Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Tortureshell: Birds

How, you might ask, am I able to do a Tortureshell in such a short time after coming to live at Dogman's place? I wish, friends, that I could tell you I was so good at tortureshelling that I can just pull them from nowhere, but unfortunately, it takes even me a little time to judge the best angle of mischief. No, this time, our Tortureshell is to do with the human and her bird. Let me tell you all about it.

She drove to the airport (this is the name of the place where the plane birds are coaxed in to land and eat) with Dogman and Mark who had agreed to take her cuz it was still very snowy and trains might not be running. They got there with only a few minutes to spare before check in closed, but were relieved that someone was still taking the bags from them. The flight, apparently, would still run, but with a two and a half hour delay. They went and got some food and took it easy for a little while. Then the peoples who help my human at the airport came and got her and they went through security. Then followed some waiting, and some more waiting, and then just a little bit more. Just five minutes before her bird was supposed to eat her and leave, the airport announced that it was closing due to bad weather. Her bird refused to take off, and refused to eat my human. He said it was cuz he didn't want to fly with the belly ache of her really heavy suitcase. he also said the sandwich she ate made her just too heavy to cope with. I can understand this. I mean, we cats are better than any bird, and I dont' think any of my friends could lift my human. There's just too much of her!

Because the bird wouldn't fly, my human had to come back home and book to take a new bird. The peoples who booked it (the airline, she calls them) offered to put her in a hotel, but she was worried about it. There were lots of peoples staying there due to the cancellations, and that would mean staff being stretched. normally, she knows staff are happy to help her get things like food, but she didn't want to chance it. The airline paid for a taxi back home for her. And here she stayed.

I must say, I was mighty surprised to have her walk in the door at dark AM on Tuesday morning, but I made the most of it. I even went so far as to give her some of my body heat to warm her up. She was so cold when she got back in! She stayed all day yesterday, but she says that her bird will be waiting for her again today, so she has to go back to the airport and try again. I half hope he won't eat her again, cuz then I get to have her for longer, but I know she wants to see her family, so I'm torn. She got really sad yesterday when her and Dogman went down town to pick up our things for Secret Paws and post them cuz it was all Christmasy and she couldn't help thhinking she might not get home. These weather conditions are set to last till the day after Christmas. Then this morning she logged on to Facebook, and saw this from one of the youngest children in the family.

Carly, when are you coming? I'm fed up waiting for you here. I want you to come home. I won't open a single gift till you get here. I promise.

This from a humankitten that normally is the first downstairs on Christmas morning. She does like to open the things slowly though, and she always does it right in front of the human so that she can show her every little thing she gets. She's a very thoughtful little girl, and is one of the family's deaf babies (deafness runs in the human's family as well as the blindness). This baby had a Coclear implant (we don't know if that's spelled right!) at three years old which meant she had to learn to talk at that age. the human was still at home then, so taught her a lot of language herself. Once she learned, she never shut up, and would talk just for the sake of hearing herself, but the human knew how important language acquisition was as early as possible, so she talked back as much as she could. We think it was because the human rarely asked her to be quiet that the little one gravitated towards her, but she's always been close, and is usually the noisiest one at harping on and on and on "Mummy, mummy, mummy, Carly's home. Can we go to granny's and see her mummy? Can we? Muuuuuuuuum!" That quoted to the human by her mummy on Tuesday morning at 6 AM when she thought my human had made it home. Needless to say, it wasn't the mummy's idea of the perfect wake up call. The human got real, real runny eyes when she read what the humankitten had said though, so I think it's best for her health if she does make it home for Christmas. I don't want a sick eyed human on my hands. The risk isn't worth it. If it keeps her from the vet, then I'll make the sacrifice.

In other news, the Catnip Lounge crew are having a commentathon today in honour, once again, of Chrystal and her cats. I'm having real net trouble this morning, so I can't go and visit the Catnip gang. I know they read though, so please, if you don't mind, could you consider my mention of you on the blog as my comment in the commentathon? Also, if one of the others who posts for the blog could find a link and insert it, I'd be most grateful. I'd make the human do it, but the man in the box is being rude this morning and isn't talking to her and telling her all the things she needs to know. She doesn't know why, but doesn't have the time to pull him out and give him a good talking to either, as she needs to get ready for flying again.

In one last bit, thank you so much, Praline, for embedding my videos for me, and for Tori who suggested a way to do it. I'll try that next time. I can't remember who it was said they hadn't done snow angels since being ten, and the talking man won't let us check either, but I'm glad that you, at least, are more sensible than my human. When I mentioned this to her, she only said, "But Tia, I'd never made a snow angel before and wanted to try it." Stupidity? I rest my case.


Sweet Praline said...

Mom and I have seen the news lately about all of the snow in Europe. I hope you and your mom are staying warm and that your mom is able to make it to her family's house in time for Christmas.

You are quite welcome about the embedding of the video. Anything we can do to help!

Karen said...

I hope your mom made in home for Christmas. Also snow angels are fun for us humans. I have not made one in a while. Once when I was in high school the teacher gave us a homework assignment to go make snow angels. I hope you and your family have a great holiday

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! Oh we are sorry we haven't been by - mom is super behind again! We are also sorry your humans bird was being so stubborn - we have seen on the news that a lot of birds where you live are like that the past few days. We live in Chicago so our birds are used to snow - they don't fight leaving in the snow as much. We are purring for her to be able to get the bird to go - maybe if she skips the sandwich this time it will help. But we think it is nice she gets to spend a little more time with you - we know she will miss you a lot when she is gone, but we also know she must miss her family a lot. The little humankitten sounds like a cutie and it sounds like she loves your human very much - that is wonderful. We think it is very sweet of her to say she will wait with her presents if she has to - we know a lot of humankittens wouldn't do that! It made our mom's eyes leaky to think of what a sweetie she sounds like.

WE are purring for good travel luck for your Human! We had to go back to reader for a second and see a new post popped up from you - we hope it is good news!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Tia, your human has already had quite the adventure, and she still hasn't managed to go anywhere.