow! We had some last year and mom opened the door and let me sniff it and I turned around and went right back inside where it was warm.

I hope your mom's arm is better soon!

Old Kitty said...

Oh noes!! Where is Dogface?!?! What's happening?!?!

Awww sweet Tia - you are having such adventures! Me and Charlie hope your mum's arm is healing ok!!

Take care